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CAYOM Year 7: Part 1

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Halloweentown IV (3D)Date- October 20th Genre- Stop Motion Animation (Clay Motion)Rating- PG- thematic elements, scary images, some language, and suggestive humorTheaters- 3,575 theatersBudget- 45 millionRunning Time- 104 minutes or 1 hour and 44 minutesStudio- Barbarian Animation StudiosDirector- Peter LordPrevious Film: Halloweentown: 25.6M/90.9M/171.6MHalloweentown II: 28.9M/89.1M/161.9M

Halloweentown III: 25.5M/77.2M/142.3MPlot: Marnie and Dylan are going to follow their dreams to go to college, at Halloweentown University, which is also known as Witch University. Marnie is offered a full scholarship for her good deeds and for her work in the previous years. Much to her mother Gwen's dismay, Marnie goes, and her brother Dylan reluctantly forced along by Gwen to keep an eye on her. The school is not what it seems. At the school, witches and warlocks can't use magic, instead they learn about Shakespeare and old magic history. Marnie had thought she was going to learn how to use her magic and is now crestfallen. She runs into her old friend Ethan and makes a new friend, Aneesa the Genie. She also makes three new enemies in the Sinister Sisters, a triad of malevolent witches with whom Dylan is immediately infatuated.

Sadly, Marnie discovers that she in fact is responsible for the restriction on the use of magic at the University. The University was originally established only for Warlocks and Witches to learn how to use magic, but when theportal was opened, most of them went to college in the mortal realm. Because of that, Witch University had to let several different creatures come to the school so that the teachers would actually have students to teach. Since then the school has allowed mortals and other magical beings to attend. The classes are boring for Marnie until a box, with the name "S. Cromwell" inscribed on it, magically appears in front of her. Most people at the school believe that Marnie used her magic to conjure up the box, but it was brought to her by fate, and was therefore out of Marnie's control. Marnie meets with one of her professors, Miss Periwinkle, and asks for an explanation. Miss Periwinkle tells Marnie that the S. stands for Splendora, but not a word more about it is mentioned. Chancellor Goodwin tells Marnie that she believes that she did not conjure up the box, and that it was indeed fate which brought it to her.

Marnie and Dylan attempt to discover the secret of the box, and he reveals that he used magical speed reading at home to skip a grade. He uses it again secretly and learns that the box contains the Gift, though the Gift itself remains unknown to them. Meanwhile the Sinister sisters use Dylan's infatuation with them to make him do their homework for them.

Also in the shadows, a mysterious group known only as the Dominion, realizes that the Gift is near and tries to use Marnie to open the box. Marnie decides to go into the past to meet Splendora and learn about the true nature of the enigmatic gift. Splendora explains that the power of the Gift is the power to control anyone by force of will, a power that witches are forbidden to use. Marnie realizes that her principal and Dr. Grogg are in the Dominion and Splendora bestows upon her the key to the box containing the Gift. Also, Splendora is revealed to be Marnie's grandmother Aggie. Agatha is her middle name and she hates the Splendora part so she eventually dropped it. Marnie returns to the present to open the box, but before she does, she creates the Halloweentown giant pumpkin for Splendora, telling her she'd need it. Surprisingly, stated by Splendora, Marvin, (Merlin's cousin), is Marnie's great-grandfather. This is given as a hint when Splendora tells Marnie, "...even King Arthur said that the whole royalty thing was harder than it looked."

Chancellor Goodwin steals the Gift for the Dominion and the Sinisters, in order to use it to take over Halloweentown. Knowing that only a Cromwell can use the Gift, the Sinister Sisters (working with the Dominion) transform Dylan into a dog to compel Marnie to comply with their demands. If the Sinisters and the Dominion don't turn him back, he will stay that way forever after Halloween passes. They agree to return him to his natural form if Marnie controls Halloweentown for them. While it seems that she has agreed to aid them in their heinous plot, she is really fooling them, and turns on them once her brother is released from the dog transformation spell. Together Marnie, Dylan and Gwen destroy the Gift with help from Aneesa, Marnie's genie friend. The Dominion, having been discovered for the evil ones that they are, attempt an escape, but are apprehended by none other than Professor Periwinkle who was revealed to be an undercover detective of the Halloweentown Anti-Dominion League. She imprisons them in a Witch's Glass where she has stripped them of their magic and arrested them for treason.

The malevolent Sinister Sisters lose their powers, but Marnie learns that Ethan willingly gave his powers up. Marnie and Ethan begin a new relationship and leave on a date. The movie ends when Dylan discovers that Marnie didn't destroy the Gift, but instead left it for him in a book. Since spells cast on the grounds of Witch University become permanent at the stroke of midnight, the Gift belongs to him, the only person Marnie trusts with its power. Saving the power of the Gift for important uses only, he puts the book back, showing a glowing red S at the end of the film.

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The Bronze Bow


Date- April 21st  

Genre- Historical

Rating- PG-13

Theaters- 3,198

Budget- 50 million

Running Time- 108 minutes or 1 hour and 48 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Antoine Fuqua

Actors and Actresses-

Daniel- Taylor Kitsch

Leah- Olivia Wilde

Joel- Dave Franco

Marcus- Alex Pettyfer

Samson- Nate Parker

Rosh- Emile Hirsch


Plot: The film is set in first-century Judaea. Daniel Bar Jamin, lives at the same time as Jesus of Nazareth. Daniel's father was crucified in front of him, as an example, by the Roman occupiers (as his uncle did not have money to pay the tax) so even at the age of ten, he immediately hates and distrusts the Romans and vows that he will avenge his father's death. His mother dies of grief after her husband's death, and Daniel's older sister, Leah, is traumatized by these events, possessed by demons, and never leaves the house. The children are both taken in by their grandmother, but as she becomes ill and poor over the years, she sells Daniel to Amalek the blacksmith. Daniel escapes his cruel master, running away to the mountains where he is rescued, close to death by Rosh, the leader of an outlaw band of rebels, who plan to someday overtake the Romans. They adopt Daniel into their crew, and Daniel begins a new life in the mountains, trying to forget about his grandmother and sister he had left behind in the village. Several years after these events, Daniel meets his old friends Joel bar Hezron and his twin sister Malthace, who climbed the mountain for the holidays. Joel wants to join Rosh's band, so he promises Rosh that he will be a spy in Capernaum, the city to which he is moving. Rosh sends Daniel out on a mission to capture a slave. The crew names him Samson for his brute strength. Samson doesn't speak their language, but he sees Daniel as his master and follows him. One day, Simon the Zealot, Daniel's friend from the village, comes to tell Daniel his grandmother is dying. He returns to his village of Ketzah and sees his grandmother. She passes away and Daniel is left in charge of Leah. Later, After Jesus’s visit to the city, Simon tells Daniel he is going to follow Jesus and leaves Daniel in charge of his shop and they move in. Now that he is stuck in the blacksmith shop and cannot live in the mountains with Rosh's crew, Daniel begins recruiting young men who are around his own age to rebel against the Romans. They decide on a password, which is from the song of David: 'He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.' They meet in an abandoned watch tower outside of the village and slowly begin rebelling small bits at a time. One day, Rosh gives Joel a mission: he is to find out who is coming to a special banquet thrown for a special legation from Rome. Joel finds out the names by chatting to the servants and slaves of the house, and even after the banquet he continues to do so, passing on any information he can find to Rosh. But soon, Joel is captured. Rosh refuses to help free him, so Daniel and his small band devise a plan to free him themselves. From the top of a cliff, they attack the group of Romans that are escorting the prisoners, but the attack goes horribly wrong. They only succeed because Samson shows up and rolls a boulder down on the attacking Romans and then joins the fight. The boys end up freeing Joel, but one of them dies and many of them are injured. After the fight, Samson is dragged away by the Romans, nearly dead. Daniel realizes that in rebelling, they had been doing the wrong thing. Instead of weakening Rome, they had weakened themselves. Together, Joel and Daniel realize that Jesus is, perhaps, the leader they had been waiting for. Meanwhile thought out the story, a young Roman soldier called Marcus, who Daniel does not like befriends Leah. Daniel eventually finds out and goes into a fit of rage and beats Marcus. Leah, who had seemed to be in the process of being cured, falls back into fully being possessed by her demons. The film ends with Jesus returning to the village and healing Leah from her demons. Daniel releases his vow of vengeance against the Romans and is moved by Jesus’s love. Daniel shows Jesus' love to the Roman soldier and lets him see the healed Leah. 

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls (3D)


Date- August 25th

Genre- Zombie Horror/Romance/Comedy

Rating- R

Theaters- 3,355

Budget- 40 million

Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Rupert Wyatt

Actors and Actresses-

Elizabeth Bennet- Ashley Greene

Jane Bennet- Blake Lively

Lydia Bennet- Leighton Meester

Mr. Bennet- Michael Caine

Mrs. Bennet- Meryl Streep

Kitty Bennet- Katie Cassidy

Mary Bennet- America Ferrera

Master Hawksworth- Patrick Dempsey

Dr. Keckilpenny- David Tennant


Previous Film: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies- 17.8M/48.0M/123.1M


Plot: Set five years before the events of the first film. The film takes place in an alternative universe version of Regency-era England where zombies are a well-known menace spawned by an event known as The Troubles. After attending a funeral in which a zombie rises from his coffin, Mr. Bennet decides that he must finally keep an old promise to train his five daughters in the art of zombie-killing. To this end, he turns the family's greenhouse into a dojo and hires young martial-arts expert Master Hawksworth to teach the girls. Meanwhile, a scientist named Dr. Keckilpenny arrives in the area with the dream of domesticating the zombies. As the zombie plague continues to spread across England, Hawksworth and Keckilpenny vie for Elizabeth's affections while Mrs. Bennet plots to find suitably wealthy suitors for both Elizabeth and her older sister Jane. In a bid to get reinforcements against the plague, Jane becomes the bodyguard of Lord Lumpley, a fat nobleman with low moral standards. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Keckilpenny capture a zombie for further research. Eventually, Hawksworth's incompetence as a warrior becomes obvious, as he never fights any zombies. When the zombies besiege Lord Lumpley's estate, Hawksworth feigns an injured knee, leaving the fighting to everyone else present. Soon, Master Hawksworth escapes the zombies by himself (with his usual grace, and without even drawing his katana), even leaving a young officer to be ripped to shreds. Keckilpenny gets bitten by his research subject, "Mr. Smith", and Elizabeth is forced to behead him. In the end, Captain Cannon, Lieutenant Tindall, Dr. Keckilpenny, and Ensign Pratt are all dead, but the others are saved by the reinforcements that Hawksworth managed to summon, despite his cowardice.

