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  1. The exchange rate considerably improved this week. Good for TF5 and Spidey.
  2. Nope, they're not Disney loonies, they're adorable fans with fantastic tastes
  3. Wow, they barely give it a chance....but it's a foreign movie so I guess it's not surprising..
  4. Don't care about DeHaan...but Delevingne is hot as hell, even if a bit expressionless.
  5. That didn't stop Frozen to be so talked about (and I was one of them here being excited ) Moana did well here as well.
  6. I hope it will do better than expected, I don't want it to flop, or at least not too much. I'll watch this next week
  7. It's way too early, it's its OD and it must be 9AM or so there, patience my dear
  8. Transformers 5 tomorrow, but I have the feeling it won't do well, or at least under TF4. Particularly with such a competition, people have choice.

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