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  1. MCU is the James Bond runway at the movies until the world has the technology to release comic book movies every week. with virtual reality too
  2. I think I just need some space from the newer Star Wars franchise. the pacing just isn't the same from the other movies
  3. I don't know. i'm not feeling comfortable that there are already reactions which means this movie is in exclusive territory. too much circulation and it might lead up to hype
  4. reality is a liability. consciousness is a video game. when you open your eyes, your putting the coin in the slot. what separates you is something else.
  5. if you can get rockets out to Mars and have easy access to the software of the mass, then more power to you. right now I think we can launch multiple rockets per day from different space programs around the world at the most. roller coasters require thousands of trials.
  6. anyone new here looking for introductions and to post numbers?
  7. unless of course all the other numbers are shaved off and Disney reports real numbers. and maybe the production budgets are only like 1/100th the announced cost
  8. when she says goddamn you Cypher, doesn't it feel like its happening right now like they are a warehouse in this heat some distance down. like you can reach out and touch the movies location (maybe from the sound mixing).
  9. bump. watching this now, about my 200th 2018 release, and the unfair biased frontrunner for being the #1 romcom 2018 *makes me movie better that I woke up in the middle of the night with soda to this. It's like waking up at 3am to live golf and going back to bed at noon. ugh!!!
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