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  1. Still one of my favor Ah-nold movies. Wish they had made a sequel.
  2. Just saw DF and f*ck that shit...although Arnold was good... I swear why can't they just give us a future warfare movie between humans and the AI. And no I dont mean like that "Salvation" crap.
  3. It's getting alot stronger...wouldn't be surprised if its able to resist the northward pressure pull and go more west like originally predict... So yea florida is not out of danger yet...even if it hugs the coastline, that's a lot ot damage...
  4. I am on a business trip and the hot bartender is a lesbian who works with her equally hot gf... Dear penthouse...
  5. Disney+ and Hulu together for 12 bucks is a no brainer. Disclaimer: I do own a ton of disney stock and this is not an advertisement.
  6. Oh god...My girlfriend wants to take me to dinner and her choice is... Benihana...
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