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Coming Home

Date: January 20th

Theaters: 2,703

Cast: AnnaSophia Robb (Samantha), Billy Bob Thorton (Greg)

Rating: PG-13 for disturbing images and violent content, language, and drug use

Budget: $15 million


After returning home for the Summer from her Freshman year of college, 19-year old Samantha is thrilled to see her parents yet again. Indeed, her parents are ecstatic to see their daughter after being gone for so long, and that she has finally returned home. Her father reminds her to keep taking her pills for this odd sickness that she has had After some time of doing things together and celebrating with the family, Samantha looks around in the family's attic, just to look at old memories. Her father, Greg, forcefully tells her to stay away from the attic, and that there's nothing worth looking at up there. Samantha is a bit startled, but she obeys her fathers wishes. Soon, her father begins to be acting very strange around Samantha, and her mother doesn't even seem to care. Samantha is then taken to the bar by her father as a "treat", where the other people there are somewhat afraid of him. The bartender tells her that he's been acting very strangely ever since Samantha had returned home, and that he will be willing to help her if the need becomes necessary. Samantha soon finds out a rather horrifying truth: Her father became a serial killer. The stress of having his daughter gone drove him insane, and how he turned to aggresive violence. Even worse, one of his victims was his mother, and he had given Samantha the special drugs to have hallucinogenic visions of her mother still being alive. Upon learning his secret, Samantha confronts her father, which leads to a violent and intense altercation in their house. In the end, however, Samantha kills her father, but she is left scarred as a result of losing her parents. The film ends with her waiting outside an office of social services.

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Seeing Her


Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance/Comedy/Drama

Date: July 21st

Theaters: 3,079

Director: Noah Baumbach

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg (Oliver), Zooey Deschanel (Gwen), Mindy Kaling (Sarah), Jake Johnson (Mike), Stanley Tucci (Edmund), Frances McDormand (Susan), Paul Giamatti (Paul)
Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual content, some drinking, and a disturbing image

Budget: $35 million

Runtime: 102min (1hr, 42min)


Gwen was dead. The car accident she had been involved in was one of the worst that he had seen. The one thing he loved in life was gone. These three things revolved around the mind of Oliver as he was at Gwen’s funeral on that cold December afternoon. Oliver and Gwen had been dating for two years now, and the two had grown very close to each other. In fact, Oliver was starting to think about proposing to her at Christmas. All of these hopes for the future, however, had vanished in a split second. Oliver simply sat alone at the funeral. He had no desire to have a conversation with anyone else. His parents, Paul and Susan, were feeling bad for him, so to cheer him up, they decided to treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant, an Italian place downtown.


At the restaurant, Susan tells Oliver that Gwen was the first girl she had met. In fact, she’d been with three other boys before she met Paul. Paul becomes startled, claiming that she said it was just two. An awkward silence takes over the table, but Susan interrupts and tells Paul that she loves him. Paul loves her too, saying so.  For the rest of the evening, the parents try to tell Oliver that he’ll find someone else, although he remains convinced that Gwen was truly the one. If the world decided that they couldn’t stay together, he might not find anyone else to be with. Susan rolls her eyes, telling him that this angst was always a part of him, and it’s been quite irritating. The night goes by, and Oliver goes back to his house, which is now only inhabited by one person.


That night, Oliver has a dream. He was in the car with Gwen the night that the accident occurred. She was driving, but he was in the passenger seat. Oliver soon sees the car that caused the accident coming up. He tells Gwen to stop the car. She hesitates at first, but complies when he asks again. This stop managed to save Gwen’s life. The accident would have never happened. Oliver is amazed at what he had just pulled off. The two were still shocked at what had just happened, and the car that would have hit Gwen actually swerved off the road. The alarm soon goes off, and Oliver wakes up. The alternate happening stays in Oliver’s mind through the entire day.


Oliver works as an intern for a software design firm, and he spends most of the work day daydreaming about how he and Gwen would still be alive together. He actually writes the things they might do together into computer code. Oliver soon realizes his mistake, and he decides he needs a breath of fresh air to take his mind off of the dream. He steps outside and sees an ad on a newspaper. “BRIDGEVIEW MALL TIME TRAVEL SERVICES (BMTTS):  Discover Your Past, Plan For Your Future!” Oliver becomes shocked upon looking at this ad. Time Travel has been invented a while back, but only in a way to examine what the past was like from the traveler’s memories. People could only travel to times when they were alive. Also, people who tried to change the past were desynchronized with the true flow of time, creating a separate timeline. Still, it could be enough for Oliver to potentially change the past and live in an alternate reality where his girlfriend is still alive.


He travels to Bridgeview Mall, which has a small office within it. Inside of the office were only two people, Sarah and Mike.  They are two workers for BMTTS, who spend the days bickering over petty and humorous matters while they wait for more clients to arrive. As Oliver walks into the building, which appears to look like a waiting room for a dentist’s office. Sarah greets Oliver to the office, asking if he has ever traveled in time before in his life. Oliver says that this is going to be his first time, to which Mike replies that save the potentially irritating migraines and the chance of wetting yourself, it’s a lot of fun. Oliver then says that he needs to go back in time to save his girlfriend from dying in a car accident.


Sarah soon develops an odd facial expression, one with slight guilt, and she tells him that there is no way to restore the past and bring her back to life. The most that he can do is create a new timeline where the accident never happened. Oliver insists that he is aware of the risk, and that he will do whatever it takes just to see her face again. Mike tells Oliver that such a travel maneuver would be very costly, but Oliver has the money. His job was surprisingly well paying. He is soon led back to a special machine by a doctor, Edmund Brown. Edmund had been told by Sarah about his desired time travel, and he says that he is going back for a noble cause. Oliver is escorted to a large machine with a fancy chair, as Oliver freaks out about this being evil sci-fi movie technology. Edmund slaps him, asking if he wants to save his girlfriend or not. Oliver apologizes, and he sits down, setting the destination for November 30th, the day before the car accident.


The time travel involves much shaking, and Oliver gets a migraine. He shuts his eyes tightly, trying to ignore the pain. He is soon calmed once he enters a bedroom: his. He recalls this memory form the day before Gwen had died. Gwen was in the kitchen, making coffee for herself. Oliver hugs Gwen, telling her how relieved he is that she’s alive. Gwen is very confused, and Oliver comes to his senses that Gwen doesn’t know that she would die the next day. Gwen discusses taking a car ride to go see the new Propaganda exhibit at the local art museum. Oliver tells her not to go, but Gwen insists on it, and Oliver has a hard time trying to convince her otherwise. Oliver remembers declining coming with her, but he remembers this, so he decides to come with her, possibly finding a route that will spare Gwen.


The two drive down the road, the same drive that Gwen would have died in. This scene is mimicking the dream that Oliver had a few nights ago. Oliver also sees the reckless driver, and he pulls the car over to the side as the reckless car gets closer. Gwen is very confused, but Oliver says that he knows what he is doing. The reckless car soon veers off-road in front of them, causing a great accident as it hits a tree. Meanwhile, Sarah, Mike, and Edmund witness odd noises coming from the machine, indicating that he had greatly changed the past. Back in the new timeline, Gwen is so amazed that Oliver had known about the reckless car, and that they both could have died. Gwen and Oliver spend time at the art exhibit together, as Oliver is very happy with himself. However, his travel period soon ends, and Oliver is thrust back into reality.


Oliver wakes up in front of the three people, and he wants to tell them about the miracle that he had just experienced. He had saved a girl’s life, and he wants to go back in to meet her. Sarah smiles at him, but they actually have another appointment soon. He’ll have to come back at a later day to return to his past timeline, and Oliver schedules this appointment for the next day. Sarah says that she looks forward to seeing him again. The day passes, and Oliver can do very little but wait excitedly to see Gwen once more. When the time to see her again comes, Oliver wakes up in his bedroom with Olivia at his side. The two spend the day together, just like they always did.


The days pass, and Oliver becomes obsessed with being with Olivia. He skips work to be with her, recklessly spending money on time travel expenses above all else, having  to get cheap food and sell some of his belongings, but none of that even matters because the fake timeline that he had created was worth so much more than the one that real life was keeping him caged inside.  In fact, he gets into a fight with his boss for missing so much work, that he ends up being fired. Oliver could honestly care less, as the girl of his dreams was far more important. However, Oliver and Gwen love the time that they spend together. While Oliver’s real life is beginning to fall apart, his love life in the new timeline in flourishing. The two have gone to parties together, and they spend time together having fun in the winter landscape. Oliver soon becomes more convinced to propose to her, and he is confident that she will say yes. However, Oliver soon begins to lose sight of which timeline is real.


A few days later, at the BMTTS building, Sarah, Mike, and Edmund stop Oliver before he travels once again. She says that she’s concerned with how much he’s been traveling, and that living in this fake reality is not worth throwing away his real life. Oliver says that he appreciates her concern, but that he’s come too far in his relationship to throw it away. He demands to see her again, becoming rather aggressive. Edmund reluctantly lets him proceed, but he warns him that too much time travel messes with ones brain, as it is insidiously proving to be true in the case of Oliver.


Oliver is at a party that he went to attend with Gwen, although he has lost track of where Gwen was. He tries to look around for Gwen at the party, but he soon finds something horrifying. Gwen is in a bathroom, passionately kissing another man. Oliver grabs Gwen and tells her that they’re leaving, proceeding to punch the man that Gwen was kissing. In the car, Gwen and Oliver get into a fight. Gwen tells her that he has been too attached to her lately, and that it’s not making her comfortable at all. Oliver retaliates by saying that he truly loves her, and he demands to know why these feelings aren’t being reciprocated. As their fight continues, they are struck by another car.


Oliver wakes up once again in the office. He gets into a moment of rage at the three workers, believing that they purposefully altered the timeline with Gwen cheating on him and the new car crash just to break him. He attacks Mike, but Edmund pulls him away. Oliver is in a state of agony and rage, demanding to know what happen. Sarah yells at him, telling him that he causes this in his own timeline, and that he warned him that throwing away his life for a fake one was never safe. Oliver leaves the building, feeling angry and upset. He returns to his apartment, only to find an eviction notice.


Oliver calls his parents, asking to live with them until he finds a new place, and they reluctantly agree to give him a second chance. He soon realizes that the world he tried to make for himself ended up costing him his own, true world. He begins to look for jobs and clean himself up. Oliver returns to the time travel office, where he tells Sarah that he’s removing his name from the time travel services. He apologizes for being so stubborn and hell-bent on being with a girl who was no longer living, and that he hopes that he can still just be friends with them. Sarah forgives her, telling him that it’s not too late to fix his life. Oliver soon moves on from Gwen, and he begins to date Sarah, while he gets a job at another software plant. Things would be well again.

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One Hit Wonder

Director: Brian Helgeland

Composer: Mark Isham

Genre: Comedy

Date: November 22

Studio: 906 Studios

Format: 35mm film

Budget: $15 million

Theaters: 2,744

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual references and some smoking

Running Time: 113 min



Mark Strong as Rudy Tambala

Chadwick Boseman as Alex Ayuli

Adrien Brody as Steven Young

Andrew Garfield as Martyn Young

Bobby Moynihan as Chris Mackintosh

David Schwimmer as Dave Dorrell

Ben Affleck as John Fryer


Plot Summary: A retelling of the troubled production in 1987 of one of the most famous UK dance EPs of all time, "Pump Up The Volume."



The story begins in 1987. Independent record label 4AD decides to collaborate two of their best groups. The electronic group Colourbox and the alternative duo A.R. Kane. However, the collaboration does not go entirely according to plan. Once in the studio, the groups' different working methods and personalities fail to mesh.  Producer John Fryer finds himself in the middle and unable to resolve the conflict between the two camps. The result was that instead of working together, the two groups end up recording a track each, then turning it over to the other for additional input.


