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  1. Man DeeCee is sure spamming.
  2. Wow dissing people for expressing such opinion.
  3. I will still see all the CBM this year, but next year I might be very careful since some might turn out bad.
  4. Loving BVS means worshiping at the foot of Dictator Snyder.
  5. if X-Men Dark Phoenix, Venom, and Aquaman for example turn out to be shit, then I would not waste my money on them.
  6. Whats with the stupid Smurfs things replacing HFTWP?
  7. Saw Hunt for Kiwi Smurfs last night again and it still holds up and is funny.
  8. @aabattery Love your avatar pic of Taika, and I bet you like my avatar pic of Ricky Baker from my favorite comedy movie of 2016 Hunt for Kiwi Smurfs from your country NZ.
  9. I do not think I might be able to see all of them especially if one of them turns out to be shit. It just so much.
  10. Do any of the BOT staff have access to CJOHN account like they have with Neo to make notice of the release date change? @Tele Came Back @grim22 @baumer?
  11. Maybe Iggsy wants further distance from Blade Runner.
  12. I do not like most DC fanboys because they can not accept the fact that the movies have flaws.