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  1. Just got back from The Marvels and it was as not bad as everyone was making it out to be m. It's paying the price from the apparant downward shift in MCU quality. They really need to reassess what they want to do. Captain America with the a redesigned Falcon and the Thunderbolts are not going to turn this around.
  2. I think people will come out to see the kind of whoop ass USA can give the russians if they really tried. Plus the dogfighting:
  3. I am sure there are some age transferring machines in the back of the Scientology HQ where younger members are sacrificed at the altar of Cruise.
  4. Just give me 2 hours of dog fighting and I am there opening night. I am sure there will others like me dragging their partners or older folks nostalgic and bringing their kids into it.
  5. Saw TLC yesterday. It was pretty good. I am just enjoy these adventure movies and it's cool to have Uncharted and TLC release so close to one another. Man I could use a Mummy again with Brendan Frasier back. With James Bond's wife of course as the lead actress and not the other chick.
  6. Plus: Gotham and the environment Batman Penguin Car Chase Minus: Catwoman Longer scenes of Batman fighting. Felt it was sporadic at best. Story dragged out a bit
  7. The team element in MI is so much better too. The last few MI movies have bested Bond by a mile and then some.
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