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  1. Godzilla: King of the Monsters filmed in summer 2017, and it’s finally coming out in May. Nowadays that seems like the norm for some blockbusters.
  2. Definitely won’t be finishing that low. It’s much more likely for it to pass 2014’s DOM total (200M).
  3. Iron Man is retiring Captain America dies or goes back to the 40s to live the life he wished he had with Peggy Thor finds a new “Asgard” Hawkeye retires permanently with his family Black Widow stays for the team I don’t know about Hulk
  4. Whats the point of bringing in Gamera if Godzilla won’t be there to fight him? If the Monsterverse continues without Godzilla, they should have King Kong at the lead for the time being, and have him fight Frankenstein. Feature the fight that almost happened in the Showa era.
  5. I’ve said it before : the real ending should be Destroy All Monsters. Godzilla 3 and a Mothra solo film should also happen.
  6. New Japanese poster Speaking of Gigan, I want to see Dougherty come back for Godzilla 3 (if it ever happens) to see just how he portrays Biollante and Gigan together. A combination no one would’ve thought of.
  7. Worried that since he’s not in Godzilla vs King Kong, the dude will die here His excitement and fanboyism is electric
  8. God(Zilla) bless Dougherty. Why didn’t they hire this guy for the 2014 film?! 😕
  9. I believe for them is titanus gojira, titanus radon, titanus mosura, and monster zero. Based on the viral marketing right before Comic-Con last year. @shayhiri LOL
  10. https://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/3462221/set-visit-putting-god-back-godzilla/ keep scrolling down in the article “A cavernous tunnel leads you into their headquarters where lines of glass-enclosed offices open up to a large area filled with high tech gadgetry and flashing computer screens. A massive image on the wall lays out a map of various Titan sightings, their name, and any important information. Some names were familiar. Kong, for instance. Others, less so. We have Abaddon from Cambodia, Leviathan from beneath the Indian Ocean, and Sargon of Mexico.”

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