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  1. @charlie Jatinder Any idea on Sooryavanshi? I am about to take my mum and go see it today for the post-Diwali weekend. Gotta build my Indian street cred for the upcoming year.
  2. Truth be told how many people would have even run into a Jedi even prior to the purge. The number of planets there are and the population vs the number of active Jedi, I am sure most of the folks already thought they were some semi-mythical creatures.
  3. Just got out and its definitely one of the mediocre Marvel entries. There are still quite a few bright spots: 1. Sersi was cool. Gemma rocked it. 2. Sersi and Dane was good. Wish there was more. 3. Ikaris being the antagonist was a neat idea. Execution could have been done better. 4. Ikaris being able to fight the rest of the others by himself just showed how the powerhouse he is. 5. Druig and Makkari. Enough said. The bad: 1. The pacing. My god. WTF was going on. 2. Set pieces were mediocre. 3. Ikaris and Ser
  4. After the middling reviews, I was wondering whether to see eternals but decided to get tickets for it. Can't let my streak end now of seeing marvel movies on opening weekend. Also got tickets to go see Sooryavanshi with my mum. Need to keep my Half Indian cred up.
  5. They just need to push Matrix 4 out to FY22. Removes MAX as well.
  6. After seeing NTTD yesterday, I am ready to double down on going back to the lighter/suave Bond. Also more stand alone movies would be a nice change of pace too.
  7. Finally got out. Enjoy the first half and the second half was definitely "interesting". Felt the whole killing him off was a bit cheap for dramatic effect. If anything both Bond and Swan should have died leaving the little girl as an orphan and Mi6 already targeting her for recruitment since we have heard they have a penchant for orphans and the whole cycle repeats.
  8. The whole 007 vs 006 being orphans and old friends and how much betrayed Bond feels shows when Sean Bean says "For England" at the end and Pierce Brosnan replies "No, for me". Such a great Bond flick. Top 5 for sure.
  9. That Tank scene...just still freaking awesome after all this time...
  10. They can always get Nolan or Villenevue to start the new actor/era off with a bang.
  11. I think Henry Cavill already did his demo tape for Bond in Man from UNCLE. That's the version I want.
  12. I am still pulling for Henry Cavill. Either way, my suggestion is to make the next Bond a bit lighter than the doom and gloom of the Craig era not that I haven't enjoyed Craig but I can use the more humor and suave version of Bond again.
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