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  1. OW - 105m DOM - 260/WW - 785 RT - 72%
  2. I don't think that's what he was saying. He didn't like the size of the role he had in it. It was just a cameo at the end of the movie. So he said no thanks.
  3. Good!! I watched this the other day and they were the two best things about this movie. Johnson is just soooo much more charismatic on screen and Statham just strait up kicks ass!! Can't wait. As for F8. It was overall a decent enough movie, but the shtick is starting to wear thin. I can see 9 and 10 coming in even lower than this one unless they can change things up a bit and make it fresh again. Don't know how though lol
  4. Big drop incoming!
  5. The Collider crew talked about there tour through the Marvel headquarters on today's Movie Talk episode. They mention some of the stuff they saw from Thor: Ragnarok. Taika was there.
  6. I'm IN 155-165
  7. I'll be surprised if we see much of BDT's character in any of the trailers or tv spots. I get the feeling he's one of those aspects of the movie they'll want to keep under wraps until you actually see the movie, which I'm good with.
  8. Whipping. By 3m lol Oh well, it is what it is
  9. I saw it once in theaters and that was plenty enough for me. To say I disliked it is putting it mildly. I did like Affleck as Batman though; which is why I'm hoping we get at least one solo movie from him.
  10. Cool Meanwhile, TLJ will out gross every one of those movies this year both domestically and WW.
  11. Possibly Don't worry; Universal will fudge it somehow to make sure it sets the record.
  12. I enjoyed the crap out of Logan but it's a different beast from those two movies. Still, I enjoyed as much as, if not slightly more than DOFP, and it kicked the shit out of Apocalypse!!