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  1. Still better than Daenerys. At least she wasn't supposed to lead yet.
  2. Ridiculous. While Dark Fate might have been creatively bankrupt, it was a much better made movie than Genisys.
  3. What do you mean by fun? Not every movie needs to ape Marvel. LOTR wasn't marketed as "fun", either.
  4. I remember people saying movies can't open big during December or female superheroes don't make money. We all know how that went for them... And the movies you mentioned looked pretty meh except BR2049 of course but that was a sequel to a flop and more noir cyberpunk than sci-fi epic, so your precedent is pretty lacking and superficial to begin with.
  5. No way of saying this before seeing any trailers and buzz closer to release. We can only say as much as that it's not a surefire hit like, say, some comic book movie.
  6. Tenet does nothing for me (yet), the sheer thought of GoT in space with Villeneuve at the helm gives me a.... um... gives me excitement.
  7. But did anyone say BR2049 or Tree of Life/Gravity/Dunkirk will be a watershed moment like SW 40 years ago or LOTR 20 years ago? I don't think so. And i don't think it's purely visuals he was amazed by. Again, it is one man's opinion, we'll see what word is closer to release. I just want to be excited for something for once, there's so little to be excited about these days movie wise.
  8. Dunno what your point is. If LOTR looked like shit, nobody would have cared, book or no book.
  9. Loving something is one thing, saying "it will have an impact like LOTR or SW" is on another level. That said, it is one person, maybe he's off track.
  10. First Dune Remake Footage Earns Big Praise, Gets Compared to Lord of the Rings Reading this, i get flashbacks to when first reactions came out to the Moria footage they screened to industry insiders back in 2001. Ah, good old times... Could this be the next big thing? Yes, pleeeeaase!
  11. Well, instead of stupid i'll call it a daring prediction. Wouldn't it be cool if they came close, if only to silence those that are already rendering it dead in the water. And to have a big moneymaker other than a comic book movie and a select few others...
  12. Not this again. The positives outweigh the negatives. The worldwide market has grown a lot in dollar terms since the early 2000s. A look at the top box office lists should make that clear to every unbiased person.
  13. Teaser was alright. They are clearly going for Stranger Things. Dig the setting. Expected to see some of the old cast. Maybe next trailer...
  14. The TV show was alright (at least the 1st season) but compared to the movies (T1 & T2) there's no comparison.
  15. That's some alternate history. Terminator clearly peaked in 1991.
  16. @scabab We are back at T3, Salvation and Gensys should never have happened.
  17. For sure. It doesn't deserve to flop as badly as it does. As good as it is, the filmmakers didn't do themselves any favors by basically rehashing the story told better 30 years ago. You can get away with it if you are Star Wars. Also, with Star Wars it was a long wait between Ep 6 and Ep 7, a long time since the original actors' return. Had T3, Salvation and Gensys not happened, i think hype would have been a lot higher for Dark Fate.
  18. I think it was more than just Furlong not being able to reprise his role. I mean, why not recast him, then? Hell, the future John Connor in T2 didn't look anything like Edward Furlong. And you can get away with it since he was still a child and people change a lot in 30 years growing up. I think, based on interviews, they didn't know what to do with the character of John Connor, him not being the savior anymore. Because i feel like they didn't want T1 and T2 to feel meaningless by saying they didn't prevent anything. At least that way they did prevent "a" possible future war. And his death was supposed to be a catalyst for Sarah Connor to kick her story off. They wanted her back. I'm sure one could have done it differently, maybe better than what they came up with. Like i have been saying, personally, i would have scratched all that and done the future war.
  19. Only because they let themselves be restricted, meaning filmmakers and also part of the fandom. For them, it is a chase movie with Arnold as T-800. In my opinion, one could tell great stories during the future war. Salvation had the right idea, only the execution was not quite up to scratch.
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