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  1. La Binoche

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    RT is down for me. What's the audience score for JW?
  2. La Binoche

    Back to the Future

    An A+ masterpiece.
  3. La Binoche

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    Another day above $1M for Hereditary. Today will probably be its first sub $1M day.
  4. You have a point but he's also right. 1993 alone probably had better movies than this entire decade.
  5. Audiences love Toni Collette playing unraveling mothers in horror movies.
  6. Her presense hurts the movie more than it helps it, though. Her and her husband are so annoying and fake. She's so inarticulate too. I wish they'd hired an actress who can actually speak to voice Nala. Gugu Mbatha Raw? Luptia? Letitia Wright?
  7. A Wrinkle In Time is still a critically panned bomb from a filmmaker who's NOT a visionary.
  8. The thing about Hereditary is that the experience of watching it is one where anything could happen. When you watch a Conjuring movie, you know nothing bad's gonna happen to Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. You know they'll survive. You know the demons taunting their little girl won't actually kill her. Same for the The Nun trailer...you know some demon nun will jump out of the shadows at the heroine nun...but she won't actually kill her. Those movies are well made but they're like watching a horror movie with a safety net. Hereditary has no safety net. The most horrible, unspeakble things can happen to any of the characters at any moment. And that's exciting and unnerving.
  9. @baumer after seeing hereditary properly, on the big screen, i kinda love it now. wtf. total 180 for me.

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