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  1. movieboner

    SAG 2018 thread

    I think it's the 1st time where popular films edge out the awards friendly films in ensemble.
  2. According to the posters on the China thread, $266 million but i think that's a soft estimate.
  3. movieboner

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    I hope your club is successful
  4. I want both franchises to be successful. I hope the fanboy wars and attack on critics will end, and the DCEU will have bigger box office earnings.
  5. It only has 75% on rt? I thought it would be highter after all the award noms.
  6. You're right it has an 84% score which is a little too high. The latest streak of mcu films have gotten high rt scores which sounds hard to believe. Even Spongebob knows what's going on. The mouse is sending cheques to every critic in the universe. My reptilian friend from alpha draconis has recently received a cheque to write a good review for Mary Poppins. Disney wants reptilians to see the movie and they're coming.
  7. I'm suspicious of the high ratings for spiderman into the spiderverse and bumblebee. I think corrupt reviewers are being bribed by greedy movie studios. There's no way that i'll believe black panther or infinity war can get 90%+ scores.
  8. 60% to 80% is good enough. The film is not trying to win awards. It's trying to win the box office. Audiences love to see superhero blockbuster films, so it's going to be a big hit. If i was a mod, I'll take all the negative comments and flush them down the toilet.
  9. This thread will be brought back to life tomorrow.
  10. I have a feeling this is going to underperform or flop. The last 2 transformer films had very very bad word of mouth.

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