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  1. lol you're insane. Also, Avatar 2 will drop $1b ww from the first. Bookmark this for when it finally never comes out.
  2. I would still be blown away if this beats BvS $165m ow. That would be insane.
  3. lol come on Mojo with that $45m RO Sun. Edit: ok they've fixed it now.
  4. It will not, and can't be expected to, have drops as good as TFA.
  5. Huh, it went down. Guessing Sat was lower or was rth off on sun?
  6. lol $155m ow is almost the perfect # to keep both sides alive and kicking (though the under side barely kicking)...guess we'll know for sure in a few days/def next weekend.
  7. Great ow for RO...though not sure that 19% Sun drop is going to hold when actuals come out tomorrow.
  8. lol sigh, wtf are you talking about. Like this place needs to get any crazier.
  9. Yup, I agree that if the $45m Sat # holds (or increases) then $150m or over will be the estimate #.
  10. lol and this is why no one takes Cinemascores seriously.