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  1. I am afraid that movies in theaters will be like fan events afterwards. Only fans of that movie are going to buy tickets for theaters. Just like music events. Only fans attend.
  2. I know I have to face reality. But I still feel sad that movie watching has been changed forever. I will definitely miss enjoying movies with friends and following box office afterwards. I am so easy to get abstracted when watching movies at home. One of my best movies watching experience in theater is watching Frozen when I was sitting among a group of children. They were singing along with the movie. I was so thrilled by both the movie and their joy.
  3. I am afraid we are already in the Disney plus era now. Movies will face narrow theater windows which means shorter legs. So it is tougher for the original movies to break out with good WOM.
  4. Watched it. It is a OK movie, nothing special and nothing terrible. IMO, without cinema box office news/WOM, it lost the opportunities of good free marketing and expose.
  5. Please Please don't ruin the greatest movie ever in my opinion. Which actor has Bogart's charm and which actress has Bergman's beauty and elegance? NONE. Period.
  6. Watched the movie. Unfortunately it is not my cup of tea. Adam is the same as the guy in his comedies: annoying. I am wondering how many f**k/f**kings he said in the movie. I bet more than a thousand.
  7. Watched it second time today. Feeling Much better this time. Probably will do it again after my vacation.
  8. Probably will check it out this weekend as a big fan of the original TV show. No expectation at all but hope it is fun.
  9. Bought IMAX tickets for Saturday in the opening weekend. My local theater has both IMAX and Dolby. Which one will be better for this movie, anyone has any idea?
  10. That will be nice if so. I hope someone here can closely track the F2 presale. F1 box office made me interested in box office in the first place anyway.
  11. Opening Weekend: 118,111,000 Domestic Total: 456,111,000 OS-Total: 800,111,000 Worldwide: 1,256,222,000
  12. I actually like the first one. I know it is not a masterpiece but it is a fun movie. So I may see this one in theaters if I can find time.
  13. I saw the previous posters who compared movies theaters and restaurants. The difference is that you never know what kind of movies you will see in the theaters and you don't need movies to survive, but you can at least expect taste of the foods you order and you need food to survive. That is why many people rather spend hard earned money on foods not on movies. Specially nowadays the cheap entertainments are everywhere: Netflix, youtube, etc. Movie passe only attracts hard core movie lovers. Their business model will never work if they depend on the theater movies business. Looks l
  14. Watched this tonight with friends. Very powerful movie. Even though main characters all have their issues but you understood them somehow and liked them by the end. A
  15. I really want to see it in theater. But I think I am too old for this.
  16. Disney, please stop doing this. I paid $16 + popcorn for Cinderella only want to see the Frozen short. I probably will do same this time.
  17. Hope it is not becoming a comedy! But with Depp playing clowns in every movie he is in and that ridiculous mustache, it looks more like a comedy instead of a good suspension movie. If that is true, I will stay away.
  18. Nowadays, you will find out that critics and audiences will score many movies very differently, specially for the ones trashed by critics. For these, only fanboys will go to cinema for them and they are very biased ones (understandable, everyone is biased towards something). For me, a casual moviegoer, it is risky to go to cinema for movies with bad reviews and I have better places to spend my money and time on or rather check them out later on the neflix or in the libraries.
  19. I am a big fan of Agatha Cristie. Poirot and Miss Marple are my favorite TV shows that I have watched many times already even I know who are the murderers.
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