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  1. That's dedication, heh. I like that banner with the Two Queens though. That 2D style of art shows up in a lot of the official merchandise and I find it charming. I bought the Art of Frozen II book and it is worth the pickup.
  2. I'm curious to see where Frozen II ends up on the Alltime BluRay sales chart. The original is the best selling BluRay, period, but home media has also imploded so rapidly that the youngest movie in the top 20 is the first Deadpool. Will Frozen II break that dry spell and make the top 20, or is this becoming a fossilized list?
  3. Source via The Numbers Worst Opening Weekend for Ultrawide Releases Entry Chart Date Rank Revenue Theater Count The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature 2017-08-11 3 $8,342,311 4,003 The Lego Ninjago Movie 2017-09-22 3 $20,433,071 4,047 Abominable 2019-09-27 1 $20,612,100 4,242 Sm
  4. Ralph Breaks the Internet legged out 2.98x its first January weekend, although it was down to 2,050 theaters already. For Frozen II: 450.4 + 11.8*3 = 486.0 450.4 + 11.8*3.5 = 491.9
  5. Indeed, Frozen is likely the best selling Blu Ray, ever.
  6. A bit of box office trivia: If Tenet legs out to $323M domestically, Nolan will pass Michael Bay for second on the all time domestic gross list for directors. (Third place needs $287M to catch the Russos.) First place is of course Spielberg, a factor of 2 above Bay right now. The worldwide list has Nolan in 7th, and there is a $1.28B gap to 6th (David Yates).
  7. If Frozen II follows the drops for Ralph Breaks the Internet post holidays, it lands at 490M.
  8. I have Amazon Prime (college student in the middle of nowhere), and the Verizon free year for Disney+. I loved the chilling atmospherics and Rufus Sewell's performance on Man in the High Castle. I also greatly enjoy scifi (I'm a physics grad student), so my plan for the rest of break is catching up on The Expanse, with perhaps The Boys to follow.
  9. That pattern has held for the past three years (Moana, Coco, Ralph Breaks the Internet), and 2015/16 only breaks the pattern due to Saturday being the day after Christmas/New Years.
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