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  1. Tbf Johny English didn't realy 'fall away' last weekend it did 17k more in it's first weekend and only 100k less in it's second weekend so Venom fell, Johny not really in the sense that it dropped big.
  2. I love post, love his song for this movie. Hope it helps to spread more awareness for the film.
  3. Well I also think it wasn't very well received by fans but only because of how to boxoffice played out, I use the same logic on age of Ultron and BvS and come to the conclusion that they both were not well received. I think looking at the boxoffice run in context is the best way to judge if a movie was well received or not. Account for is it a frontloaded genre, what time period, is it a sequel etc.
  4. Both will be more exciting Dom than OS. I hope they break out! or any other movie.
  5. Don't worry, only 21 weeks more and AIW 2 will come out. OS boxoffice is a bit slow atm.
  6. What? but the OS was at $562.5m after the est, now with actuals it's at $564m what else did they adjust up then? Did they add monday numbers? (yet it says the OS gross is till 02/09 or 09/02 American date).
  7. Great underestimated by 1.5m so $11.1m weekend. Might get to $650m OS (far stretch)
  8. Clearly a sign of breaking out! This locks 1.5B right?
  9. WOW nice I2 was underestimated by $1.2m OS. So it increased 2.2% and if we take out the 1.4m from Turkey + Norway (max) it did $7.7m or down just 13.5% from last week. A great hold, hope it can continue this trend next weekend.
  10. Drop in japan is over est so actuals will probably go up.
  11. Tnx! I didn't know it had previews. Idd the hold this weekend was very good.
  12. pepsa

    Crazy Rich Asians - OS Thread

    If the movie has good WoM it will have a good/great hold in the Netherlands, the Netherlands are normaly a very leggy country.
  13. FD only opened to 1.22m in Norway and Turkey + the Lira lost half it's value from 2016 so it won't come close to 460k from Turkey. (OD). And I don't know how strong I2 was in Norway, europe is a toss up where I2 won over FD. Well that said: 7.9m - 1.2m (With Lira I don't think it's this high) = 6.7m = 24.7% drop = still a good drop. If it's more like 1m than it only dropped 22.5% (very good) . So the good drop isn't because of the new markets.

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