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  1. Disney doesn't give two fucks about wildlife conservation. There's gotta be a financial incentive.
  2. La Binoche

    Shazam (2019)

    Too long, not funny, its "charm" felt manufactured (referencing a funny and charming movie like Big doesn't make your movie funny and charming by proxy), the "heartfelt" orphan beats stank of "make them likable and give the movie heart!" studio notes. Lame villain, lame mythology with the sorcerer. Epic fail. D-
  3. Well filmed, sure. Well scripted? Not at all. Makes no sense whatsoever, and the worst part, it tries so hard to make sense. It's very messy.
  4. No one seems to have genuinely liked US past the opening weekend knee-jerk need to praise anything Jordan Peele does. His Twilight Zone is also getting a mixed reception. As for Get Out, other than capturing the cultural zeitgeist, for which it deserves credit, it's not very good filmmaking either.
  5. Stunned by the good reviews for Shazam. A loud, long, joyless wreck that thinks borrowing scenes from Big means it's also borrowing its charm and poignancy.
  6. La Binoche

    Us (2019)

    Did you like Get Out?
  7. I mean, any way you slice it, the explanation for Us is a clusterfuck that doesn't make a lick of sense. And he sure tries to explain.
  8. There are barely any politics in Us. It's just a fun (albeit messy) thriller. And if you really think about it, sure, there's some muddled social statement in there.
  9. Lol so true, but still a fun ride. JP is overrated as fuck but I appreciate what he's doing.
  10. True. Enough movies about some idiot wearing a tight, stupid (usually animal) outfit to "save the world!!!"
  11. Yep comic books movies suck (at least what they've become). Unwatchable trash.
  12. La Binoche

    Us (2019)

    Need a few days to see if it lands at B or B+
  13. Us is flawed but fun. It starts off with a bang, a funhouse blend of humor and horror, but it doesn't come together in a fully satisfying way. But Lupita alone is worth the price of admission.
  14. My audience was PUMPED when the movie started, and they were loving it during the first act. Halfway through they were still enjoying it but the reaction was more muted, and by the end, they just walked out silently, clearly a little let down.

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