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  1. The ER all over the world sucks atm, IW2 will have a big big problem coming close to the first Glad that AM2 is doing good, hope it gets that nice 9.1+ rating. (Probably not because I don't think SH movies are as volatile as normal action movies.)
  2. I haven't followed PS other than JW2 and IW, how is AM2 doing and what is it's OD projection?
  3. HT3 is at 21m at 3pm, should close to double from this point. But it's an animation so evenings won't be as strong as say Meg.
  4. pepsa


    Corps said most movies did 3 time their weekend during the 5 day obon fest and animations could go up to 4time but it doesn't seem to bet his way this year.
  5. pepsa

    Highest grossing film of 2019?

    Highest grossing movie o 2019 will probably we Avengers 4 with around $1.85B give or take a few $100m 😛
  6. What kind of legs do we expect? Low OD and the Greatest Showman legs? (13x it's 5-day OW).
  7. pepsa


    True but still the other atleast increased a bit, if I2 just increased by $0.1m or $0.2m I would have been very happy. That said it did great last week and this weekend. Just really wanted it to break out massively. EDIT: I2 actualy increased by 10m Yen so yeah, still hoped for more (I am greedy I know)
  8. Tbh I don't think IW2 will be able to get $2B dollar next year, Yuan is down big time, Euro is down the £ is down a lot. IW lucked out with the best of worst ER rates in recent years.
  9. Japan will do around $16.8m this week. 4x $2.3m + $2.6m Wed and a $5m WE It was at $18.6m after this WE, it will be around $35.4m after the comming weekend. If the holds is good after the obon festival I2 could indeed add another $20m-$25m. At the moment I am thinking more like $15m-$20m (I am a bit conservative and a2k probably has better insight then me, I just don't want to get my expectations up). It still has Den, Fin, Nor, Swe left, FD did $12.6m in those markets. So I2 will likely get close/match that. So I think $10m is fair. DOM $606m OS: $499m + $35.5m Jap (conservative) + $10m Scandinavia + $12m Italy + $30m Germany = $586.5m we only need $7.5m from hold overs. What I am certain of: $0.6m Bel (it's a terrible year for Bel boxoffice in case of 'hits', rip my country) $1m Netherlands. France will do $5m or a bit more, Brazil has $0.7m left. UK will atleast do $6m more and Spain will also do $4.5m+. With these markets we get the OS total up to $604.3m. A $1.23B seems about where it will land.
  10. Great news for HT3! Hope they enjoy it.
  11. Maybe they should give them a role in those movies so he gets exposure 😛
  12. pepsa


    Not that good for I2, didn't increase today

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