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    Wednesday Numbers | Broly $7.06 million

    Broly over Glass?!
  2. Awesome trailer, I’m grateful that these movies exist LOL
  3. At what time is the trailer dropping??
  4. They really should push it back a year to fix any major problems they had from CoG. Also, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the first movie and start of the franchise, so even better.
  5. Warner Bros. doesn’t do Super Bowl trailers for their movies.

    BAD BOYS FOR LIF3 | Jan 17 2020

    Sometime in 2019 On a serious note, sometime this summer in front of MIB or Spider-Man.
  7. That film will destroy Venom and Suicide Squad as the biggest villain flick
  8. When should we see the first trailer??? Detective Pikachu??
  9. For the recast, Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why) would’ve been a great Jean Grey but she’s in Endgame doing a secret role so nope... Tom Hardy as Wolverine?
  10. Should’ve come out in November 🤦‍♂️

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