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  1. Seeing these reaction videos and reading about audience experiences are one of the main reasons why I don’t want theaters to close. Seeing these cinematic events on the small screen will never recreate that feeling of watching an MCU film like if it were the Super Bowl.
  2. Very interesting theory, makes sense considering that Shang-Chi has yet to continue production again and they want this movie to cater to Chinese audiences
  3. Ok you beat me That still doesn’t explain what’s the silence with this film , the threequel to the main Conjuring movies and we’re only 3 months away. With the complete downgrade of a director, the quality of this film will affect its box office. You can’t say GvK is locked to flop when only KOTM was the one that underperformed. You can spin around that Godzilla 2014 and Kong: Skull Island weren’t as profitable as any TCU movie anyway you like but they were successful, and this movie is a crossover, which tend to do way more than solo films, as seen with Avengers, Batman v Superman, even lower scale movies like Alien vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason. But I guess since I’m one of the resident Monsterverse fans, you had to be a dick about it
  4. High profile = big budget film. The Conjuring Universe, despite being more profitable, hasn’t grossed more than a single Monsterverse movie worldwide. It’s a major horror franchise but not a blockbuster tentpole compared to Monsterverse, DCEU, Wizarding World etc. And considering how they announced and gave Godzilla vs. Kong another prime summer spot while this is only 3 months away with no advertising or news, it seems clear to me that they care more about GvK at least and are very confident despite coming after KOTM underperformance. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets dumped in January 2021 if the reshoots are coming especially with the mistake of giving this to the mediocre director that made the worst and lowest grossing TCU film.
  5. Something tells me it will still get pushed, its just not a high profile film.
  6. I expect a trailer, if Godzilla 2014 and KOTM are anything to go by, on December 10th
  7. I’m happy for this delay unlike other fans that were fine with this trampled to death in November
  8. I would agree if this were The Little Mermaid or something like that but Cruella seems like it could be more like Dumbo or The Lady and the Tramp
  9. Shang Chi ok but Cruella is nothing to worry about
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