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  1. I hope not. I wanna see this film already and it’s had its first official trailer already. Hopefully it’s another Warner Bros movie ahead of schedule just like Space Jam 2 and The Suicide Squad.
  2. I’m watching Black Panther right now and it feels so sad and hard to watch it after what happened 😔😔😔
  3. God bless his family during this time the fact that he kept his cancer under the rug is also shocking
  4. Very possible, it’s only about to be a week since its premiere
  5. On YouTube the trailer already had more views than the WW84 and TSS trailers
  6. From some dude on Reddit : cant really summarize the whole movie but it ends like this Kenneth Braugnah's character is sending objects back in time to cause chaos and tragedy. In the climax of the movie he plans to send a reactor to the site of the Chernobyl disaster and the characters have to go back to when he was born in order to stop this from occurring. He follows them into the time before his birth and it is revealed the Keneth Braughnah essentially creates himself leaving him in a sort of paradox.
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