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  1. movieboner

    The Meg (2018)

    I had a fun time. The crowd was very into it. A
  2. I thought it said Christopher Nolan movie. I was scared at first when I saw the low preview number.
  3. Only a $65 million OW from 4326 theaters?
  4. Here's my prediction: Dom- $290 million OS- $600 million I think it'll break out in China. RN made $135 million there and the market expanded a lot since 2015.
  5. C'mon I2 get to $600 million dom.
  6. I want I2 to reach $600 million dom, so we'll have for the first time 3 films make $600 million in a year.
  7. Who cares about Antman missing $100 mil and Jurassic Crap the next Transformers franchise. Let's talk about the incredible hold for Incredibles 2. The sexy legs on that hot mom is turning heads. Can I2 hit $600 million domestic?
  8. I think Incredibles 2 can make $50 million this weekend. Summer weekdays have started and the Thursday hold was strong.
  9. movieboner

    Thursday's Numbers:

    Summer weekdays are kicking in. All school students and most college students should be on summer break.
  10. movieboner

    Tuesday Numbers l JW2 $18.4M

    People tend to pay cheaper prices to watch bad films like JW Failed Kingdom F-, so Tuesday was highly inflated. I expect a huge drop on Wednesday.
  11. Universal needs to let go of their ego and admit defeat. They should seek the wisdom of Disney on how to run a franchise. Universal is in deeeep shit, only Illumination and JW is keeping them afloat.
  12. The consensus in the weekend thread seems to be a $100 million to $125 million opening weekend which is very bad for such a big popular franchise.
  13. I'm in. If it happens, then it'll be an epic disaster like the asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs.

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