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  1. Lmao It sucks ass Rob Marshall is a hack Emily Blunt is a non-event in the movie, both in terms of screen time and presence.
  2. It's really pretty terrible. The songs are uniformly bad. The musical numbers are flat, as is the whole movie. There are a couple of emotionally poignant moments, but it's not though to save it. Mary Poppins is completely passive as a character and feels irrelevant. She doesn't do jack shit. Blunt is decent at best.
  3. Yikes, Mary Poppins is super overrated. It's quaint to the point of being dull. The songs are forgettable. Lin Manuel Miranda is punachable and can't sing. Emily Blunt is...just ok. Hoping Schindler's List can crack $5M!
  4. La Binoche

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    This is going to select IMAX screens for a week starting Dec 7 so may hit $200M sooner than expected.
  5. I'm rooting for The Favourite at the Oscars and box office. Everything else underwhelmed.
  6. The Favourite is awesome but those last 20-30 minutes will prevent it from truly breaking out at the box office.
  7. I know some ppl are pissed at this sanitized version of freddie mercury's life but his music had (still has) mass appeal so it's only fitting that his life story be accessible to everyone. i mean you could make a better gets-aids-in-the-back-alley version that no one sees but what's the point?
  8. That thing couldn't carry a movie in her prime when she was a popular teen pop act. Too talentless (and forgotten now).
  9. Expected but nice start for The Favourite. In the last 10 years I can only think of Amy Adams as a smarter actress than Emma Stone in terms of picking out roles.
  10. It actually doesn't look good. There's something about the story that lends itself to animation. Realistic-looking animals bowing down just doesn't work the same way. Something feels off.

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