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  1. People would still be egotistical tbh, so even if they do it that way quite a lot of people woudn't care and just take care of themsleves.
  2. The biggest reason they can't recommend masks to the public is in many countries there is a shortage of masks. If they recommend it, more people would want to wear masks, but countries like Belgium, Netherlands etc have just enough masks to suply riterement homes and hospitals. (and home nursing). So them telling masks are needed would make is so the public would buy the mask, they would stock them like they did with toilet paper and people in the hospitals woudn't have suffiecient protection. If humans woudn't be such selfisch *ss wholes they might give better information but as long as people are egotistical and selfserving it's hard to advice masks are needed.
  3. Yeah that could be, also they count any person dieing that had COVID like symptoms as a person who died because of COVID.
  4. We have a pretty strict lockdown and most people follow the rules. Also we were pretty early compared to other european countries to go in lockdown so I have no clue why it's this bad. The only thing i can think of is a late reaction in the homes for elderly people.
  5. In Belgium it isn't going to hot, we had 325 deaths in the past 24h (and 500 today including deaths that haven't been reported in time). I mean we only have 11.4m inhabitants so to convert that to Italy (times 5.3) this would have been a 1722 deaths day. This is ridiculously high.
  6. We had a pretty good day in Belgium on sunday (obv could be because of reports being slower) but if it holds monday and tuesday the fearfull exponential growth might have been avoided.
  7. It does 100% play a factor, take my homeland Belgium for example. They questioned the public on how they looked at the virus 8 days ago 90% of the people questioned said the actions taken by the government were to sever, that they were over reacting and that they were scaring the public way too much. Now yesterday they did the same thing and now 'only' 10% still thinks the government is reacting to harshly (8 days ago only the school closed and we were told to keep distance) now we are in complete lock down. If our government had called for a complete lock down 8/9 days ago the public would have roasted them and walked the street protesting the way they treated their citizens. Now most people agree with the actions. If the public is laughing at the things you do and go out of their way to do the opposite because the gov is 'overreacting' it's not only the politicians fault, the public also plays a big role in this. Also you have to balance spreading how severe the thread is and at the same time don’t let the public panic because even know we see people do stupid shit like hoarding everything, standing in big lines for stupid shit. Going to the neighbour countries to party because it’s not allowed in Belgium anymore. Again people are also responsible to follow the guidelines and apparently quite a lot of people suck at it.
  8. Don't only blame incompetent leaders, the people are just as if not more useless and incompetent in this whole situation. Because of cultural differences we are less strict, less disciplined, think we know better than experts etc. It has advantages, it also has huge disadvantages. One thing we are also great at blaming everybody but ourselves for the things that go wrong. Our politicians are but a symptom of our own society and the people that live in it.
  9. I think the question is not is it having an effect on the boxoffice but how much? I would asume that none would think ooh the corona virus is breaking out, I wasn't planning on going to the cinema but now I will go... So the question will be how many people won't go will it be 0.5% 1% , 2% , 5% 10% less maybe more I don't know the only thing we know for sure it will have an impact this weekend how ever small it might be.
  10. True, also Dicaprio is one of the last real movie stars (combined with picking good movies). Still it's just dumb for studio's to think that a uninteresting movie, badly made will be saved by movie stars. Look at Will smith, he has some flops and is one of the biggest names in the game, he's a great actor and no way those movies could be saved by any other actor.
  11. There are maybe a hand full of actors that actually have the starpower to open movies decently big. And no person, not one has the star power to open a $200m budget movie and be mostly sertain it will make a profit. And we have only 2 directors that could do this so it's strange we are still thinking that actors would make a few 100m dollars diff in revenue.
  12. BoP is going to finish above $200m, $210m should be enough to top BoP
  13. Yep it's locked and it's heading for 420m WW
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