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  1. Monday number IW 8.3

    Yeah, Nolan filmed in a traditional IMAX ratio for those scenes in TDK. AIW was not filmed in that ratio, even though they used "IMAX" cameras.
  2. It does make you wonder how much of an impact (if any) Moviepass' policy update restricting repeat viewings has had on AIW, and will continue to have going forward on tentpole features.
  3. And Terminator has an iconic theme song.
  4. Didn’t Rampage move up a week as a result of AIW moving up a week? It still had the same separation.
  5. Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Guess I better start hanging onto my stubs after I see a movie, just in case, haha.
  6. Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    I thought the "take a picture of your ticket stub" policy was designed to prevent fraud. But taking a picture of a stub wouldn't prevent me from reselling the ticket after that or just checking in and buying tickets solely for the purpose of gaining loyalty rewards points at bigger theatres, while not seeing a movie I've either already seen or never planned on seeing. So taking a picture of a stub is useless, unless people were checking in and using the predetermined amount to charge something other than a movie ticket to the card (like concessions or something), and that is what they are actually trying to prevent (along with discouraging people from checking in for rewards points on movies they've already seen).
  7. Monday Numbers - A:IW 24.74M

    TFA also released when the majority of kids were out of school for winter break. A very low percentage of schools (mostly college) are out at the end of April. AIW had the highest April Monday ever. I think it will be ok.
  8. Monday Numbers - A:IW 24.74M

    Yeah, it's like everyone forgot the circumstances that led to Avatar's huge intl numbers due to the exchange rate back in 2009/2010. It's going to be damn near impossible for another movie to replicate that WW number for a very long time.
  9. God's Not Dead 3 (without credits) is 1:41. Indivisible and Unbroken 2 trailers attached.
  10. I'm not saying that Paramount didn't want the money, and 50 mil domestic, and 300 intl was a nice haul for them. And I know Mojo counts re-releases toward a title's box office gross. But we all know what it did the first time. Also, I just hate 3D conversions and any 3D re-release (including Jurassic Park and Episode 1).
  11. Not to mention, Titanic is only where it is because of it's BS 3D re-release. In reality, it's already been passed. It's original run was epic. Cameron should have left it at that.
  12. 3D has remained much more popular internationally than it has in the US or Canada. And with so much expansion of digital cinema internationally, I would imagine that a larger portion of their builds include 3D capabilities, again, due to it's popularity.
  13. There is a difference between moving up the window for home distribution and getting rid of the theatrical release altogether. Studios want to see return on investments sooner rather than later. Pushing the home release closer to the theatrical release allows them to make more money is a smaller window of time. But that doesn't mean they are just going to throw away a multi-billion dollar cash cow in theatrical distribution, even if most of them are owned by media conglomerates who want to all start their own streaming services and own multiple television channels. The best marketing for home release is a wide theatrical release. Make money while getting people talking and hopefully eventually double dipping on your product.

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