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  1. I cried like a bitch. A
  2. I've submitted my movies months ago. Waiting for the train to start, at this point.
  3. I'm sorry but Hans Zimmer only has so many scores I know...
  4. I enjoyed it. Great action. Some characters could've used more lines and at least attempts at developing. Amazing cinematography. Still, in the end, a few illogical things really stood out, but that only led to funnier discussions with friends post-movie. 1. Helicopters are ready to launch. We see 4 helicopters on the boat. Next shoot, a dozen helicopters. From where? 2. Thank god that tribe developed their protective wall with the idea of boats having to enter and/or leave. 3. "The island is surrounded by a massive storm and it's hard to get on it". We saw the storm and the clouds, thunder and what not - and that was the easiest way to get in. A few minutes pass at most and the Kong reveal happens, with the sun clearly visible in the background and NO. STORM. CLOUDS. WHATSOEVER. VISIBLE. Also... Thank god Weaver had a windproof lighter with her to kill that skull crawler. Earl Cole's death was a fucking joke. The character had great intentions and all that, but they could've killed him off with more dignity. Still, despite these minor issues and nitpicks. Kong jumping in with a fucking boulder the size of a car and smashing the living bejesus out of that skull crawler was the most 'WOAAAAAAAA' moment of the movie. A-
  5. @EmeraldPictures Or are we?
  6. So... I just started talking to this new pen-pal of mine and apparently she's Tom Skerritt's daughter in law. Wow.
  7. The Amy Adams part was very bleak. I don't know what it is about her, but the way she never changes her voice, the way she talks, no matter the role she plays, can become really boring really fast. I've never really been amazed by one of her roles - I can't say she lost herself in a role so much that I believed I looked at an actual person and not an actress playing a character. Let's call it the present timeline. Really bleak, monotonous, with no stand out performances from anybody. The alternate timeline, starts extremely strong. It was amazing up until he reaches the police. From there on, it just kind of loses steam. It's not a thriller anymore, but a really mediocre looking revenge movie. Gyllenhall disappointed me with his performance. He never actually seemed like a grieving father/husband. He accepted it quite fast and just moved onto the investigation while many men would be crippled by something that traumatizing happening to them. Say whatever you will about the will to avenge, Gyllenhall didn't play the role properly. Aaron Taylor Johnson was solid, but that's about it. Bottom line. First part of the alternate timeline is brilliant. The rest is mediocre at best. B-
  8. Watching Nocturnal Animals. Now this is some proper thriller directing/screenplay. Emotional torture, but still good.
  9. La La Land - slightly overrated.
  10. Okay, I just watched this. The last fifteen minutes of this movie were a masterpiece in my eyes. The directing, set pieces and score melted together perfectly. What the last fifteen minutes did to me, the rest of the movie failed: It made me care for these characters. That's the biggest issue I had with this movie: the screenplay was lacking. It seems the idea of amazing set pieces and songs came first, and then the screenplay was built around the initial ideas, which made it extremely underwhelming. It entertained with the music and set pieces and all that, but the story itself was extremely uninspiring. The performances were good, but I didn't see the Oscar worthy potential in them. I guess it's all subjective and that maybe I'm a little bit ignorant on this part, but I hope they win, because I like these actors, even though I failed to see the greatness. Overall, I hope this movie wins directing and set pieces because it fucking deserves that. Same for score and original song. I just hope it doesn't win screenplay, because it doesn't deserve it in my eyes. Best Picture and performances I'm still split on. B+
  11. I've read it and I love it. I've read the following two books as soon as they came out and have yet to be disappointed. I can only recommend it.
  12. Never gave this a try because it was a western and I wasn't into westerns. I recently watched The Magnificent Seven and I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd give this movie a try. What a fantastic movie. I was hooked throughout and the time just flew by. I didn't even realize how attached I got to these characters together until it was mentioned that after she reached safety and lost her hand they never saw each other again and I just started crying my eyes out from that point on wards.
  13. Two weeks into my job and I still have to get used to the schedule. Since it's an American company and I work from home, I have to work from 9 to 5 US time, which means 7 PM to 3 AM local time. How fun it can be when I have university in the morning at 9 40 and I have to wake up at 8. Oh the joy!