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  1. Maybe for Johnny Cage, I guess they’re gonna cast an A list celebrity or well known actor for that role since Johnny is basically that type of personality. Still, he’s a major secondary character, basically since day one. Why are they going to bring in Mileena but not Kitana? Kitana is a much more important and bigger character, she’s Liu Kang’s love interest! 😂 I guess the only explanation is that unlike the games, Liu Kang won’t be the main character in this film.
  2. I think the problem is that for most people, Avengers Endgame was the final goodbye to Iron Man. Any cameo or appearance in any way shape or form in the near future could not necessarily ruin that impact but the time to let go of him has come and passed.
  3. Im glad I’m not the only who feels this way. Black Widow, as out of place in its release year/era (should’ve come out in phase 2), is still going to attract more audiences than Eternals.
  4. I dont understand why Bohemian Rhapsody gets so much hate in this forum. Not even the Disney live action movies or shit like Venom (which I enjoy) get so much flak.
  5. Looks like woke Twitter is destroying this film Should’ve not premiered it at TIFF like that one guy here commented. Very clear to see a lot biased reviewers bringing down the RT score even straight up saying “well made film, Joaquin is getting nominated, but the message is evil so I’m gonna shit on it”
  6. While I believe Batman isn’t a “washed up IP,” I see this movie being more of a testament to how the Joker as character and icon can work by himself without being Batman’s foil.
  7. The next Spidey film will be Spider-Man vs Venom, that’s for sure if there’s no (pre)MCU Spider-Man 3 script being written at moment. The public won’t notice that the film(s) is now disconnected from the MCU until well down the road, by then they will care enough about this iteration that they won’t suddenly stop going to see these films. Sucks for both parties but this was definitely on Disney for being money greedy.
  8. Good, more variety for movie studios than just a monopoly by Disney
  9. Why did they push back Avatar 2 smh Couldve been the perfect intro to a new decade in cinema
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