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  1. last week had a +2,236 net gain in theater counts. this week should be looking at another +2,000 net gain with 10,000 going to the openers CRA, Mile 22 and Alpha, and -8000 going to the holdovers. next week sees two wide releases in Happytime Murders going in 3,000+ and A.X.L in about ~1,600 despite being a CGI pet dog flick. I don't think all the holdovers from this week will loose any more than 4,600 theaters total next week. If Happytime Murders does not hit well in pre-sales and is pointing at under 15 million opening weekend, then #1 should be close with The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians. The weekend after, Labor Day Weekend, sees post-WW2 drama Operation Finale opening Wednesday, and Kin (Lionsgate) and Ya Veremos (Pantelion) opening Friday. Ya Veremos is going moderate and Liongsate has Kin opening at 1,500 for now, which is small for a sci-fi action movie with James Franco. Also, Searching might or might not be expanding to 2,000. #1 should be between 4 or 5 films that weekend.
  2. dmatrixfilmdx

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    has anyone here ever ridden a bike to a shopping mall before, opened the door, rode through a store or the mall in general, and then just rode off?
  3. dmatrixfilmdx

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    not sure if I should erase todays posts on the basis of guilt. If I don't, I will feel very guilty. Is there any reason I should intentionally block out this guilt, ignore it, and move progress forward without changing anything? If so, maybe I could take a sedative to block out or contain my feeling. am I being held liable for anything right now? or being charged for something? I went to a police station 6 months ago, gave them my license, and asked them to run my record, and they said I am fine.
  4. dmatrixfilmdx

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Maybe they take a school of kids on a bus and field trip to local filming sites where random people are filming scenes.
  5. dmatrixfilmdx

    One Missed Call (2008)

    One Missed Call has two different but sequential openings showing people getting killed. Then the credits roll... I never saw the original and the first 25 minutes require moment by moment plot participation before the tension finally sets up a big scene. In the movie, the phone rings and you get a call from someone who got killed getting a call too. When you answer it, you hear yourself in the future giving a cryptic message about your death being near. Then it seems the characters would have concentrated natural or unnatural hallucinations of bugs and other beings that eventually just become electric images. Once you are out in a Final Destination scenario, the electric entities converge and set up a finale. then you see an outside view of yourself illuminated with spiritual energy bumping into another form of energy and it kills you. Then the next call goes out from you to someone else and they receive the call from you and hear themselves saying a few bizarre cryptic words. The main characters become aware of this, and seem to accept death or perhaps become suicidal. When they figured it out and they are trying to sleep, they disassemble all their cell phones to sleep (reverse Nightmare on Elm Street-like)(or Chucky reappearing), and then the phone goes off haunting and dooming whoever the call goes to. Once the detective team traces on the origins, the film becomes a bore and it seemed like they ran out of ideas. The first body of the movie (45 minutes) is good, almost like a high B/low A as long as you can get through the boring first 25 minutes. If that does not click, then the last 25 minutes might leave one wanting to give One Missed Call a solid F. I gave it a B and lowered it to a C because it seemed the movie was incomplete. (but if I see a way through not liking it, it might warrant giving One Missed Call a rare fresh rating versus the 0% at Rotten Tomatoes.
  6. dmatrixfilmdx

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    wasn't that film in the 80s and 90s before they could tell lucid real stories with VFX. Im not sure, but the 8s and 90s seemed to be different story after different story. Maybe the Academy Awards ended on the same note each year with similar roles pointing at a similar theme each year,...…. hence not many storytelling risks?? i'm confused.
  7. I am afraid to talk to Dr. I need to debrief with personal first. Don't trust doctor, might be FBI wiretapped. - rather go directly to CIA the spiraling has become lost time, I don't know what they want. Whatever it is in the game, I wont cooperate. What can they do then? What happens if I die? no one took her seriously when she asked that every day before she overdosed and died....
  8. No. Medication is a check. I've felt this strangulated many times before, but with this one it seems there is no way around the end and it is the same every day. feel like checking out of life. Leaving BOT wont help me and just want me to register on another social media account to find contact
  9. I cannot cooperate with this game. I might as well just be dead.
  10. I cannot do box office though, it will bring me down off my platform and make me feel ashamed. (I am very sensitive to the errors I make) I need to stand firm and stabilize my ego and mold it with everything I just said so I get raised up and society gets lowered (or bends to my will) and then I can have my way. My head wont be as large and then I will know I am right and I wont have my heart attack that my body is fighting. If I erase all of this I will have my way, but if I continue I might get my way, but it will likely be anarchy. But even if I stop and erase, it is still anarchy.
  11. dmatrixfilmdx

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    do a group of people have creative control over the slate of films? Say there are 3 ideas stuck on a wall and there is an NFL draft like scenario with 300 movies going to those 3 ideas w/ creative control over it. Is that something that happens year-to-year in the history of cinema? where do these 3 main ideas come from that movies are written around? How do they get controlled? How far do these questions go? and why the hell would people sign up to play the same shit?
  12. yeah but if I act like a spoiled son of a bitch who demands to know what happened to her, billionaires might use my attitude to teach the world a social lesson through the funding of film. Since we are not discussing this in person, and since I don't talk, just put the answers on the big screen and assume I will watch. Does the history of film explain why each year each actor takes on like-minded roles with a similar theme and every actor tries to out due the same part. Like Leo Dicap did Inception and Shutter Island the same year. then Wolf and Gatsby one year. But in 2007-2008, like-minded roles it seems shared very similar in the reflection of society. Like there was a big NFL draft all gearing for 3 ideas to cover for a year with 300 films. But what spikes the story for that time frame? What if the story is real? Do you have to play a game of population #s by saying 1/1,000,000 = 310 in America? *and then a group of people maintain creative control over this.
  13. Please get me an answer before these anxiety attack get myself killed. This truly 100% is my voice against everyone else. Have not socialized in public w familiar faces in years. Too much info in my head and I do not know what to do with it. I need to go to the white house and debrief. I cant believe you assholes trust me like this. You know how loose I got after she died. Whatever a group of 100 people decide against, I have no idea ANYTHING outside of what is in my head. Im pulling out arguments from my ass and I feel like I am winning against an Empire.
  14. dmatrixfilmdx

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I feel like everyone here is on a gag order except me and that I need to go to the White House for a briefing before I feel comfortable talking freely to anyone

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