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  1. just poor Liam..wished for his movie to crack 20 mil OW (I'm not that interested in the movie itself but Liam is the man)
  2. The Equalizer's budget is 50 mil $ (smaller than safe house's 85 mil or unstoppable's 100 mil) it's gonna be an easy task for it to turn a profit
  3. lol no..Guardians of the Galaxy then I'm leaving the whole internet for good
  4. "we don't like what we don't understand and in fact it scares us and this monster is mysterious at least" best line from best Disney song from best animation ever
  5. while it's not a Rom-Com per se..but it follows the same concept (PG-13 rich people issues comedy)..The Other Woman did extremley well so the genre could be reawakened all over again.. unfortunately since Ted and Seth Rogen..and most notably The Hangover..the comedy trend is leaning for titty R rated comedies about a bunch of unrelatable perverted douchebags all this 21/22 Jump Street/Neighbors/Let's be Cops stuff should just die
  6. it looks 2 times better than the 95 mil Percy Jackson for example..with almost one third of the budget yet some blockbusters cost up to 250 mil there is absolutely no justification for a movie to have a budget bigger than 150 mil $..the main problem is the unbelievably overpaid actors/directors/producers
  7. the most exciting part is Mathew McConaughey trying to win the "most dullest character in history of cinema" award with his bored expression..like he swallowed a whole bag of weed. my goodness look how deep and thoughtful (and constipated) and totally interstellar I look like..oh no so troubled..
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