Colourbox comes up with "Pump Up the Volume", a percussion-led near-instrumental, featuring an Eric B. & Rakim sample which gives it its title, while A.R. Kane create the more deliberately arty "Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)" in another studio. Colourbox then add a heavy drum-machine rhythm and effects to "Anitina" and A R Kane overdub some additional guitar to "Pump Up the Volume." The coup de grace, however, was the addition of scratch mix effects and samples by DJs Chris "C.J." Macintosh and Dave Dorrell.



The two tracks are released to United Kingdom dance clubs in July 1987, on an anonymous white label with no artist credit. "Pump Up the Volume" proves to be on the more popular side and is the track more heavily promoted. 4AD releases the 12" single on 24 August of that year. It enters the UK Singles Chart the following week at number 35, a strong initial showing for an unknown act, especially on 12" sales. However, what gives "Pump Up the Volume" its commercial edge was the remix released a week later. This remix becomes the best-known version of the track, transforming it by the addition of numerous samples which provide the record with additional hooks besides its oft-repeated title chant, such as samples of tracks by Public Enemy, Criminal Element Orchestra and the Bar-Kays being used. It was this remix, rather than the original, that is edited down to create the 7-inch version of the track, which begins picking up radio play.



As the record climbs the charts, the single runs into legal difficulties. With "Pump Up the Volume" standing at number two, an injunction is obtained against it by pop music producers Stock Aitken Waterman (SAW), who object to the use of a sample from their hit single "Roadblock". Distribution is held up for several days while negotiations take place, which results in an undertaking that overseas releases would not include the "Roadblock" sample. Dave Dorrell later stated that he believed SAW would never have noticed the highly distorted sample had he not rashly boasted about it in a radio interview. The offending article consisted of 7 seconds of an anonymous background voice moaning the single word "hey", involved no musical or melodic information, and could never be considered plagiarism in the literary sense. SAW member Pete Waterman writes an open letter to the music press calling such things "wholesale theft". Some publications are quick to point out that Waterman was currently using the bassline from the Colonel Abrams song "Trapped" in his production of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", which is competing in close proximity to "Pump Up the Volume" in the pop charts. Many observers suggest that SAW's motives have just as much to do with extending the run of "Never Gonna Give You Up" at the top of the chart. SAW has access to almost limitless legal resources and M|A|R|R|S stood little if any chance of a successful defense. Despite all this, "Pump Up the Volume" goes on to spend two weeks at number one in October 1987 and is a chart hit in many other countries, receiving considerable airplay on American, Australian and European airwaves. While it is stripped from the official American release, the version containing the offending "Roadblock" sample was the version that the Australian charts credit.



M|A|R|R|S themselves never came close to recording again. A.R. Kane gave interviews to the music press in which they explained that while they were proud to have been part of M|A|R|R|S, it was not an experience they were keen to repeat. They were particularly unhappy at having their contribution to "Pump Up the Volume" all but removed from the track. Colourbox attempted to carry on using the name M|A|R|R|S, but were not willing to pay the £100,000 that A R Kane wanted for full rights to the name, and the project remained a one-off.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Return of Queen Chrysalis, Part 2

Director: Lauren Faust
Genre: Flash Animation/Adventure/Musical
Date: September 1
Studio: Blankments Productions
Cast: Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle, Ashleigh Ball as Applejack/Rainbow Dash, Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy, Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity/Derpy Hooves, Michelle Creber as Apple Bloom/Sweetie Belle’s singing voice, Madeleine Peters as Scootaloo, Claire Corlett as Sweetie Belle, Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia, Cathy Weseluck as Spike, Kathleen Barr as Queen Chrysalis, Roger L. Jackson as Jim the Troll, Rebecca Shoichet as Twilight Sparkle’s singing voice, Shannon Chan-Kent as Pinkie Pie’s singing voice, and Kazumi Evans as Rarity’s singing voice, Jane Lynch as Jade Sparkle/Summer Mane.
Music by: William Anderson. Songs by Daniel Ingram.
Total Runtime: 113 min

Short: 15 min

Film: 98 min
Tagline: Destiny Arrives


Plot Summary: The six ponies continue their quest to save the Cutie Mark Crusaders



The film opens with a short starring a young Twilight Sparkle:


In Canterlot, Spike asks Twilight if she's nervous about her test, and when she wonders what makes him say that, he mentions the fact that she's chewing her mane, in addition to the fact that they've been standing at the top of a set of stairs for half an hour. She admits to being nervous, and Spike reminds her that she shouldn't be late, so she rushes off to the castle.


When they reach the castle, Princess Celestia informs them that there has been a change of plans, as the Royal Archivist, a pony named Summer Mane, had a fall, and so is having difficulty getting around. Celestia then mentions that she plans on postponing Twilight's test in order for Twilight to go and help Summer Mane, to which Twilight gladly accepts. Spike attempts to leave along with Twilight, but Celestia informs her that Twilight needs to take this on by herself.


At the Royal Archive, Twilight gets a rude reception from Summer Mane, who states that she doesn't want any help. Twilight is finally let in when she lies about Summer Mane being replaced if she doesn't let Twilight in. Summer Mane proceeds to lay down the ground rules, the last, most emphasized of which is that Twilight is to never enter Summer Mane's private office. Summer Mane is skeptical of Twilight's book knowledge at first, but is eventually convinced. Twilight also mentions that her favorite book is called "Canter in the Sky", written by her favorite author, Jade Singer, who disappeared after the release of that book,


In the morning, Summer Mane goes to wake Twilight, but finds her already in the library. She has Twilight get started on shelving the books, in alphabetical order, library style. Later on, during a meal, Twilight struggles to get a question out, before Summer Mane asks her what she's reading.


Later, Summer Mane has Twilight put dust covers on books, and when Twilight starts singing a song to herself, Summer Mane objects to it, and puts on swing music, which she insists is "good stuff".


At a later time, during a meal, Twilight and Summer Mane discuss typewriters, with Summer Mane mention that some authors are very picky about theirs. Twilight asks Summer Mane if she knows what typewriter Jade Singer used, and Summer Mane replies that she thinks Jade used an old "lipponzoner" model.


Over a period of time, Twilight and Summer Mane discover themselves to be kindred spirits when it comes to literature: both get lost in books occasionally when they're trying to re-shelve them, and they have a discussion about literature over dinner. ("Our Paged Loves")


The next morning, Twilight discovers Summer Mane left for town to get them a pie, and the letter that tells her this also details her assignment. However, Twilight notices Summer Mane's office door is slightly ajar, and so she decides to peek in. Summer Mane walks in at that moment, however, as she had forgotten her checkbook. During the next meal, neither one of them can say anything to the other, until Summer Mane tells Twilight to pack her things, as she leaves in the morning.


As she is leaving the next morning, Twilight reveals to Summer Mane that she made the replacement story up so that Summer Mane would let her in. Summer Mane laughs, as she explains that was how she got her first job as assistant editor. Summer Mane then reveals to Twilight that she's actually Jade Singer, but Twilight replies that she figured that out a few days ago. When Jade asks her how, Twilight replies that since Jade is her favorite author, she knows all about her. She noticed the reading glasses from the author photo on the back of Canter in the Sky, how Jade and Summer are both fans of "horrible, horrible" old time swing music, that cutie marks don't smear unless they're made to look like something else, and the typewriter was the final clue. Jade reveals her reason for going into hiding: Canter in the Sky was such a huge hit her first time around, that it was such a hit right out of the gate, that it would be nearly impossible to live up to that a second time. Twilight responds that she can sympathize, as when she tested for magic school, she made such a splash that the princess took her on as her personal student. Jade asks her how she does it, and Twilight replies that her friends support her: they celebrate her victories and catch her when she falls. Jade says that she never had friends like that, to which Twilight replies that she does now.


A little while later, Twilight gets the results of her test back, showing she passed, as well as containing a note from the princess, thanking her for bringing her friend, Jade Singer, back.


The film then begins, with a recap of what happened in Part 1 and then the actual film starts with a flashback to Chrysalis's first defeat, sent flying into the distance. She and some of her changelings land in the center of a town inhabited by catlike people with lots of love. Although she survives the fall, she and her army are weakened, so they feed off the cats' love and transform their town into the Changeling Kingdom. ("Cute is Delicious") Still too weak to invade Canterlot, Chrysalis decides to absorb Twilight Sparkle's magic when the Secretariat Comet eventually flies by. The film then returns to the present, where the Cutie Mark Crusaders continue to annoy Chrysalis with their banter. Chrysalis then checks in on Twilight Sparkle, who is having a conversation with Fluttershy, in which Fluttershy convinces Twilight to forgive the other ponies. Twilight then checks the map, and observes that they'll meet up outside the gets of the Changeling Kingdom, providing none of them turned around and went home.


Next, a changeling minion delivers a report on how Applejack and Rarity are doing, causing Chrysalis to burst into laughter over their clashing personalities. Finally, a report is delivered on Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash: Pinkie has costumes for her and Rainbow Dash, as well as for the changelings to wear. These costumes consist of giant likenesses of the pony/changeling to wear them. Chrysalis remarks that if she hadn't been watching Pinkie for hours, she wouldn't believe her minion's report. Additionally, in that report, Rainbow Dash begins to see through the changelings' deception, causing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to cheer out at the thought of the Mane Six becoming friends. ("Our Friends Will Save Us") Chrysalis then retorts that she doesn't care if they're friends or not, it was just an entertaining bonus to see them squabble. She reveals that her true plan is to destroy Twilight, then when her friend's emotions peak, to have her colony feast on them. After that, she states her intention of returning to Canterlot and watching Equestria crumble. She presumably kills one of the cats in front of the CMC.


The film then returns to Twilight and Fluttershy, where Twilight remarks that the map is very accurate, even pointing out a hole, which the two promptly fall into. Twilight is able to use her magic to get the both of them out of the hole, and once they're out, they spot a Chupacabra. Twilight observes that they only eat goats, but then she and Fluttershy realize the twigs lodged in their manes look like goat horns, and so the Chupacabra begins to chase them. ("La Chupacabra")


Rarity and Applejack are walking amongst flowers, with Rarity enjoying the scenery, but Applejack discomforted by the feel of the area. Rarity attempts to pluck a flower to take home in order to work into her clothing, but stops when Applejack alerts her to what she thinks are snakes, rustling in the bushes. They soon discover that it is not snakes; rather, it is the flowers themselves: Pony Eating Petunias, as Rarity calls them. The two ponies jump into the water, and onto a log, where two of the flowers follow. Applejack attempts to get them to fall off by spinning the log, but before that can happen, the group reaches a waterfall. The ponies grab onto the bases of the flowers, in order to use the flowers as parachutes.


Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash happen upon a group of rabbits with horns. One bites into Pinkie's left hind leg, freaking Rainbow Dash out, but only causing Pinkie to give that one the name "bitey". Rainbow Dash picks up Pinkie by the tail and starts to fly out of there, when Rarity and Applejack crash into the two. Applejack uses one of the flowers to take out some of the bunnies, and the group continues to run again. The flowers do not seem to partake in the chase. They then bump into Twilight and Fluttershy, causing the whole group to tumble down a cliff. Twilight hopes that such a death-defying fall might keep their pursuers at bay. It is at this point that Fluttershy reveals the bunnies' species to be Vampiric Jackalope, as she mentions that they are natural enemies of the Chupacabra, and will fight with it for dominance, and the right to eat the ponies. They then engage in a fight which disgusts/horrifies the ponies, with the exception of Fluttershy, who only remarks that nature is fascinating.


The group exchanges apologies, ("Friends Forever") and Pinkie brings out an "I'm sorry" cake she had been carrying, in addition to putting her costume back on. ("Let's Eat") She convinces the group to eat the cake.


As the six ponies reach the changeling kingdom, they talk of a plan for defeating Queen Chrysalis and rescuing the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Inside, the Cutie Mark Crusaders say Twilight will beat Chrysalis, and Chrysalis realizes she doesn't need the Cutie Mark Crusaders anymore, intending to kill them rather than let them go. ("Death Shall Be Proud")


The six ponies enter Chrysalis's castle, which is a labyrinth of stairs and doors, where Chrysalis tells them to find her behind one door, but the others have surprises. As they each open a door, Pinkie Pie finds a giant eyeball, Applejack finds Mola Ram, an actual ram, with an apple in his hand saying "Kalima!", Fluttershy finds Ponywise saying "Hey Georgie!", Rainbow Dash finds the twins from The Shinning (which she says is boring), and Rarity finds the Phanpony of the Opera. Twilight finds the right door, which asks a riddle "How is a pegasus like a writing desk? Can you answer this riddle?" As the others think of the answer ("True Riddles"), Pinkie Pie says "Nope! I can't answer it!" The door says she is correct, and opens.


The six ponies confront Chrysalis. While Twilight fights her, her changelings imprison the other five in cocoons. Twilight shoots a powerful blast of magic which does little to Chrysalis but destroys part of the wall, and Chrysalis decides that instead of draining Twilight (to which Twilight says she wouldn't be able to use her magic because she learned it by studying), she will make her her apprentice. Twilight initially refuses, but when Chrysalis threatens to drain her friends if she doesn't, and says she won't if she does, Twilight accepts. Chrysalis reveals her intent to drain Twilight's love and have her drain her friends instead. When the Secretariat Comet flies by, Twilight beats up Chrysalis with her magic, eventually defeating her and her changelings with a powerful magic beam. The six ponies and the Cutie Mark Crusaders celebrate! ("Saving The Day Is Worth The Hay")


Some time after, Princess Celestia arrives with Spike. They were fighting an army of giant cockatrices in Canterlot when the comet flew by. We flashback to see this battle, and Spike tells Celestia what is going on with the six ponies through song ("Our Friends Are Worse Off") Spike helped defeat them with a trident. They also had to deal with a giant marshmallow pony in Manehattan. They tell each other the stories of their adventures. As for Chrysalis, she and her changelings are imprisoned in their castle by Pinkie Pie, who annoys them with her costume at the door asking riddles and singing the song that never ends ("The Song That Never Ends"), while Twilight says she won't be able to break out for a while. The Festival goes back into motion, and everypony sings "Big Comet Festival" one more time.



Theaters: 2,895

MPAA Rating: G
Budget: $15 million

Previous Film Gross: 16.2/51.4/83.5 (OW/DOM/WW)

Edited by Blankments Into Darkness
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Things Hoped For


Director: Andrew Clements (writer of the book)

Genre: Teen/Drama/Sci-Fi
Date: April 21

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Keke Palmer as Gwen, Bill Cobbs as Gwen's Grandfather, David Henrie as Robert Phillips,  Emma Watson as Alicia Van Down, and Michael Sheen as William.

Music by: Danny Elfman.
Runtime: 86 min
Tagline: Suddenly


Plot: 17-year-old Gwen lives in New York City with her grandfather. One day her grandfather disappears leaving only a phone message telling Gwen not to worry about him. Gwen continues her life as normal as possible while trying to practice for her violin auditions. She then meets Robert in a cafe. Robert is in town also preparing for trumpet auditions.Gwen invites Robert to stay in her empty house with her to help get him out of the hotel he was staying in. While shopping in Niketown Store in New York City, Gwen and Robert spot a faint shadow apparently coming from an invisible person. Robert then tells her that two years ago he turned invisible. In the following days Robert discovers Gwen's grandfather dead in the basement. The other invisible man is found in Gwen's house after the discovery of her grandfather. The man named William started to seek out Robert to find out how to undo the invisibility. William also is revealed to be a womanizing thief. The mystery of Gwen's grandfather's death is closed when the grandfather's lawyer reads out a letter written the last day the grandfather was alive. The letter contains the will of the grandfather. Detectives decide that the grandfather knew he would die so he hid in the freezer. The detectives also say that the grandfather went in with an oxygen bottle, thick clothes, and left the refrigerator slightly open so he could have left if he wanted to. Gwen was distraught and did not feel like playing the violin the whole day. The next day she gets a phone call from Alicia, Robert's girlfriend asking her to play. Alicia ended up thanking Gwen for the beautiful song and hung up. On the day of Gwen's audition she opens an envelope with dog tags with a code leading to the title of a Bible passage. The passage says,"There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". Gwen finally understood why her grandfather did what he did, and she walks confidently into her audition.


Theaters: 2,669

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language and sensuality

Budget: $15 million

Previous Film Gross: 11.9/39.6/55.7

Edited by Blankments Into Darkness
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3:39 AM

Director: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman

Genre: Found-Footage Horror

Date: March 17
Studio: Blankments Productions
Cast: Unknowns
Runtime: 76 min
Tagline: Tick tock to the 70s.


Plot: A businessman wakes up in the middle of the night, and he looks at the clock, seeing it is 3:39 AM. He then hears a creek outside of his apartment. He gets up, and begins thinking about whether he should check it out. He eventually decides to check it out. He leaves her apartment, and sees the apartment next to his is door open. He goes inside, and finds that the hippie girl living there is stalking him. Out of nowhere, an hippie girl comes and chokes him while gagging him. He wakes up in his bed, and looks at the clock, and it is still 3:39 AM. He gets up, and goes into his closet and pulls out a baseball bat. He goes next door, and sees the girl who previously gagged him sleeping. He hits her with the baseball bat, and she wakes up, looking at him in terror. He grabs a gun sitting on her nightstand and shoots her. He then wakes up in his bed again, and sees that it is still 3:39 AM. He tries to call the police, but is put on hold. When the police finally pick up, he explains the situation. The police come over and arrest the girl. The man smiles, but then wakes up in bed again, and the time is still 3:39 AM. He then goes next door, where the door is still open. He goes inside, and finds the apartment completely vacant, until he hears screaming. He jumps out the window. Cut to the clock, still showing 3:39 AM turn to 3:40 AM.

Theaters: 3,307
Rating: R for some violence, language, and disturbing images.
Budget: $5 million


Previous Film Gross: (OW/DOM/WW)

3:37 AM: 0.3/35.6/48.6

3:38 AM: 9.2/24.9/39.2

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Jekyll Jr. 2


Director: Thor Freudenthal

Date: October 13
Genre: Family
Studio: Blankments Productions
Cast: Robert Capron as Jared Reek.
Music by: Theodore Shapiro.
Runtime: 84 min
Tagline: Not very hard


Plot: Immediately following the previous movie, Jared is offered to explore the library. He comes inside, since it has everything he needs. There's plenty to do, but he just sits and reads. Jared makes paper planes and reads a map with mountain range terrains. Jared flies to the moon, and then explores the ocean floor. He goes sailing and finds out the difference between a tiller and oar. He then checks out "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Half Magic," "Hop on Pop," "The Fox in Socks," and books on doing card tricks. He also finds books on baseball, hockey, soccer, and even one on how to build himself a cool doorknocker. Jared stays in the library for hours and hour, liking books with pictures of lots of pretty flowers being crushed by a giant pterodactyl. Closing time arrives and Jared checks out books by Jules Verne, HG Wells, and Ray Bradbury. However, he returns the next day to look at paintings by Leonardo di Vinci, Rembrandt, and Picasso. He also starts reading "Go, Dog, Go," "The Giving Tree," "Jumanji," "Where the Wild Things Are," and a book on why you shouldn't keep your brother in a jar. The librarian tells Jared that all thoughts and dreams of people throughout history are here, and all he needs is this library card to borrow them for free. Jared figures out that having fun isn't hard if you got a library card. Jared then goes to storytime and learns how to use computers; alas, there are no classes on how to make him cuter. He does a puppet show and watches a movie, realizing the cool things never end, but the librarian tells him that the Dewey Decimal System is his friend. Jared repeatedly asks who Dewey is, but instead decides just to be happy, since having fun isn't hard when he's got a library card.



Theaters: 2,567

MPAA Rating: G
Budget: $5 million

Previous Film Gross: 5.9/15.1/20.5

Edited by Blankments Into Darkness
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The Storyteller


Genre: Fantasy/Drama

Date: November 3rd

Theaters: 13 (11/3), 176 (11/10), 685 (11/17), 1375 (11/22), 2158 (12/1)

Director: Tarsem Singh

Cast: Christopher Eccleston (The Storyteller), Isabelle Allen (The Girl), Christian Bale (The Head Guard), Jessica Chastain (The Mother)

Composer: Mychael Danna

Rating: PG-13 for some thematic material and a violent scene

Runtime: 126min (2hr, 6min)

Budget: $45 million


We see a mysterious man traveling through the vast expanse of the Sahara desert, he appears to be pulling a large carriage full of all kinds of things: books, trinkets, lights, works of art, and so on. The man is wearing a colorful robe and a blue hat, and he appears to be in his late 40s. He appears to be sweating heavily, as the heat of the desert is getting to him, and he soon falls to the sand. However, he tells himself that the people need him, and that he must find the will to keep going. He soon witnesses the light of the desert transform into an odd vision of the entire world and the universe, through stories, sights, joy, heartbreak, and so on.


We cut now to what appears to be some kind of futurstic city, under the cruel control of massive industry. The fervor of a strict work schedule in the factories is really taking a massive toll on the workers, reducing the general morale of the people in the town, and the children of the workers are sad, lonely, and hungry. The Storyteller is seen walking through the streets of this city, and he is shocked and saddened by the cruelty of the place, and the coldness of the hearts of the people. He tries to speak out to the people in the public square, saying that he has various stories to tell all of the people, but no one is willing to listen to him. He is even attacked by some of the guards in the city. The Head Guard warns The Storyteller that no one wants to listen to his tales of nonsense and blasphemy.


Soon, The Storyteller, feeling rather heartbroken, returns to his cart, realizing that he must go to another city, feeling heartbroken. However, a young child, The Girl, tries to stop her before he leaves, saying that she would like to hear the stories. The Girl looks inside the storyteller’s cart, and she is delighted to see all of the wonders inside. The Storyteller tells her that he collects all kinds of wonders, from toys to ancient puzzles, but above all, he has traveled the world, collecting stories to tell people all over the world, hoping to recreate the sense of joy and wonder that seemed to be whisked away from the world. The Girl tells the storyteller to follow her.


