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  1. Well go on than, call everything and very body bigots. Let's see how that will work. I just want to point out, if you call almost anything and everybody bigots than the meaning of bigot just becomes that of a human being. You can call everyone names, you can call me that. I won't help the credibility of the word. People will associate it with sometimes ridicules claims and the reproductions of being a bigot will be reduced to practically zero, that’s fine if it’s what you want. I just think it’s a step backwards.
  2. Bigotry? Why do people throw around all these words like they mean nothing. You aren’t helping yourself or anyone with demeaning the status of the word. This usage of the word makes that when people complain about real bigotry they get laughed at in their face and ridiculed go through hell cause people just casually use it to get their way. This is very personal and really makes me boil inside.
  3. To be fair, as someone in a relationship. I have watched the titanic again since I have been in a relationship and 4 years ago. I don't think it made it better or that it does a good job at describing what real love is and does with you. But thats just my opinion.
  4. I think titanic was 'only' 28 times in the top 100 from people and star wars 43 times. Well what jimbo said
  5. What the VFX of avatar has been out-dated for a long time. It hasn't aged well at all. Titanic that is an other story.
  6. China will do less for solo than Thailand did for IW? SW needs to have some legs so SW9 can increase.
  7. Damm, I should have been active on this forum. I decided to come back 2 months ago and forgot to put my list in. LOTR would have been a bit higher.
  8. Thanks for all the work you put in! Same for Potus.
  9. What I refered to ticket sales in my country and I am sure many other countries as well. It's half as low as it was when Titanic came out. Just to give you some perspective.
  10. Yeah they all have the same trajectory, but with these curves. Because of how big the movies were we might be looking at an effect like the Gausse curve, if the number is big enough most multipliers will look the same, 2.5-3.5 maybe even 4 might look alike in curves because that’s what tend to happen. It needs avatar like runs so see a big difference. Also I think it’s a curve the majority of movies follows. But I see what you mean. Normaly it should rebound a bit with episode 9. We ll know next year.
  11. Yeah it is, there are only to option. Or you break out or you fall like a rock. I don't think there are that many 2.5 multi, more lik 1.5-2 and 3.5 + with 10x when china goes crazy.
  12. It had a better drop than BP and Spiderman homecomming. Don't listen to her for boxoffice information. It held pretty well actualy. I did have no real competition, but do your own reseach and you ll get a bettter picture.
  13. Ok whilst I agree that $620m is good, the movie was mixed received by the GA. Opening to $220m and ‘only’ getting a 2.82 multiplier in December (this is very important). We had each hobbit movie get a multi of 3.5 and even though I really like those movies they weren’t receive the best, I would say they were average. Than we had RO that movie did a 3.4 multi. It opened $65m less but only did $88m less total. You can clearly see that 2.82 multi isn’t good or great for a December release. Its reception was mixed, not because of political reasons because lets be real. Their aren’t 20m alt-right people in the US. I won’t make a movie do 50m-80m less Dom. That happened because of the WoM. You can say it was the huge opening that made it hard to get a good multi, but we know that isn’t true. Look at avengers, JW, BP, IW. They all did good to great multipliers from big openings without being a December release. IW a movie that opened to $257m will get around 2.65 multiplier with direct competition in its 3 weekend, DP opened to $125m and Solo and no December holiday run. I think I made my point clear. Did alt-right people troll and boycott TLJ yes they did, was it them that decided that the movies wasn’t going to have good legs. No, they can’t, they are to small and none really listens to them. The GA decided that the movie wasn’t that good. Look at BP it had to face same problems with trolls, but the multi speaks for itself it was received phenomenally. That said we all know that the right isn’t in power atm. Yeah Donald might be in the white house but the left has clearly won the cultural war. The media, social media, companies all lean leftish. The values are outspokenly leftish. (Me as a left leaning Belgian, so very leftish for the US) Like this although I am starting to see the left destroying itself. I have studied Politics for 2 years then went to Psychology (politics are too much of a game) so I got my fair share of sociology and its very simple honestly. The Right was in power, the left took over, it completely won after 2010. It’s at its peak atm and will start to drop off. The alt-right movement didn’t gain more people because of secret recruitment, nah it saw a rise because of the dominant left, it reaction and counter reaction. It’s an anti-movement and you will see, people between 18-28 are very leftish atm. The new generation of people that are now around 10 years old will be more conservative. The right might be in full control within 10 years from now and we will see a rise in more extremist left people and the cycle will repeat itself. It’s foolish of us to think that it will be different and that one side is evil. No side it’s evil, they both have their flaws. Simply put: we can’t blame an individual for everything nor can we blame a society for everything, it’s not like this, they both carry responsibility. The right movement in its extreme is stupid, just like the left movement is stupid in its extreme. I get why people hate Trump but just remember you(as in the left)/me (I definitely did, I was young pretty extreme 4 years ago and stupid) created him. We gave him the presidency for free. And yeah, the right will make the same mistake 10 years from now. I blame myself as much as I blame Trump supporters (who aren’t evil, the more we tell them there the devil the more they will become it.) for the polarisation. @terrestrial What do you think?
  14. You might as well ask if we are going below 400m DOM, cause china won't help.
  15. I don't think none (in their right mind) is thinking it will increase (Doesn't mean there isn't a small out side shot that it does, very smal). But OS is could see it gain in popularity. It still has some room to grow. But marvel has to keep on making good-great received movies.

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