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  1. Sussssssttt, don"t tell her, I will have to wipe my boxoffice history. She won't know a thing 😛 The is no conflict, nobody will ever be able to stand between me and the CGV link.
  2. Can you posed the link of one CGV page because I am at my girlfriends home and I can't acces the SK exel chart, nor do I have a CGV link. Have been trying to get on CGV but some how always get on the wrong CGV site 😛
  3. Insane OD for TLK, this must be big enough to get daily numbers once again for the Brazilean market So hyped!
  4. Yep I love that crazy OD by WWY, but I really want TS4 to do great.
  5. The one thing we have to be carefull for is how good it's fri to sat jump will be. It also held very well against FFH (not as good as vs TLK but still a great friday hold) but those Fri to Sat jumps where a lot lower than normal that week maybe we get the same this sat, hope not. Honestly I hope Aladdin beats EG and goes for 15m that would be a godlike performance (even more so that now). So until it stops holding superb I will keep dreaming 😛
  6. TS4 OD was 425k but that was a Holiday. TS4 friday was 288k. And TS4 second Thursday was 134k.
  7. Isn't it better to take them from movies with a low PTA?
  8. Same for PC because I don't have a smartphone so apps on phones are a no go for me 😛 EDIT thought you were talking about CGV, nvm then 😛
  9. Not that I know off, for me it's a pain to get to CGV pages as well. If someone knows more about this I and I think it's fair to say Thanos Legion would be for ever thankfull for telling us that secret 😛 Btw sorry I didn't answere where to find actuals data for a while back. I use the English version from Kobiz or Kobis one is the english the other one is the korean version. I would love to use the korean one but I can't change dates there without getting an error message. Don't konw how accurate the English version is but I think it updates it self the day after to the number on the Korean site so hope that helps.
  10. JW: FK didn't do that at all it fell from planet earth after release 😛 FK had a 1.76 multi from it OW 😛 Better to use JW if you want to use the logic X film did that so this film will probably do so because JW's ratings were below those from FK but it had a way better multi over 3 😛
  11. TLK: 8.86 Naver 8.41 Neitzen BATB: 8.99 8.79 TJB: 8.57 8.45 JW: Fk 8.54 8.01 Not that it's very early and most movies drop quite a bit from there early ratings. TS4 dropped about 0.4. So let's say it drops 0.3 we get something like 8.56 on naver so on par with TJB and JW but below BATB.
  12. I was planning on doing this breakdown, now that both movies made their final gross we can compare them. Note: I know there are other streams of revenue and other mesures of the succes of a movie but for comparison sake I will only compare Budget to Boxoffice preformance. I will use the standart 55% dom cut, 40% OS-China cut and 25% china cut in revenue. They have the same Budget so that makes it easier (not including promotion). Alita BA: 55%/40%/25% //// 50%/ 38% / 25% $85.71m Dom => $47.14m / $42.86m $133.4m China => $33.35m / $33.35m $185.75m OS-China => $74.3m / $70.59m TOT revenue: $154.79m / $146.8m Dumbo: 55%/ 40% / 25% //// 50% / 38% / 25% $114.65m Dom => $63.06m / $57.38m $21.89m China => $5.47m / $5.47m $215.62m OS-China =>$86.25m / $81.94m Tot revenue: $154.78m / $144.79m In the first case the earned basicly exactly the same, second senario Alita does about $2m better. Dumbo has the advantage it got over $100m Dom so it's tv rights will be worth more. Dvd/Blue-Ray hasn't been released yet for Alita, and hasn't been update for Dumbo on thenumbers (they always are a few weeks behind). Alita might have the edge in DVD/BLUE salles and the fact it did so well in china is also a positive because it's an expanding market so it there where to be a sequel it could build of the strong start. But all in all they are both as bad/ (meh) as each other in boxoffice revenue. Both had a lot more potential.
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