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  1. Thu: 225.018 Fri: 232.282 Sat: 388.421 Sun: 337.731 // 1.183.452 Mon: 431.484 Tue: 156.390 Wed: 286.482 // 2.057.808 Thu: 244.067 Total: 2.301.875 EDIT: Seems on course for another 1m 4-day, down a bit tomorrow but should jump well on Sat and hold well on Sun. ->Should increase tomorrow and hold good on sat, down a bit on sun. Also 244k is closer to the 300k Charlie was thinking than 150k, this numbers makes a lot more sense, however I had hoped for 280k atleast.
  2. 750k would mean it increased from last week (740k), after OD I think weekened are counted from Thursday through Sunday
  3. I do think shools are out in Italy (compared to them not being out yet in most of western europe)
  4. Thu: 225.018 Fri: 232.282 Sat: 388.421 Sun: 337.731 // 1.183.452 Mon: 431.484 Tue: 156.390 Wed: 286.482 Total: 2.057.808 Expecting atleast another milion over the next 4 days.
  5. I am just going to say that South korea did not grown in past few years. Hollywood in general is doing quite a bit worse than they did before COVID. Maybe Animation movies saw a bit of growth but even with them we have had hits before.
  6. If I were to guess I think it will be over 3.1m by sunday, meaning that 4.5m should be the floor. If this weekend does well with the release of DM4 it should have a shot a 6m admission.
  7. I think the euro's being watched alot will also spread out the views for the movie more. So a lower OW compared to usual but maybe it gets a bit of its audience back during the run.
  8. Quite a good hold for IO2, Monday had holidays in different countries (like Argentina, Philippines), Argentina alone dropped $1.4m from yesterday. I can see Philippines dropping around 500k from yesterday. So over almost $2m from them, meaning close to flat in other markets. It is opening in France and Italy tomorrow, both had previews so they sould be adding $6m tomorrow (if both previews get rolled in to OD).
  9. WED: 143k (up 9.4% from yesterday) A very good / great increase, now we need a thursday drop that is lower than 10%. That way it will be positioned very well going in to the weekend. PS increase to 267.5k up 70.1k from Tuesday. Like I said last week was kind of wear PS wise because of the OD. Last week Wednesday it only increased by 27.1k. Comparing total PS to those last week we get: 267.5k vs 290.5k last week so about 92% of last week. Meaning we will go in to friday with PS at about 10% lower at worst and maybe we get close to that 5% drop in presalles. It should easily do over 80k in PS tomorrow, expeting them to be around 90k. Everything is indicating a great weekend!
  10. Thu: 225,018 Fri: 232,282 Sat: 388,421 Sun: 337,731 // 1,183,452 Mon: 431,484 Tue: 156.390 Total: 1,771,326 Are schools out? Seems like a very good hold for a schoolday, maybe some adjusted numbers from yesterday got counted in as well.
  11. We will know quite a bit more after we see the weekend drop, currently I am thinking it will finish around 8m. Needs some good holds to get there obviously. 8m admission would mean $54m-$55m. That said if we see a very low weekend drop and a great 3rd weekend 10m could be in the cards. At the same time it could end up with 'only' 6.8m. But with the current information we have that would be my absolute floor and quite unlikely.
  12. And a nice 24k CGV start, up 3k from yesterday, normaly Wednesday have beter internal walk up multie then Tuesday so it has a shot at increasing. Anyway a very good start, and most likely it will stay atleast flat from tuesday.
  13. TUE: 130.7k (down 6.3% from yesterday) This probably means it will behave more like a (good WOM) normal movie. Still not a bad drop on tuesday. PS increase to 197.4k, up 58k from monday. Last week IO2 gained 82.6k in presalles on tuesday for a total of 263.4k. That said it was the day before opening. Last wednesday it only increased by 27.1k, whilst tomorrow it should gain 60k +, so all lost ground will be made up again. Today PS ran at 70.2% of the rate of those last week (because of the reason mentioned). Total PS are currently at 75% of those last week. More interesting might be looking at tuesday / wednesday / thursday pace (evening out the PS rate from OW with the outlier tues and wednesday). Last week it was 82.6k, 27.1k and 98.9k, for a total of 208.6k and an average pace of 69.5k a day. This week we have 58k, tomorrow maybe 63k and a 79k thursday, this would give a 200k 3-day / 66.7K average a day. Adding this numbers up would give us: 339.4k vs 389.4k or about 87.1% of the PS run rate. That said PS could increase a bit more obviously I used a bit more conservative numbers. Anyway PS being down 15% going in to sat seems quite likely meaning it should have a good drop.
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