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  1. Well but you don't want to confuse us Belgians with those strange wordt like soccer 😛 I mean it's good for US member to learn the proper terms 😛
  2. So this means a $7.6m FSS. Thats good (5 times Thursday) hoped for 5.5 times but this is still good.
  3. Next week not much (from Hollywood) but I don't know about big SK releases so maybe @Fish&chips could tell us about possible SK break outs or big releases comming up. Also today looking good for Pika won't drop today, still numbers are way to small at the moment. EG is looking at 310k (decent). Hopefully we see a good hold next week.
  4. So 355k for EG, up 111.5% from Friday, as expected. Pika had a good jump but it's friday was way to low it's jump was 195% to 103k. PS for EG are 72k for tomorrow thats down 16% expect EG to drop about 11% Ish.
  5. Brazil is always the craziest I mean it was insane for IW and now EG is easly going over $80m
  6. True, still I am counting on it like in SK that Sat and Sun will be a lot bigger than Thursday and Friday. But I think it will end up around $3.75m. So EG will double it mostlikely. Also the hit EG took on Thursday is mostlikely because of less showtimes. EG will probably earn a decent amount of showtimes back next weekend.
  7. Days IW EG OD $4,8m $7,0m Fri-Sun $14,3m $20m/$19m OW $26m Monday $4,7m $3,2m/$4.2m Tuesday $4,7m $3,9m Wednesday $3,3m $6,4m Thursday $1,7m $3,8m Fri-Sun $10,8m $12.5m (-34%) WE 2 -37.3% Monday $1,6m $2.7m Tuesday $1,5m $1.9m Wednesday $1,4m $2.0m Thursday $1,0m $1.5m Fri-Sun $6,8m *$8.25m* WE 3 Day before Holiday Holiday *x* = est Weekend was probably underestimated, the monday seems out of place. For this weekend I am useing a 5.5 thursday multi (same as last week in my estimate. This time I should be close, wednesday wasn't a holiday and it probably wasn't underestimated because it was $2m. So now a 5.5 multi from thursday seems doable for EG. As seen above IW did a 6.8 multi from thursday but this seems way to high for EG, with that multi EG would get $10.2m. A $8.25m FSS would mean a drop of 34% (just for fun sake with IW's multi the drop would be 18.4%, this would be insane). Next week EG doesn't have any extra competition so it should have another smooth drop. The week after that it probably will take a big hit (that would be it's 5th weekend + Aladin. That said I think EG will be bigger than Pika this weekend and next weekend it will be for sure (unless insane WoM). That would mean it would be the 2nd biggest movie in it's 5th weekend and that could help to keep the screen count pretty high. IW vs EG multipliers WE2: (2.32x) vs (2.18)
  8. Well atleast unlike with Allita we won't hear great legs a milion times over the weekend 😛
  9. I woudn't worry about the hold now. It has taken the hit from DP today (movies open on Thursday in Brazil) now it should have a good increases on Friday / Sat and a good hold on sunday.
  10. Friday numbers: EG: 167.5k up 52% from yesterday (good jump) a better jump than IW 42%. Pika: super bad day with 35k Now the good news for pika, yesterday (as you can see above) it had 5k ps's Saturday it has 18k ps so that 260% mor than on Friday. Hoping for a 160% jump (would still be bad and only 91k. And the total weekend is looking like 240k. And a total of 429k admission throught out the weekend. EG's ps for Saturday are 86k, up from yesterdays 37k up a 132% from yesterday. Looking good for a jump of 110% to over 350k on saturday.
  11. This is terrible, honestly I have no words for DP. Hopping for a big saturday but 1m is pretty much dead now.
  12. So $2m Wednesday for Brazil, more likely is 1.95m yesterday and then 1.93m today. Because they probably make 61.44m => 61.4m and today could be 63.37m => 63.4m. Atleast thats what I am thinking. Expect a big(ger) drop on Thursday to something like $1.4m jump friday and Sat should be good then near flat Sunday.
  13. Well even with 45k OD it would have been hard to get 500k OW (not including previews).
  14. I would go a bit higher, it's friday so more walk ups + the evening won't slow down as much in the evening as they do on a tuesday. Other than that the CGV ratio is a bit better on Fridays then on monday so all those things should help it out to get is easliy over Tuesday.
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