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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY III | 486.6M overseas | 845.6M worldwide

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Now that domestic presales have started, it would be interesting to extrapolate overseas potential. 


Vol 2 did about 150m between China/Russia/Korea. I am thinking 60-70m between China/Korea should be the target.Rest of the markets it did about 325m. I would say 275m looking at dollar strength plus some markets going up and others down. So around 350m finish and with couple of good over performances(India is one of them), we can see 375m as well. 


WW about 700m at this point.  

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38 minutes ago, keysersoze123 said:

Now I can see it go lower (sub 600m WW) with absolutely crazy run we have seen over past week. Let us revisit close to release how international markets are looking. 


i wouldn't know what to say at that point


imagine where they'd be if doctor strange 2 was well received 



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I just realised Marvel stop releasing movie internationally one week before domestic like how they were releasing those MCU films in late April in most overseas market. This is a loss for MCU because that mean they aren't able to capitalize on 1st May Labour Day holiday window. 

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7 hours ago, keysersoze123 said:

It will probably increase minus China/Russia unless Mexico/Brazil underwhelm like Ant 3 did. Question is what China/Korea will do. Early signs are pointing towards big drop in both the markets. 

I think Europe is the one to look at. Despite being typically bigger markets for MCU overall, Mexico, Brazil and Korea have performed worse than Germany or even France when comes to Guardians.

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