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  1. How did Portrait of a Lady on Fire (one of the 10 best films of the last decade) do?
  2. Also a lot of businesses were off after lunch on Friday due to the long holiday
  3. Note to Hollywood: stop shoving Margot Robbie down our throats.
  4. Sexy female assassins (or lingerie assassin as one tweet called it) are played out. It's time to go back to smart and tough female heroines like Ripley or Sarah Connor who aren't about being hot. James Cameron was right when he said Wonder Woman wasn't doing anything new - it's another hot girl kicking ass in a skimpy outfit.
  5. I'm so curious about G&H's Cinemascore. The cinematography and production design are beautiful and the performances are good, but after a strong first half it falls spectacularly to pieces.
  6. Omg Underwater cost $80 million??????????????????? At least they were smart enough (if you can call it that) to do Grudge for around $10 million.
  7. All his pretentious quotes wouldn't be so annoying if he hadn't made the year's dullest, most been there/seen that movie. Every Marvel movie is better than The Irishbore, and Joker is leaps and bounds above it. Let's put Robert Deniro and Al Pacino in more mob movies with no women in them, no one's seen that before, that's cinema!!!!
  8. How is 1917 doing at the box office? I liked it quite a bit and found the "gimmick" additive - it made everything so tense and suspenseful.
  9. A try-hard attempt to say a female movie is outgrossing the big male stars.
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