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  1. I'm 100% sure The Irishman is locked to win BP after seeing it.
  2. What's the next Hollywood movie that will make big numbers in China? $200 million or more.
  3. I don't think FF9 will win worldwide as it's experiencing franchise fatigue. Domestic: Wonder Woman 84. Worldwide: Mulan
  4. The trailer looked epic. I think Mulan has the strongest female lead of the Disney live action films because of her independence, bravery, fighting skills, honor and determination.
  5. Here's my prediction for Spider-Man FFH and The Lion King. Spiderman FFH: $300 million The Lion King: $600 million
  6. This censorship is getting out of control. I hope China gets rid of it and let their film industry grow if they want to overtake the US film market and increase soft power.
  7. With the cancellation of the eight hunredth, The Lion King is going to have an epic run. $500 million might happen.
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