The Girl leads the mysterious man through the alleyways of the city, eventually leading him to a small shelter for the homeless in the lower parts of the city, where few people have the technology of those from above, leading to them to have a worse off life. There is much sadness throughout. The Girl tells the other children that this man is here to show him wonders from another place, and they are all very excited. None of them have had any form of delight or entertainment in so long. Even some of the adults in the community are excited to hear to stories being told.


The Storyteller tells everyone that he brings good tidings from another world, and he wishes to enlighten these people with tales from beyond. As he speaks, we see imagery of the man’s travels and visions, each one demonstrating a very distinct place and time. It is also interesting how the time periods appear to be vastly different. The storyteller then proceeds to ask the children what they are very interested in. One of the boys in the group says that he likes stories about brave warriors who will free people from sadness. The Storyteller says that he knows just the story to tell.


The first story is about the prince of a far off kingdom in a different time. His father was a very brave king, but the prince was scared of taking over his throne when evil struck. An evil neighboring kingdom would soon strike his, killing his father and several innocents. The prince was left brokenhearted and saddened at his father’s death, but he soon learned that he had to remain strong. He mobilized his armies to fight the kingdom of evil, eventually bringing peace to the land through an bravery and deftness.


The children clap as the story ends, as they had liked it very much. Soon, the girl returns to her mother, telling her about the story that she was told. The mother tells her that it is getting rather late, and that she should go to bed. The girl obliges, going to her room. The mother soon comes to talk to the storyteller. She says that it is very nice of him to be telling the children stories, but he warns him that the city does not take kindly to people like him, and that he needs to be careful. The storyteller tells her that she need not worry, because all unique thinkers were met with opposition, but soon met wide acclaim. The mother said that she hopes this is true, and she wishes the storyteller a good night.


That night, we see The Head Guard reporting to his officials in a darkly lit and ominous room, resembling a court somewhat. He informs them that this mysterious newcomer may be inciting citizen unrest in the town, forcing the lower classes to feel different and rise against the city. His officials order him to bring the man to rest, and force him to leave the city or else. The Head Guard, after hesitating for a moment, says that he understands, and that he will attend to the matter the next day. The head guard receives his approval, and he is dismissed from the dark room.


The next day, the storyteller is seen showing the people in his community some of his magical belongings, and the various times and places where each one came. The Girl is most enchanted by what the storyteller is showing, while one of the children asks if they can hear another story. The Storyteller obliges, gathering all of the children around a corner, looking in his large book of stories to tell. As this is happening, the mother is smiling at him, and the joy that he is bringing the children of the community, but the head guard is not very far away, observing each action.


The second story focuses on seven spirits who watch over the universe, protecting the innocent from harm. One day, the god hears a wish from a young child to be removed from the evil city that he is in. The children connect this fictional city to the one where they are currently living. The spirits soon created a magical flood that covers the city. It drowned the cruel hearted and brought the good hearted away from the city and into a place of wonder, containing a beautiful garden and a warm place to live. The people didn’t understand how it happened, but they were grateful for this change of fate.


After the story, we see the head guard look back towards the storyteller, although he cannot bring himself to arrest him, being enchanted by the story himself. This causes something within him to resist arresting this man. That night, the people in the shelter bring together what they have to have a nice feast for what they have to celebrate the Storyteller. The mother also comes up to the storyteller, and she tells him how grateful she is for bringing some kind of hope to this community. She soon gives him a kiss as the storyteller hugs her. She bids farewell for the night.


Weeks pass, and the storyteller continues to enchant the townspeople, with his audience becoming larger and larger each day. He tells stories from all over the world, each one with a unique style, and  some teaching the children to love one another and remain hopeful even in the darkest situations. The mother also finds that she is falling in love with the storyteller, still trying to move on from her husband’s death as a result of a workplace accident. The Head Guard still tries to arrest the man on many occasions, although he cannot bring himself to do so.


That night, we see the head guard in the ominous room once more, where he is yelled at by his officials for having yet to bring this man to justice, especially as he is causing increased unrest in the community. The Head Guard thinks for a moment, but he soon tells them that he will attend to the matter immediately, and that the storyteller will be removed from this town. His officials nod in approval, casting him aside and ordering him to make the arrest tomorrow. He nods, and he leaves the room feeling somewhat down.


The next day, as The Storyteller is telling another story to the children, he is found by the guards who arrests him for causing unrest in the community. One of the children says that he’s not doing anything bad, and a teenager attacks him. However, this causes several guards to come in and attack the people. Some cower and try to hide away, while others are killed by the guards’ brutal ways of crowd control. The Head Guard orders The Storyteller that he must leave town tonight, and stop filling the heads of these people with foreign ideas.


The Storyteller obliges, requesting that he tell one last story before he departs. The Head Guard, after being begged by some of the children, reluctantly confirms his request. The Storyteller begins to tell a story about a man who wanted to shut out the voices of those whom he considered to be dangerous and potentially insane. In reality, these men were just bright thinkers who found light in new situations. However, the man wanted to block out all who thought otherwise. As he tells his story, The Storyteller, usually calm and gentle, became very angry and cold, raising his voice as the story progressed and scaring some of the people.


As the man continued to block out all who thought differently from the rest, he removed the world from a great deal of its magic, and how he soon would control the world with an iron fist. The Storyteller asked him if this is what he wanted the city to be, bringing his story to an end. This was an odd story for him to tell, one that had no happy ending. The Head Guard is left cold, but he still must obey his orders. He orders the man to leave immediately, and The Storyteller nods, saying that he apologizes to all for saying farewell. He pulls his colorful carriage and leaves the city, as the townspeople watch blankly as he leaves.


However, The Girl looks inside her room, and she finds a present left by the Storyteller. She opens it and finds the book of stories that the Storyteller had. She smiles, and she calls the children together to tell more stories. What follows is another scene of the storyteller wandering through the desert, much like in the prologue. He becomes rather weak, but he has the will to keep moving and continue to bring hope to the people in the world who need it.

Edited by Spaghetti
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Stephen King’s It: Part 1


Date- April 28th  

Genre- Horror

Rating- R

Theaters- 2,880

Budget- 25 million

Running Time- 99 minutes or 1 hour and 39 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Jaume Collet-Serra

Actors and Actresses


Ben Hanscom- Not casted yet. Searching in progress

Bill Denbrough- Sterling Beaumon

Beverly Marsh- Ivana Baquero

Richie Tozier- Gabriel Basso

Eddie Kaspbrak- Alex Etel

Mike Hanlon- Chris O’Neal

Stan Uris- Joel Courtney

Henry Bowers- Luke Benward

Vic Criss- Gig Morton

Belch Huggins- Freddie Highmore


Plot: In October 1957, a six year old boy named George Denbrough chases his paper boat into a storm drain. To his surprise, the boat is caught in the sewer by Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The clown offers him the boat and a balloon, then kills George when he reaches into the drain to retrieve his boat from Pennywise's hand. Eight months later, during the summer of 1958, seven children are drawn together as a group through a multitude of events. Ben Hanscom, an overweight boy, flees from local bullies, Henry Bowers, Vic Criss and Belch Huggins who attempt to carve Henry’s name into his belly using Henry's ivory handled flick knife. While running, he comes across Bill Denbrough, George's older brother, who has a stutter, and Eddie Kaspbrak, an asthmatic boy, who are attempting to make a dam in an undeveloped, jungle-like part of Derry called the Barrens. Ben, with an inclination toward architecture, helps the two improve the dam and soon working with Bill, Ben and Eddie are Richie Tozier, a loud-mouthed boy with thick glasses, and Stan Uris, a boy whose Jewish ancestry makes him a frequent target of hazing. All five of the boys have been plagued by Henry Bowers in the past. Later on, at his home, Bill looks at a picture of George that turns and winks at him. When he recounts his story to his friends, Ben admits to having seen (and been nearly seized by) a mummy the previous January, and Eddie recounts being attacked by a leper at an abandoned house. Richie scoffs at the stories, but he and Bill see a picture of Pennywise in George's yearbook that comes to life as Georgie’s had. Bill takes his father's pistol and goes with Richie to the abandoned house, thinking that the person behind the supernatural events and the recent string of killings may be there. At the house the two boys are attacked by It, with Bill perceiving It as Pennywise and Richie as a werewolf, and both barely escape with their lives on Bill’s bicycle (“Silver”). A few days later, while running from Henry and his gang, Richie encounters and is attacked by It in the form of Paul Bunyan, though Richie manages to escape. Meanwhile, Beverly Marsh, a girl from the poor side of town with an abusive father, hears voices of dead children in the drain and witnesses a fountain of blood spurt from the sink and stains the floor and wall paper. Her father doesn't see anything. When she becomes friends with Ben, Eddie and Stan, she tells them about the blood and they help her clean up the blood. Stan later admits that in earlier spring, he witnessed waterlogged corpses in the town’s standpipe. As the summer goes on, the six kids realize that the entity they’re up against is extremely powerful. As they are discussing this, a black boy named Mike Hanlon is being chased by Henry, Vic, Belch and two others, Peter Gordon and Moose Sadler. Henry chases Mike right to where the now-self-proclaimed Losers’ Club resides, and a rock fight ensues between the two gangs with the Losers’ Club ending up as the winner. Henry swears to kill them all but quickly flees away. Mike becomes the new and last child into the club. They tell Mike about It, and as he recounts a story of being chased by an enormous, trailer-sized bird in a field, he brings the Losers an album of his father's old pictures of Derry. In one of them, Pennywise appears and threatens to kill all of the Losers. Through research, Bill discovers an ancient ritual known as the Ritual of Chüd, in which a monster and mortal lock tongues and attempt to make the other laugh. Bill believes this ritual will allow them to defeat and kill It. With the group at a loss for what to do, Ben comes up with the idea of an old Indian smoke lodge ritual to induce visions and give guidance. When the idea is put into practice, Richie and Mike hallucinate (although the event is implied to be akin to time travel), see It arrive on Earth in prehistoric times and realize It has been here for millions of years. They express doubt over their ability to battle the monster. Later, while Eddie is walking home from the pharmacy, Henry, Vic, Moose and a psychotic boy named Patrick Hockstetter, ambush and attack him. Henry breaks Eddie's arm in retaliation for the rock fight. Shortly after this, Beverly, hiding behind a junked car in the town dump, witnesses Patrick get assaulted by Henry after giving him a brief hand-job. When Patrick tries to dump dead bodies of animals he suffocated out of a refrigerator, he is killed by It in the form of flying leeches (his only true fear) infesting the refrigerator, which Beverly partially sees. At first believing that it is all fake, Beverly soon learns otherwise when It's leech form attacks her, one biting her, though she manages to escape. After buying a first-aid kit and treating Beverly's wound, the Losers return to the refrigerator and discover a message from It written in Patrick's blood, warning them to stop before It kills them. Filled with rage, Bill vows to kill It at any cost. After Eddie is released from the hospital, the Losers get together and Ben makes two slugs out of silver, believing the cinematic convention that silver will kill monsters. They go back to the abandoned house, where It attacks them in werewolf form, primarily focusing its efforts on Bill, their leader. After savagely slashing Ben across the abdomen when he tried to defend Bill, It is driven away after being injured by the silver slugs, but not before vowing to kill them all. Later, in mid-August, Henry, whose sanity had been steadily eroding the entire summer, is given a switchblade knife by Pennywise. After murdering his crazed and abusive father, Henry, seeming to be both in a trance and in a wildly lunatic state, takes Vic and Belch to the Barrens and attacks the Losers, driving them into the sewers. The three follow them. Under Derry, It attacks the bullies in the form of Frankenstein's monster, decapitating Vic and mutilating Belch's face, with Henry managing to escape. The Losers press on and confront It in the form of a giant eye, which they successfully repel. They finally come upon Its lair, where it resides in the form of a giant spider, and, in what appears to be the Ritual of Chüd, the Losers encounter It and its natural enemy, The Turtle. Bill defeats It with some advice from The Turtle and It flees deeper into Its lair. The Losers then gradually realize that they are lost in the sewers, and that with their common enemy having fled they have lost their purpose as a group, and begin to succumb to panic. Using the only way available to her to calm them all down sufficiently to bring them together again so they can find their way back to the surface, Beverly has sexual intercourse with all of the boys in turn, starting with Eddie and ending with Bill.The gang finally escape from the sewers, emerging at sunset. Stan cuts their palms with a shard of a Coke bottle and the seven make a blood oath to return to Derry if It should ever return. 

