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  1. I think €31m should do the job (i have TLK at €30.9m. I do think this very unlikely.
  2. Will be easier in Belgium then in the Netherlands, though if it's : very good 20% chance or culture phenomenon like Lion king / Titanic / First avatar (20% chance) it could go crazy in the Netherlands. Why a lot of hype Belgium is quite close in OW value to the Netherlands meaning that with average legs you already have a good shot at 15m, in the netherlands it will be very important what 4th / 5th weekend look like. But I have a lot of trust that it will do great numbers, that sad €10m and €20m are already extremely good.
  3. I don't really have data for Belgium, it's hard to come by. But what I do know is that it opened to roughly €2.45m ($2.76m) and that it has entered the top 10 movies of all time in Belgium. From what I can gather it's at rougly $9.7m right now should add $0.5m more I guess. However this is just my estimate wit the 1.06m admission number that was reported. Biggest SH of all time in Belgium. As for the netherlands some restricions will be lifted this saturday but not for cinema's or other culural things. Meaning it will take atleast one more week / maybe an extra after that. I have
  4. No only one week (6 days actcualy) people went protesting alot. So after 4 days the goverment came back to gether and decided that it's fine.
  5. Yeah still with restrictions in place, but those shoudn't cause it any harm. (Capacity is lowered by maybe 10-20%).
  6. I constantly get error messages, or messages it's sold out. Should be doing fairly well then but still I don't think every session is sold out. Maybe they are having issues with their servers.
  7. Hopefully we had a great second weekend as well, starting this sunday they close
  8. Belgium cinema's also close completely so another market down the drain...
  9. Wait what? Only 30m tuesday... I knew this movie was straight to dvd material the second the first trailer came out! #TheDeathOfCinema
  10. Big movies on xmast normaly have between a 3.3 and 3.8x multiplier from it's 5 - day opening weekend. Spidey had 2.1m in it's first 5-days so these multies would give it 6.93m admission to 7.98m admission (7-8m). But as LPLC said superhero movies tend to be more frontloaded, EG had a 2.5x 5-day opening weekend so spidermans highend is probably close to the low end of normal big xmas movies (3.3), with a more likely range of 2.8-3x it's 5 day (5.8m to 6.3m). As the multiplier will be higher than EG because of holiday help, then again if Covid restrections get worse that could also cu
  11. I do agree it should be more frontloaded, but WoM is much better than the last SW movie that did 3.3 so that should make 3x almost a lock. Seeing as a movie as hyped as EG (even more than spider) managed to get 2.5x opening weekend without any holiday help should mean this one atleast does 2.8x and mostelikely (no covid restrictions) 3x+
  12. Didn't we agree yesterday that a 3x multi from it's 5-day opening weekend seems very reasonable as in 3x is a very bad multi to get over xmas from the 5-day compared to other one. I do agree with ur range if that factors in hasher restrictions other wise we are looking a destriouslybad multi for xmas at 5.5m.
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