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  1. Yep and it's budget was $50m less than the 8th instalment. Using 55% / 38% an 25% Fate made $457m from it's theatrical run and Hobs will make $294.45m so they should have reigned in the budget a bit more for sure but I don't understand why they would think that hobs could make closer to $900m when it's not in their main series. That said they should be very worried about F9, 1B seems pretty hard atm.
  2. Thinking it will do more in SK that that tbh. My guess was $11m in Italy and $14m ( around the revenant) in SK. And actuals will go up again probably, And I don't think it's crazy to think it will do $22.5m after a 14.5m (probably $15.5m and it will only need $21.5m) as it's making most of it's money in Europe where late multies are pretty good.
  3. Added an extra $21m in the last week WW, should do $25m more to get around $765m. That's 'only' a 38% drop from the 8th entry, the last jedi dropped 35% and that wasn't a spin off so I would say this isn't to bad in the end.
  4. So it made $16.3m OS this week. And the OS gross is up to $192.5m. Current OS markets should get it to $215m, then add 25m from SK and Italy so about $240m OS seems where it will land. So a $380m WW cume seems pretty good.
  5. I think it might do better, Europe is expecting rain the comming week this should help it's legs a lot.
  6. Has about 5m left dom, 15m current markets and around 4.5m in Norway and Finland. This would mean that it would total 1.068B just over TS3. Still it's one bad drop away from not matching TS3.
  7. Wait are you telling me that Santa does exists? Thank god what a relief
  8. 59.51 is a 16.1% drop. And yeah it might go up tomorrow but making predictions on a underestimate might skew a bit to optimisticly. Better to be conservative in the est and when H&S goed over the est we can bully @Charlie Jatinder with the fact it's still not dropping like a bomb
  9. Todays drop was higher than 15.5% I think 😛
  10. So around 59.51m today down 16.1% EDIT: actual ps's at 2am. Ps's are at 8.35m down 7.2% (maybe better like efialtes76 said. Yesday ps's were down 11.8% and it dropped 16.1% Tuesday ps's were down -17% from mondays and it dropped 22%. So drops were 4%-5% bigger than the drop in ps's. Using the 4.5% for tomorrow that would give it a 11.7% drop to 52.5m.
  11. I just hope we see Kylo send small ships on auto pilot in hyper speed in to planets to blow them up because hey they added a cool new mechanic 😛
  12. I am so sorry but I have no inspiration at all. My brain has been roasted and burned by the exams. I am dead inside atm 😛
  13. Thats what I was thinking Avengers was origanly going to be a trioligy (Avengers, AOU and the last part splitted in 2 IW and EG first it was even called IW part one and IW part two. So yeah the line is pretty vague I would say. And I would say that they have a coherent story line even if you only have the avengers movies.
  14. You are right, in that restricted form it probably is. But it does take a way a lot of the meaning. And does that mean only the OT counts?
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