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Now, for an insane attempt to break the fourth wall and insert self awareness into film.


The Mind Behind The Movies

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Date: July 28st

Theaters: 2,839

Cast: Robert DeNiro (Adam Bertham), Clark Duke (Kevin Rogers), Sacha Baron Cohen (Jean von Salian)

Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language and some drug use

Runtime: 99min (1hr, 39min)

Budget: $40 million


Adam Bertham is a leading studio head at Hollywood, running the successful company and churning out some of Hollywood's most successful films with few misfires. He has often said that ideas for films just come into his head, and he never truly knows where they come from. They just appear and everything works out. This odd idea allows him to choose the right films to produce and even the casts to use. One day, prominent sci-fi and avant garde director Jean von Salian, a messiah among internet film forums, begins to wonder if someone is controlling the thoughts of Adam Bertham, helping him to make every possible move in the world of movies. Von Salian's idea causes much disrest for Bertham, who really wonders if it could really be true.


Meanwhile, at a college on the East Coast, we see an introverted college senior majoring in cinema studies, Kevin Rogers, being teased by his obnoxious classmate, Steven Winter. He finds solace by writing on film forums, but also writing up hypothetical movies, many of which are eerily similar to the films that Bertham has imagined. As Kevin sees news that Bertham is announcing a new film much like one he had written, he finds out the shocking truth. The films he writes about become made by Adam Bertham's studio, and he owes much of the success in the studio to him. He soon decides to, after graduating, travel to Hollywood to show him what he is capable of.


At Hollywood, Kevin tries to get his way into the studio with a studio tour, but it results in him being escorted out by security. However, Bertham hears Kevin's cries that he controls the studio's films, and he asks security to stop, requesting a personal meeting with this odd stranger. After some humorous experiments, he finds out that Kevin is right, and that he controls the studio actions of Bertham. Throughout the rest of the movie, they try to find away to break this magical bond, while trying to come up with legitimate ideas for films that will still bring in financial profits. The two have an awkward time being together, and they often argue over the best ways to handle films. Von Salian takes much amusement in what is going on.


In the end, Bertham finds out that Kevin is actually his son. He decides that rather than keep up with all of this nonsense, he gives Kevin the keys to the studio, and that he can finally make his own decisions rather than make them through someone else. We also find out that every other studio executive is also controlled by people similar to Kevin...

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Genre: Action/Drama/Thriller

Date: February 24th

Theaters: 2,648

Cast: Nicholas Hoult (Danny), Chris Cooper (Edward Marst), Emily Osment (Anna)

Director: Albert & Allen Hughes

Rating: R for strong brutal bloody violence and language

Runtime: 111min (1hr, 51min)

Budget: $35 million


When he was just 8 years old, Danny's father went along with one of the most feared gangs in New York City, the Marst gang. It is named after the leader of the gang, the cruel, cold hearted Edward "Saint" Marsh. Danny's father failed to make a timely payment to Marst, so in retaliation, he sent in his men to kill his family. They killed Danny's parents and older brother, but he was able to hide under his bed. Danny was still left scared and orphaned, but he was taken in and raised by his uncle, one of the leading officers in the NYPD, raising him with intesne training so that one day, he could become and officer and get revenge.


As Danny became older, he found that the Marst gang was very crafty, and they worked around the bureaucracy of the city in a way that the police were prevented from getting to the bottom of their gang after all of these years. Danny, as a result, turned down his offer to become an officer of the NYPD, much to his uncle's disappointment and surprise. Instead, he found himself a large jacket, a fedora, and a mask, becoming a new vigilante that would not be afraid to break the law to bring down criminal scum: Crusader.


Crusader has been involved in several bloody fights with the members of New York's criminal underworld, gaining much publicity from this matter. He becomes distant from his uncle, given how they are slowly becoming on opposite sides of the law, despite their equivalent goals. He does, however, begin to fall in love with a woman named Anna, the daughter of a local bureaucrat. She does not know Danny's secret identity as being Crusader. Danny soon acquires enough information to find and take down the Marst gang.


At a bloody and brutal confrontation, Crusader kills all of the members of the gang, giving special brutality in his killing of Edward Marst. However, he must now run from police due to his heavy body count. He drives away from town, leaving a note for Anna. He reveals that he is the Crusader, and he thanks her for being one of his closest friends in this hour of darkness, although he may never live to see her again.

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The Office: An American Workplace


Date- June 23rd 

Genre- Mockumentary/Comedy

Rating- PG-13

Theaters- 3,448 theaters

Budget- 35 million

Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Chris Miller and Phil Lord

Actors and Actress-

Michael Scott- Steve Carell

Jim Halpert- John Krasinski

Dwight Schrute- Rainn Wilson

Andy Bernard- Ed Helms

Pam Halpert- Jenna Fischer

Phyllis Vance- Phyllis Smith

Stanley Hudson- Leslie Barker

Angela Martin- Angela Kinsey

Kevin Malone- Brian Baumgartner

Oscar Martinez- Oscar Nunez

Creed Bratton- Creed Bratton

Meredith Palmer- Kate Flannery

Toby Flenderson- Paul Lieberstein

Darryl Philbin- Craig Robinson

Kelly Kapoor- Mindy Kaling

Ryan Howard- B.J. Novak


Plot: The show is divided into two 50-minute episodes. 


The first episode revolves around Michael, in his endless pursuit of earning Ryan's admiration, decides to make up a way to hang out with him for the day. He starts “Work with a Partner Day”. The employees are all paired off "to learn more about other positions in the office" according to Michael as yet another team-building type of deal. Michael, of course, rigs it so he's paired with Ryan. Dwight is pair with Creed and gets annoyed by Creeds strange and idiotic behavior. Meredith gets paired with Angela and Angela and Meredith get into a catfight. Kevin gets paired with Stanley and Stanley becomes frustrated with Kevin’s constant questions. Phyllis and Oscar are paired together and basically work fine together. Pam doesn’t get to partner with anybody because Michael wants her to answer phones and see how everybody interacts with their partner. Jim gets paired with Kelly, who flirts with him in an effort to make Ryan jealous but just makes Pam jealous in the process. Pam annoyed with Kelly's flirtations with Jim and fights back not yelling at Kelley. The entire partner thing goes down hill quickly and everybody is angry at each other and lots of drama, comedy, and fights ensure. The episode ends with everybody leaving early because they are annoyed. Pam discusses Kelley with Jim and the camera crew catches them kissing and leaving together. Michael doesn’t earn Ryan’s love and finds out Ryan has the manager job at the New York City branch. 


Episode 2: In another corporate screw-up, everyone gets someone else's paycheck.  Michael and Dwight are both out of the office for "executive training", and everyone calmly returns the missing paychecks. Kevin's check still missing, which Michael has. Dwight's salary is now known to everyone in the office, after having his check taped to his computer monitor. When Michael and Dwight come back, the issue is overblown and Michael's check is still missing. Dwight goes on a tear trying to avoid identity theft, getting all his credit cards canceled, checking his credit reports, etc, and his social security number. Jim suggests he change his "super-secret IRS number", which Jim convinces Dwight exists since there are more people in the US than there are possible combinations of Social Security Numbers. Michael and Dwight interview everyone, trying to connect the dots about who had who's check, to find the "missing link in the strongest chain".  Ryan is off this day, which is suspicious since no one got a check from Ryan. When Michael and Dwight find him at his apartment (with a lady), he says he got paid through the Temp service and never gets a corporate check. Finally it's Dwight, who has all his mail forwarded to a special post office box, for "security" concerns, and usually arrives one week late, so his paychecks are always one week behind, who made the mistake. During the entire process the staff reacts to Dwight’s salary and how their salaries compare to his. Also during the episode, Pam, having gotten Jim's check, realizes how much more Jim is making than her, and it makes her feel a little uncomfortable seeing his endless slacking and goofing off. Throughout the episode Pam watches Jim slack, and times it (He just made $10.65 for eating a candy bar!). Then she sees Jim make one sales call, getting a huge commission, and she calculates how much more he could be making if he applied himself. At the end she tells Jim this and says that it would be nice if he worked harder so he could earn more but she does say that she likes how much Jim talks to her throughout the day. 

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Writer-Director: Rian Johnson
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller
Date: June 16
Studio: Blankments Productions
Cast: Andrew Garfield as David, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Mark, Clark Gregg as One, Denis Leary as Two, J.K. Simmons as Zero, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Paul Zane.
Music by: Alan Silvestri
Format: Filmed partially in IMAX (action scenes only); scenes in italics are in black and white and are in 4:3 ratio
Runtime: 134 min
Tagline: New Rules. New Layers. New Nightmares.

Plot Summary: Following the previous film, David must find Mark on four dream layers in order to finally wake up from this nightmarish dream.


David is holding a newspaper in the airport. Everyone around him is looking at him weirdly, and then over the intercom, it is heard that the plane is now boarding.

BLANKMENTS PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS. David smiles, realizing that everything was just a dream. However, he does not notice his phone beeping, revealing that he has five important messages from Mark. The phone begins ringing again, marked with urgent.  A RIAN JOHNSON FILM. David pulls out his phone, in the air tunnel, and picks it up. Mark is on the other end of the line, saying that David needs to get on the runway, now. David says that he’s about to get on a plane, and can’t do that. Mark sighs, and says “kumquat.” Suddenly, David’s mind is filled with memories of the previous dream, and David asks what’s going on. Mark says he’ll explain later; just get onto the runway. David nods his head in agreement and then heads toward a door leading outside. He opens it, and finds that the runaway is completely a starry sky, except for where the plane is sitting. Mark, as a flying donkey still, flies by and tells David to jump on his back. David complies.

