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  1. It’s also partially why I’m mad with Dark Phoenix, it’s gonna affect Godzilla definitely. We know it’s tracking well at China for example, and its tracking is very similar to Godzilla’s here DOM as well.
  2. Legendary was the one making and producing the movie. Warner Bros. was just the distributor.
  3. I agree with @Mulder and @Brainbug on what this movie means not just for me but for other fans and for the future of the franchise. I’m worried that if this flops/underperforms (which hopefully won’t), Toho won’t allow Hollywood to produce another Godzilla film, maybe not in 20+ years.
  4. Yes. Also that Ash is in a coma, and that you killed Gary’s Raticate
  5. Might as well leak the whole film This movie is a $200M budget waste of time and space.
  6. I agree but you didn’t see Bryan Cranston marketed all over the place for Godzilla 2014 for example, and he was much more popular at the time than Millie is right now. She’s recognizable yes but she’s not and shouldn’t be the focus of the film.
  7. I’m not sure if putting Millie Bobby Brown all over the place was a good idea. A couple of times yes but it’s not like she’s the main star. She’s not the titular character, and on the cast list, Kyle Chandler and Vera Farmiga are above her.
  8. I know right those images look like they should’ve been released a year ago at Comic-Con or during the build up to the second trailer. Right now all we care about are monsters.
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