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  1. Yeah it really sucks what’s happening to Godzilla. I really rooted for it, just like I rooted for Godzilla 2014 back in the day. It really was the main reason I was in these forums, trying to fend off any negativity for it. But I have to accept it’s not everyone’s cup of tea eh. Gonna join @Brainbug now. Probably will come around the time Godzilla vs Kong releases its first trailer and every now and then for other major events on the way but for now I’m taking a break for real. Peace ✌️
  2. That title alone is enough to get more than $700M WW. Much like Freddy vs Jason or AVP, it could very well end up being the highest grossing film for both Godzilla and Kong .
  3. They don’t have to push it a year. Just push it to the summer or if they’re dedicated enough, to December.
  4. Same here for you I’ve seen The Guest, You’re Next, Blair Witch, and Death Note. If the latter two are anything to go by, is that he doesn’t know how to handle source material or something with a budget higher than $5M. Though Blair Witch looked like it cost 20 bucks.
  5. They haven’t even done test screenings. They need to do them very soon because Adam Wingard is a massive pile of bullshit as a director. I can’t believe I’m saying this but they should remove him and replace him with someone competent at the very least.
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