Mark keepProxy-Connection: keep-aliveCache-Control: max-age=0his wings at a constant flutter, and he has bad news for David. It turns out that hijacking the plane was just the beginning, or rather, the plane hijacking was the fifth layer of David’s dream. David asks to explain, and Mark sighs, saying he’s tired of explaining. Essentially, they are currently on layer four; they need to get through the first layer to wake David up without him slipping into a coma. Mark says the good news is that the first layer should be the hardest. David says it should be easy then, since the first layer proved to be no problem. Mark says that the final layer should be the only one where his reality bending powers would not cause a dream collapse. However, Mark must explain a very important part of the three layers that he must go through: Mark won’t be there to help him. David asks why, and Mark says that he is the trigger to bring David to the next layer. Once David finds him in a layer, then he’ll be able to wake up from that layer. Due to the increasing instability of the layers, David will have only one hour to find Mark in each layer, and each layer should get bigger as it progresses. David says it shouldn’t be that hard to find a donkey, but David grimaces, saying he’s not necessarily going to be a donkey in the layers. David asks why, but then Mark suddenly stops flying, and enters free-fall, entering David into layer three.

Mark and David are at college graduation. Never one for subtleness, Mark mentions he’d be surprised to see David for a while. David says they have the summer to hang out before they get jobs; after all, they’ve been best friends since childhood. However, Mark says he’s got a job at the Peace Corps. David says he shouldn’t waste his Psychology major in the Peace Corps, but Mark says that he’s certain he’ll be fine; after all, they call it the Peace Corps, not the War Corps. David chuckles at the terrible pun, and then shakes Mark’s hand, saying they’ll still be in touch. Mark smiles, saying that it’d be pretty crappy if he was a guy who, after four years of being David’s roommate, completely lost contact with him. David says that you never know.


David is working at a high-end restaurant. He is a waiter, and his former boss, Zero, has just arrived for a business meeting. David worries he won’t be able to impress Zero, but One, the chef, and Two, the sous chef, tell him not to worry, it should be fine. David smiles, and goes out to serve the meal. As he places down some delicious beef ragoutte and cheese soufflé, Zero glares at him. David asks him what’s wrong, and Zero points at him in anger, saying that this isn’t Hooters: why isn’t David wearing pants or a shirt? David looks down in shock, finding himself only in boxers. He runs off to the bathroom in embarrassment. He begins washing his face in order to hide the tears welling up from the epic embarrassment. However, he suddenly realizes he needs to use the toilet. He opens a door to a stall, and immediately, piles of fruit fall out of the stall. David looks around in shock, and then goes through the fruit, to try to get the toilet; since, after all, he does need to use the restroom. When he finally reaches an air pocket around the toilet, he looks down into the toilet water, finding a single kumquat. Immediately, memories of the last two dream layers reach his mind. David is shocked to suddenly remember One and Two as the two agents from layer five. He realizes he must find Mark to get out of this level. He quickly flushes the toilet, hearing an eerie moan. He shrugs it off as part of the dream. The toilet sucks in all the fruit, but leaves two giant bananas, which David picks up in bewilderment. He squeezes the stem, and out rapidly shoots seed-shaped bullets.

David, thinking for himself for once, figures that, since he’s higher up on the layers, if he kills One and Two on this level, then they won’t be around to bother him on later levels. However, he does remember that One and Two didn’t immediately try to kill him or capture him like they did on layer one. David figures that he only has twenty minutes to find Mark, and thus, must go out searching for him. Just to be safe though, David leaves the bathroom with one of the banana guns in his hands. He sees the restroom is completely empty, when suddenly, One kicks him in the head. The world shakes around for a bit, but David regains his footing, grabbing One’s arm, and flipping him. David then pulls out the banana gun and threatens to shoot One. However, the threat proven wasted, when Two jumps behind him, and grabs the second banana gun, shooting David in the arm. David screams in agony, and Two punches him face, as One on the ground kicks him in the groin. David can’t take the heat, and begins running away to try to get back to the bathroom. David figures he’s screwed and will fall into the coma, but regardless, he does not want to get beat up anymore. He runs into the bathroom, and back into the stall to hide. Moaning is still heard, and David gets out of his stall to check the other one.

He is not prepared for the surely surreal sight. The toilet in this stall has a mouth with teeth, and thus looks quite like a demonic toilet of nightmare. David pulls out the banana gun he still has in his pocket, and shoots one of the teeth clear off. Suddenly, the toilet yawns, and David screams in terror. The toilet says David’s name, and David realizes the toilet is Mark. Mark asks what he is, and David, failing to hide a smile, says that Mark is a toilet. Mark sighs at this, but then tells David what the unfortunate trigger must be; David has to use the bathroom on Mark. David refuses to do so, but Mark says he has to within a minute, or else he’ll fall into the coma. David sighs, and awkwardly sits on Mark’s mouth. The audience does not see the disgusting image of David pooping, but the implications are more than enough. The restaurant slowly fades around them into the starry night, and David and Mark begins free-falling again, into the next layer.

Two years after the Peace Corps, we see Mark has changed his job. What to, we don’t know. He is in a very confined room, answering questions about his friends from high school and college. The questions, voiced by an artificial voice, come to David. What are David’s worst fears? Where has David previously worked? What did David want to be when he was a child? Where did David live as a child? Mark doesn’t have answers for some of these, and some of these, he is extremely hesitant on answering. However, when the voice asks again, Mark can’t not respond; he is compelled to give an answer. Flight. Waiter at fancy restaurant. Astronaut. Chicago. When he is done answering the questions, gas enters the small room, knocking Mark out.


David has accomplished his dream job, astronaut. David is incredibly happy with his job, but it’s not all fun. In the year 11421, David is the last human being alive, having being frozen in carbon sleep during a nuclear war. Not only that, but his body is half robot, having a robotic leg, a robotic arm, and a robotic voice box instead of a mouth. However he does have a magic fridge, stocked with infinite amounts of dehydrated food; in order to eat, he must open up a door in his legs to make the rehydrated food fuel. David muses he’s tired of the flavor but he did go mad about two hundred years ago. The space station seems to let David live outside of time. In fact, we see David live here for another two years in a montage, but yet not falling into a coma. The space station exists merely outside of time, and David, although slightly insane couldn’t be happier. We move forward several years, as David keeps on losing more and more of his sanity. The year 11462 arrives, the date of the sun’s supernova. Indeed, the sun explodes, which should burn David and the space station to a crisp, but as the station exists outside of time, it instead generates four beings on board; two of them are astronauts, one of them is a dog, and another is a walking, talking potato. David refuses to name the dog, but the astronauts tell him the dog’s name is Mike, much to the dog’s barking protest, and the potato says it is Zero. The astronauts are One and Two, and David is overjoyed to finally have a family.

Years go by, without aging to be found, although the astronauts never take off their space suits. Mike takes a particular liking to David, often begging for food, and whimpering sadly at him. David often asks him what’s wrong, but Mike obviously cannot answer. However, one day, in the year 11480, everything changes. David goes to the magic fridge, and takes out... a dehydrated kumquat. When he rehydrates it and sees the full kumquat, the memories come back. David immediately freaks out, realizing that for one thing, One and Two are living with him, and for another, he’s been here for way longer than an hour. David tries to deduce why he is still alive and conscious, but cannot figure it out. One and Two then walk in the room, and see the kumquat. Immediately, they grab laser guns, and begin shooting at David. However, David’s dream body has lived in the layer much longer than One and Two, and thus, he finds himself invincible, since he himself exists outside of time. David grabs the kumquat and begins running through the space station, away from One and Two. One and Two then come up with a great plan; they’ll exit the space station, and repeatedly begin shooting holes into it with their lasers. This will cause the recycled air to be forever lost, and thus, David will suffocate to death.

Meanwhile, David has ran to the hallway to Mike’s room; essentially, a giant doghouse. Mike runs out towards David, and begins begging for the kumquat. David refuses to give it to him, thinking it will somehow help him find Mark. Mike won’t take no for an answer, and jumps up to eat the kumquat, and he swallows it whole. A huge explosion is heard and the film cuts to One and Two shooting up the space station. David yells bad dog to Mike and then braces himself, figuring that he is doomed. However, Mike begins talking, much to David’s surprise, and with Mark’s voice. Mark (who is Mike) says that the past eighteen years he’s been trying to get David to realize this, but the rules of the dream took away his ability to speak. Mark says they need to find his human body, which he is fairly certain either One or Two is using inside the space suit. David says there’s no rush, but Mark says that this world doesn’t exist outside of time; rather, it takes place in a slowed down version of time, where a minute in real time is a year in the dream time. David realizes he’s been in the world then for 59 minutes, and he needs to get out as soon as possible. Mark repeats that they need to find the body, and David says he knows how to find out which one.

The explosions continue through the halls, as One and Two continue their assault on the space station. David says they’re being stupid, since his robotic parts cause artificial air to be pumped into him regardless of environment. Mark replies that he himself does not have robot parts, so David rips off an emergency air pumper from the wall, and attaches it to Mark’s muzzle. They then arrive a room in the space station that David tried to never go into: a morgue full of bodies blown up into space thanks to advanced nuclear warfare. David explains that this was his job for a few years; cleaning up the atmosphere of the Earth from the bodies stuck up in orbit. Mark says that’s disgusting, and David shrugs, saying that it’s just an artificial memory; he shouldn’t remember it vividly when they’re out of the dream level. Mark agrees, but then the biggest explosion of all hits the space station, and Mark and David begin flying up. Mark asks what’s happening, and David says they must’ve hit the artificial gravity generator. All of the coffins in the ship begin to open up, and David quickly sees Zero’s body, shrugging it off, but then he sees Two’s body. We then cut to inside Two’s helmet, seeing Mark’s face, but when he speaks to One, saying that should do the trick, it is Two’s voice.

Mark turns to David, saying they need to capture Two without killing him, and then they’ll be able to move onto the final layer. David agrees, picks up Mark, and, using rocket boots, starts heading toward One and Two. Mark says he’ll distract One while David beats up and knocks out Two with his superior strength. David says he has a better idea. He tries hard, and finds Mark was wrong; they are close enough to layer one for him to reality-bend one object; a hand gun that looks like it’d be out of a 1950’s sci-fi movie. Mark asks what it will do, and David explains that if Mark and Two are fighting each other, and David shoots them, then they will switch bodies back, and that should instantly start the trigger into the next dream world. Mark says that the plan is so crazy, it just might work. They enact the plan, flying straight towards One and Two. One starts to raise his gun to shoot them, but Two stops him, saying that this should be settled with a fistfight. One looks at him quizzically, but Two tells him to trust him. One says fine, but then David tackles One, and they begin fighting. Thanks to his cyborg nature, David clearly has the upper hand, but Two guessed their plan correctly. As Mark runs away from Two (using air to propel places), Two just grabs him, while One, realizing David and Mark’s strategy, flips over David and grabs his gun. Two raises up Mark high, and One shoots Mark and David with the body-switching gun. Immediately, David’s body (now with Mark inside) realizes the failure of this strategy, while David inside Mark’s body begins squirming, completely not used to being in a quadruped’s body. Mark-in-David’s-body quickly grabs the gun, and flies straight toward Two. Two, realizing their mistake, swears as Mark shoots himself right next to Two. David’s body and One’s body quickly fade away, and Mark then tells David to wake up.

