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  1. Watching the French Open while waiting for the numbers... Man Djokovic looks exhausted/lost...
  2. F*cking crypto...thought I might be able to retire early the way it was going before it started shitting itself...
  3. Got my shot and decided to treat myself to movies yesterday. It was nice seeing folks going to the movies again with multiple showings of MK sold out.
  4. Yea. I thought the movie was pretty good but some more camp would have matched the tone of the game.
  5. Went to the movies after almost 6 months to see Inception. Gawd I have missed the whole experience. On a positive note, I don't think I have ever seen the theater that clean before.
  6. I am slowing upping my flying and the whole thing is just sad. From the slow airports to closed restaurants to number of available flights. Surprisingly flights are fairly (70% or so) full and that's only due to the middle row being blocked. I will say the no booze in first class is a kick in the balls.
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