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  1. Everyone knows how it ends La La Land made people realize Gosling has a dull screen presence The female lead whose name I forget is box office poison (not a bad actress, though) The movie is long and cold Adults can only pay $200 for a movie and a babysitter once every few months. They chose ASIB instead
  2. @Rthanos Sunday numbers for Halloween please.
  3. Bad trailer, but the movie is actually good.
  4. La Binoche

    Halloween (2018)

    I hear you. Americans and their need to infuse comedy in everything.
  5. Maybe because the Halloween holiday basically did not exist outside the US in the '70s, '80s and '90s.
  6. La Binoche

    Halloween (2018)

    I had a really great time despite its numerous flaws. Loved the switch in pov at the end allowing Laurie to become a mythic hero just like Michael is a mythic villain. B+
  7. Fox should take notes from WB marketing. Imagine having a critically acclaimed, A+ Cinemascore movie based on a hit book revolving around relevant social issues....and opening it to $7.5M.
  8. It's done great so far against massive (but not direct) competition. Next weekend is dead so that will help. But Behomian Rapesody will probably cut its weekend gross in half.
  9. So it's no longer about sluts dying and virgins surviving?
  10. Jamie Lee's best movies: 1. Halloween 2. A Fish Called Wanda 3. True Lies 4. Trading Places 5. Freaky Friday
  11. Love Jamie Lee but that tweet was uncalled for. I say this as a Venom/Marvel/comic book movie hater.
  12. C'mon Jamie Lee. You can do it. Get that record! Don't let CGI black goo win!

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