Mark is knocked out in the small confined room, when he suddenly wakes up. One and Two walk in, and say they’ll have to be his buddies in Project Lucid. Mark is utterly confused, and One and Two smile, but shimmer in quality. Zero’s voice booms over the room, saying it is time to begin Project Lucid. Mark doesn’t understand, but One and Two point at his hands, and he begins panicking, as his hands are slowly becoming hooves, and One and Two disappear, leaving only a cell phone with a single button on it for Mark. Mark quickly presses it in a panic, as he is slowly and grotesquely transforming into a donkey. Suddenly, Mark arcs back with a lightning bolt behind him, as his brain is suddenly hacked. All of the rules of the dream world are downloaded into his brain, with suddenly, memories of David being put to the front of his brain. We then cut to Zero, sitting at a desk, looking at the memories they are removing; namely, one of Mark teaching in a school in South Africa. Suddenly, the building explodes, and after all the rubble has fallen, One and Two nonchalantly walk in, and grab his body. Mark has died, but his brain still has activity. One and Two quickly hook up Mark to a machine, and download him to a neurodrive. Zero smiles, seeing that his project is off to a great start.


David wakes up in an apartment in Chicago. He is still a dog, which causes panic and for him to pass out. When he wakes up again about five minutes later, he is a human, and shrugs off being a dog as a weird dream. Suddenly, his twin brother, Two, walks in, and says that today is the day of the big job interview. David quickly runs off to the job interview, but he decides to stop at Starbucks on the way. When he’s there, he goes and looks at the specials, seeing they are having a kumquat Frappuccino today. Instantly, all the memories become flooding back, and David looks at his watch, and realizes, in terror, he has thirty seconds to find Mark and wake up, or else it’s the coma for him. However, David remembers this is the final layer, meaning he has his reality bending powers back. He quickly figures he can slow down time much like the space station layer, but he chooses to make it even slower, so now every second is a year. David looks at his watch, and sees he has slowed down time at the right second, it being two seconds until the hour is up. David then tries to figure out how to use his reality bending powers to find Mark. He then decides to make it so Mark just shows up right in front of him. Unfortunately, it backfires, and when David opens his eyes, everyone in the entire city has Mark’s body. David begins panicking and switches it back to normal; however, he cannot switch everyone back to normal, much to his dismay. David can’t figure out how many Marks are still out there, so he reality bends an oracle into existence. The oracle, who introduces himself as Zero, says that there are currently three Marks out there. One of them is the actual Mark, but the other two are One and Two.

David bends Zero out of existence, and then tries to figure out where to find the Marks. He suddenly remembers that when he was a child living in Chicago and he first met Mark, they hung out often at Navy Pier. David runs out of the Starbucks and toward Navy Pier. David then decides that, hey, this is the last level and he has unlimited reality bending powers, so why not just overuse them? David then decides to play with gravity a bit and he begins rotating Chicago up and down, left and right. As cars fly around, David hears Zero’s voice in his ear, asking if he’s ever wanted to be something else. David realizes this is true, and he can be whatever he wants to be. David quickly grows into a giant Godzilla-like monster and begins wrecking the city of Chicago, and remaking it for wreckage. Through a montage, we see in a horrendous fashion David abusing his reality-bending powers to make Chicago his own personal playground. Explosions galore occur, and he drops nukes on the city just to see what it’d be like to stand in the middle of a nuclear strike and live. He also floods the city in Coca-Cola, and then causes cotton candy clouds to fly in and rains chocolate milk onto the Chicagoans. He even causes buildings to come to life, and we see him get into a deep philosophical conversation with the Sears Tower, which he gives Mark’s voice. The Sears Tower tells him to wake up; isn’t this all fake? This snaps David out of the frenzy, and he looks at his time left. He has wasted nearly all of his time being drunk on the power that the reality-bending gave him; he has merely forty-five minutes left to find the real Mark. He quickly resets Chicago and begins flying to Navy Pier.

David arrives at Navy Pier, and enters a warehouse. David, becoming genre-savvy after the last few layers, realized that this is the type of place One and Two would keep Mark locked up. He guessed correctly, but unfortunately, One and Two have been ready for him. The second he walks in, his feet get caught in what appears to be a beartrap. One and Two, both looking like Mark but having their normal voices, begin to beat up David, telling they will put him in a coma. After a few hits at David, David looks at them like they’re crazy, and reality-bends his way out of the beartrap. David says that this is the last layer, so he’s pulling off all the stops to finally kill One and Two. One and Two look at each other in slight worry, asking what he’s going to do. David smiles, as the plane from the first film suddenly crashes into the warehouse. Immediately the scene changes to David in the cockpit of what looks to be a state-of-the-art fighter jet, with One and Two merely in planes from the 1940s. David begins shooting up their planes, and they begin free-falling into a restaurant. David is their waiter, and he asks them what they’d like to order. One grabs David by the neck, and asks him what he’s trying to accomplish here. David just smiles, and says he has the bananas right here. One doesn’t understand, but then David pulls out one of the banana machine guns and shoots One dead right there. Two’s eyes widen; he realizes that One is permanently dead in the dream. Two runs out of the restaurant, but into the space station with a space suit. Asteroids begin hitting the space station at deadly force, and David appears out of nowhere, shooting burning lasers at Two. Two realizes that he cannot keep this up anymore; David is going to achieve his goal. Two then promptly takes off his helmet, suffocating in the vacuum of space.

One and Two wake up in terror. They look at each other, and grab some tranquilizer darts. One grabs a machine gun as well, and they exit the compound they are in to find David’s sleeping body. Zero looks on his security camera footage to see One and Two do this, and he frowns, but then, after looking at another computer, he smiles. He begins laughing, saying they did it; they finally did it!

David then materializes back in the Navy Pier warehouse. He rips off the entire floorboard of the warehouse, revealing Mark, tied up and gagged. David unties Mark, and hugs him. They hug for a few seconds, and then David asks why the dream isn’t fading away. Mark says that the final dream must run out of the allotted time before Mark transports them back. Mark says he has bad news for David. David asks if there’s another dream layer, but Mark says no. Mark says the news is actually worse for himself. David asks what is wrong, and Mark says that in the real world, he is dead. David asks him what he means, and Mark says he doesn’t really know, but his last true memory before coming to this dream world was teaching in an African classroom but then a bomb went off and he’s pretty sure he died. David says he has to be kidding, and Mark says he really doesn’t know, but he wants David to know that he was stupid for cutting off contact with him after joining the Peace Corps. David begins crying, saying he doesn’t want Mark to die, and Mark cries too, and they hug one last time as the dream collapses for the final time.

David’s eyes open up. He looks around the room, seeing he is in a sterile hospital room. He sighs, realizing the dream is over. However, when he tries to get up, he sees that he is tied to the bed with incredibly strong rope. He rolls over, and sees a computer with wires connected to his brain. The computer reads “Download Complete.” David hears gunshots in the distance, as suddenly, a man barges into the room. He says he is Paul Zane, and he’s here to rescue David. David, still drowsy, can’t really argue as Paul unties him, and helps him up. Paul says to hide behind him, as One and Two storm the hospital, shooting everyone who gets in their way. Paul jumps out from under cover, and quickly shoots both One and Two in the shoulder, which knocks them out thanks to experimental drugs still in their system. Paul then carries David to his helicopter, which takes off promptly. Paul cheers, saying he’ll explain everything in a bit, but David is in shock. Standing in the back of the helicopter is Mark as a donkey, who is staring at him in shock too. They both ask each other at the same time what the hell is going on.


Theaters: 3,892
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sci-fi action, sensuality, strong violence, and language.
Budget: $125 million

Previous Film Gross: 46.6/137.5/290.3 (OW/DOM/WW)

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The 120 Days of Sodom


Date- September 29th

Genre- Sexual Horror

Rating- NC-17- graphic sexual violence, erotic sexuality and graphic nudity throughout, brutal and gory violence, disturbing content, and strong language

Theaters- 1,675

Budget- 4.5 million

Running Time- 80 minutes or 1 hour and 20 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Fede Alvarez


Plot: The film is set in a remote house, high in the mountains and surrounded by forests, detached from the rest of the world. The film takes place place over five months, November to March. Four wealthy men lock themselves in the house, the along with a number of victims and accomplices. They intend to listen to various stories of depravity from four veteran prostitutes, which will inspire them to engage in similar activities with their victims after hearing the stories. For each of the first four months, November to February, the prostitutes take turns to tell five stories each day, relating to the fetishes of their most interesting clients, and thus totaling 150 stories for each month These passions are separated into four categories – simple, complex, criminal and murderous – escalating in complexity and savagery. In November, these stories are only considered 'simple' in terms of them not including actual sexual penetration. The stories include men who like to masturbate in the faces of seven-year-old girls, and indulge in urine drinking. As they do throughout the story-telling sections, the four men indulge in activities similar to those they've heard with their daughters and the kidnapped teens. In December these stories involve more extravagant perversions, such as men who vaginally rape female children, indulge in incest and flagellation. Act of men who indulge in sacrilegious activities are also told and performed, such as a man who enjoyed having sex with nuns whilst watching Mass being performed. The female children are deflowered vaginally during the evening orgies with other elements of the prostitutes stories such as whipping and cutting occasionally thrown in. In, January acts of perverts who indulge in criminal activities, albeit stopping short of murder. They include men who sodomize girls and boys as young as three, men who prostitute their own daughters to other perverts and watch the proceedings, and others who mutilate women by tearing off fingers or burning them with red-hot pokers. During the month, the four men begin having anal sex with the sixteen male and female children who, along with the other victims, are treated more brutally as time goes on, with regular beatings, cuttings whippings, and other horrific and horror like treatment. In, February, the final 150 stories and acts are those involving murder. They include perverts who skin children alive, disembowel pregnant women, burn alive entire families, and kill newborn babies in front of their mothers. This month features the men who masterbute while watching fifteen teenage girls and boys being simultaneously tortured to death. During this month, the men brutally kill three of the four daughters they have between them, along with four of the female children and two of the male ones. The murder of one of the girls, 15-year-old Augustine, is described in great detail, with the tortures she is subjected to including having flesh stripped from her limbs, her vagina being mutilated and her intestines being pulled out of her sliced-open belly and burned. In March the men tell the days on which the surviving children and many of the other characters are disposed of in graphic detail and imagery. The film ends with the men killing themselves as the police arrive at the house. 

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Tears of a Tiger


Date- September 8th

Genre- Drama

Rating- R

Theaters- 2,570 theaters

Budget- 20 million

Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Tyler Perry

Actors and Actresses- Cast Unknowns


Plot:  Robert, Andy, Tyrone and BJ go out drinking after winning a high school basketball game. Andy is driving and causes an accident, resulting in Robert's death. Andy feels responsible for Robert's death, and begins visiting therapist to work through his guilt. Meanwhile, Andy begins having visions of Robert in his sleep, in which Robert blames Andy for his death. Andy's family and friends become distant from him when his depression does not alleviate. He begins lying to his therapist about how he is feeling to avoid continuing his therapy. His girlfriend tries to empathize with him but he is too much and she breaks up with him. His depression reaches a tipping point one evening, and in a moment of desperation he makes a spate of phone calls to loved ones that do not answer. The next morning, Andy's depression gets the best of him and he commits suicide by killing himself with his father's shotgun.

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