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  1. Gravity internet audience scores dropped harshly once Interstellar came out and didn't do quite as well with critics or the BO. Still one of my favourite movies ever.
  2. It's not been in theatres yet. So no telling, but per internet buzz, people like it. I saw some articles by some websites that were normally skeptical even claiming that the trailer was good cause of Whedon.
  3. Just want to point out that every film is seen as a bad movie by someone. Felt like putting that out there. Don't want to reply at all to whatever else you just said because you're a broken record and I don't want to be one.
  4. Quick Question: How do I start compiling who's in and who's out?
  5. I sort of hinted at the Carrie Fisher effect, didn't want to talk about it much, but I took it into consideration.
  6. This is my first club ever and I'm not quite sure that it's not against any rules. But you know the saying, you miss all the shots you don't take. So here it is, Go Big or Go Extinct, the club. Justice League in the wake of the critcally panned BvS' versus the hotly anticipated 8th Star Wars film. And here are my reasons. Everyone thinks that Rogue One coming in at almost half of TFA's WW gross is all up to it being a non mainline sequel. But I disagree, I think the sheen has worn off to an extent. I think there's going to be a drop in TLJ's take this year that'll surprise everyone, not quite as low as Rogue One, though, considering it's got Rian Johnson and the main cast and all the other obvious circumstances. As for JL, I see it massively overperforming both domestically and Internationally, thanks to what is going to be, I assume, a unique fresh film we don't see coming. Okay, I'll admit, that's flimsy. But I'm new and you know the saying... So, who's with me? And who's not. IN Napoleon Cochofles Planet Earth PhantomX1313 SubZero YourMother jimisawesome theStun OUT (aka the population of Texas) aabattery Brainbug BoilingHotCoffee a2knet damnitgeorge08 FantasticBeasts Gavin Feng Maxmoser3 Elessar baumer KeepItU25071906 fastclock rukaio101 IronJimbo ZeeSoh XO21 MrGlass2 Mojoguy cookie Lordmandeep grey ghost WrathofHan junkshop36 arlborn Jayhawk Michael Seng Wah MrPink 75live Giesi NCsoft JohnnyGossamer Dman7 peludo langer TalismanRing Orestes raegr ZeeSoh Dexter of Surbubia AJG PRESIDENT BKB Twelve cheesypoofs slambros Daxtreme NickDisney13 keysersoze123 brian.jensen.507464 Captain H UNDERDOG Zakiyyah6 Fancyarcher raulbalarezo JB33 Piku-Banerjee eddyxx Barnack DAR
  7. And the reason behind it being so is literally because it's not a fresh new concept.
  8. I prefer Garfield, to all the others. But Tobey is a close second and was in the better movies.
  9. I don't want to say that I thought SM:HC was petty bland garbage and that save a few scenes, I thought it was a near complete waste of time. If I did, it'd sound like I was some kind of whiny hater even though I was being sincere. That being said, I'm not surprised at it's performance at all.

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