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  1. 2,819 admissions in Paris at 2pm for GOTG2 Exactly like GOTG1.
  2. Furious 8 reached 5,077,000 admissions last weekend, fast!
  3. @Tele Came Back Guys, the first page of my thread has been completely upended because of this "Smurf" thing Editing everything will take time
  4. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST PASSED AN IMPORTANT THRESHOLD : 8 MILLION ADMISSIONS. 8,049,000 admissions to be exact. Wonderful run for BATB
  5. hey you watching the expanse season 2? and the magicians i still have last 2 episodes of that to watch though but i finished the expanse and as usual i will start rereading the books 

    1. Fullbuster


      Ahaha hi :) I didn't start it yet, I need to watch season's 1 last episode again because I forgot what happened, apart from Julie and what happened to her.

  6. Let's hope so! GOTG1 wasn't a big success in Brazil but I feel GOTG2 will do much more than that
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 2 days in Brazil, tomorrow in France. I hope for a huge success!!
  8. Aaaaah finally a thread for this promising market
  9. That probably won't last, Maduro's government seems close to its end, the situation is so bad that he won't hold.
  10. Furious 8 reached 83.7m in lc. It will pass Logan this week (91m)