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  1. OW: 102 Total: 300/600 RT:89
  2. Wonder Woman was definitely considered something. And I'm pretty sure it's spelt H-I-G-H-L-I-G-H-T.
  3. I did too. I rank it as my second favourite comic book movie. And I've seen almost all of them.
  4. 'Ares was a cloud' And what was the justification for his being a cloud? And how did said cloud carry a glowing red sword and battle an amazon? And why did they change it? And why are we still discussing this debunked b.s. Even if it was pre-vis a cloud would have been harder to render than a solid blob. Seriously, thats not how these things work
  5. I doubt it will be big there anyways. I don't think WW is very recognizable in Asia. And this movie is set in WWI which I don't think will be popular, and then there's the fact that DC just isn't as big in China as other franchises.
  6. While we're all talking about directors, I don't want Vaughn anywhere near Superman. And I want Snyder back for one more movie with him, at least. And maybe Flash. I know. Unpopular. Unlikely.
  7. This year, WW has more youtube views on it's official video than every other superhero movie, doesn't it? That's pretty big, no? I know that YT views dropped this year for for all blockbusters and movie ads in generally in general as things like FB video and stuff started to become more and more prominent. But WW and JL and Spider-man are all still on top, in that order for their respective official trailers.
  8. To be fair, they said embraced. Not released. And Suicide Squad definitely counts. Rogue One had an ensemble and still was female led.