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  1. Nice write up! But do tell me, how do you feel about Japanese comics?
  2. The good thing is that Soul has done most of it's buisness before 6pm anyway during the past weekdays.
  3. 4.46m at a bit for 1am. Up a 118% from yesterday, like other said boosted by NYE.
  4. Wed PS 2.03m (rouglhy 2m) up 19.4% from yesterday. Yesterday the ps ended at about 1.84 at around 4pm or so. Let's se how much it will add today.
  5. With a 40m OW without LA and as long as europe does 10m or more this weekend it will easily go over $100m WW. Europe will have atleast 3 - 4 multi from OW asian markets should do around 2 multi (some under, some over problaby).
  6. I would guess something like Days of the furure past increased big time over the previous one, but that was during the SH boom so yeah.
  7. People why do you get upset when someone is just telling you factual data? I mean people who are just negative for the sake of being negative are enoying and should be called out, but people just stating facts and legitimitly trying to forcast runs shoudn't come under fire cause what they are saying is "low".
  8. For the Gay rights stuff you can just look up studies that deal with stigma towards gay people etc. There is a age divide, my point bringing this up is that you mentioned old people cared more about morals. We could look at morals in 2 ways here (there are obviously more ways to look at it): 1. What is moraly accepted by society right now => older people on average tend to have more rigged and backward views. So with this definition it's false to say they care more about morals cause they don't. 2. Morals as in standing up for what THEY believe is right than I would agree, never the less their believe might sometimes be toxic in some situations and this conotation seems to be more neutral (neither good, nor bad). This also doesn't mean that the believes of younger people are can't be toxic, cause they obviously can be. And I would agree that old people do have more expiernces in a lot of aspects in life. They do also lack expirience in new and upcomming things that will make our future and in that regard they might not have the best judgement. As for young generations are always more progressive (generaly speaking) this is true. Their obviously are some exeptions but cause of this gerenral trend it means we on average get more progressive with time (specialy last 60 years although not always true), then why would we stick with the old if in the end it almost always ends up being replaced.
  9. Doesn't the older generation (on average) run a bit behind on morals compared to where the country is generaly heading. For example gay acceptence (the moral thing) is on average less accepted by 'old people' than by young people.
  10. Well presalles matter as a way to better estimate OD, OD is used to better predicts OW, OW is used to better predict the next week etc.. So in the end the only thing that matters is the total, cause it's the only thing that for the most part is final (excluding potential rereleases).
  11. Yeah, i can't wait till Covid is over (obviously cause that means no more people dying from it) but also because I do really miss these boxoffice runs 😛
  12. Still following the boxoffice (specialy japan's atm) but haven't logged in my acc for weeks 😛
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