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  1. Not sure RT score is all that indicative of quality. Shang Chi is at 92% and it was pretty average. Cloud Atlas, the best movie of the 2010s, is 66% and was labeled by Time Magazine as the worst movie of the year. As long as this isn’t generic, I’ll probably enjoy it.
  2. I will be interested to know what movies they play, are they gonna bring back the stuff we missed for limited engagements, or are they just gonna draw a line under that and press on only with new releases?
  3. If I'm reading this correctly, Melbourne cinemas not coming back until 80% https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/victorias-roadmap-delivering-national-plan
  4. Got my second dose of AstraZeneca early, on September first! Fully ready to start living life normally again.
  5. Still thinking about whether to do this, it would be nice to be fully vaxed a month early, but I'd still prefer the protection from the full 12 weeks. Might split the difference and do it at ten.
  6. Most recent weekend And lest we forget how far we've come, here is this week one year ago
  7. Last update! This list represents the twelve tumultuous months of the post-reopening back in July 2020. Somewhere in these numbers are the effects of the many lockdowns and restrictions imposed in that time, from Melbourne's marathon lockdown 2.0 to Sydney's sparkling confinement and all manner of silliness between. And yet despite all that it's actually a pretty respectable list in box office terms. Indeed the top 50's 358.6m is more than calendar year 2020's 328m. 1 Godzilla vs. Kong 25/03/21 27,870,000 2 Wonder Woman 1984 26/12/20 24,860,000 3 Peter Rabbit 2 25/03/21 2
  8. Had the first dose of AstraZeneca, next dose is late September.
  9. Technically yes, but nothing so far suggests that it will get out of hand. The majority of cases are linked and testing numbers are high. The reason for the lock down is mainly precautionary I suspect, and due the large number of venues that could see substantial transmission occur. One of the venues on the list released just recently is the old favourite Crossroads Hotel, centre of a large outbreak last year (almost to the day in fact).
  10. It opens July 8th and lockdown ends 23:59 on July 9, so that does include first two days of Black Widow. The rest of the country is unaffected however, this is only for Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-26/nsw-covid-lockdown-expanded/100246622
  11. Now ALL of Sydney is locked down for two weeks, so box office will definitely see a slide.
  12. Box office should be depressed a bit for the next two weeks as parts of Sydney are locked down, although even parts of Sydney that aren't locked down will likely see reduced business as people avoid crowded areas.
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