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  1. So we got $27.1m by Thurday so about $2.7m in 4 days = 10.35m lc Last thurday was $0.7m and this Thurday was $0.4m obv on these small numbers the add ones would mather alot so take it with a grain of salt. Last weeks FSS: $6.6m so if we take the 0..4/0.7 * 6.6 = $3.77m => 14.52m lc and a 24.87m lc week giver or take 1.5m lc. (About $380k). So total USD would be $30.9m (ER is fluctuation a lot, was 3.77 on monday now it's 3.92 so yeah).
  2. I live in Belgium but I haven't find another good site to follow the Belgium boxoffice Any help would be welcome!
  3. pepsa


    Also take in to account that in some European countries like my country (Belgium and the Netherlands) you only have to go to school for half a day (well not for me anymore but for people between 2 - 18 years old so that might boost numbers as well).
  4. pepsa


    So mexico was about $0.5m tuesday and $2.4m on monday (due to holiday). That would mean if we exclude Mexico: $10.8m monday and a $9.7m Tuesday (a 10% drop). Last week we had monday of $22.4m and Tuesday was $19.5m about a 13% drop. Week to week this Tuesday had a 47.7% yesterday the drop was (here we didn't put mexico in the equasion because of it's holiday) was 49.8%. So it held better.
  5. EG will do about the same as IW. It has hit a celling I think. Probably higher ps's then last year a bit higher OD/OW and legs the same/tad worse.
  6. pepsa


    So this basicly confirms EG will do more than 20m easily, all avengers movies have done that so far. But yeah it probably be just +- 8m on IW. So like you said ww it won't make a big dif.
  7. So you say 48k - 50k today, would mean 46k Thurdays. 73k Friday 160k Saterday 132k Sunday Total of around 5215k admission after Sunday.
  8. pepsa


    Brazil will be at 31m by the end of the week so I think a few million more is doable. And yeah china's maybe a bit to higher (about 5m ). I could see the UK do better honestly. SK I would go with 42.8m (Average ticket price for the last few days is only $7.4 so it's pretty low. I also would be more conservative about India. I would go with 26m in Germany (it will do a bit over 2m admission right?) Pretty accurate I would say
  9. pepsa


    Btw if you want to do the calculation for the drop last week you do have to subtract the mexico monday from last weeks OS numbers other wise you compare OS-M/ OS+M from last monday. So a tad bit better then a 50% drop great I would say. Eddit nvm it's a 49.8% drop so basicly 50% flat. Good drop will be better in the up comming days.
  10. Also a 3.4m lc monday would mean atleast a 7 x 3.4m week so 24m lc add 2m more. Total should be around 119m lc after this weekend seems great. (About $31.2m USD)
  11. Insane this almost doubled Justice league, after all the doom and gloom this movie kicked all out of the window. I should learn from this never doubt James Wan.
  12. Just like French fries 😛 Btw the err did get better from 3.82 to 3.77 since sunday maybe that make a bit of difference why it jumped so much. $0.9m => 3.39m lc
  13. Wait wasn't it 93m lc after sunday or did they update it? That would mean $24.4m => $25.3m that would give me $0.9m right? That would be great btw.
  14. pepsa

    Monday - CM 5.2m

    Yeah summer weekdays help but I also think they deflated OW, so if Avengers 4 would be released in Jul I think it would see a small dip in it's OW but have a better multi in return (if you keep competition and other factors the same ofc).

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