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  1. Who cares about TFA, the goal is to overtake Titanic worldwide.
  2. The franchise is entering its 2nd golden age.
  3. Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    2 years from now: Moviepass announces bankruptcy.
  4. $400 million incoming in China!!!
  5. Any ideas on how big the opening weekend will be?
  6. I don't know why Paramount would make such an awful film to tarnish the goodwill of the franchise. TF5 is going to sweep the Razzies year.
  7. Looks like the bad reviews and wom are scaring away the audience. Michael Bay needs to go.
  8. Will the NBA Finals game 2 on Sunday affect WW's OW?
  9. Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Gewara etc)

    I think Wonder Woman could be the next leggiest hit in China.
  10. In my mind, I don't think the run time for Transformers 5 is that long. Paramount spent $260 million without P & A costs to make the film, so it wouldn't be wised to make it very long and have decreased show times.
  11. Hi, can you tell me why the multiplier is so low for Pirates 5?
  12. I'm impatiently waiting for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to blow us away and give me a Godzilla size boner. Big numbers= big cucumber. It's gonna be exciting when Wonder Women opens next weekend.
  13. If it only makes $800 million worldwide on a $230 million budget without P & A costs, will Disney make another film or discontinue the franchise?
  14. Is there a chance that Pirates can gross $200 million?
  15. Too much competition, u got holdovers like Baywatch, Guardians 2, Alien: Covenant and Pirates 5. Captain Underpants opens in the same week. The Mummy opens next week. I'm Out.

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