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  1. I wasn't complaining about it not getting traction in America, I know it won't get traction here. I was saying it's dumb of NEON to go wide with it. People like the garbage Disney shits out every week like the horrible Frozen 2. No one will go.
  2. Obviously the meds got switched by someone in the family. And obviously the Cuban girl could not be guilty in any way, not in 2019.
  3. The weakest link. Accent goes in and out. Fares better when she has to quietly suffer than when she has to ACT. Doesn't help that she's surrounded by such talented ladies.
  4. Little Women is going to be such a HIT. I think it will transcend the costume drama limit at the box office. People were weeping at the end (happy tears).
  5. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is easily the best movie of the year. The last shot is an unexpected gut punch that takes your breath away. Nothing this year comes close. Certainly not Parasite and its countless plot holes.
  6. Omg there's all these interesting movies to track. Please stop talking about Marvel. They all suck. They're all forgettable. There's no reason to talk about them now. Even the "good" ones, like Black Panther, are utterly forgettable the second you step out the theatre, because they were engineered by committee. Enough.
  7. I wonder how Gwyneth Paltrow will feel about Toni Collette's character and performance in Knives Out. They pretty much mock her.
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