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  1. That’s what I’m saying. They’re waiting on WB and pressuring them to push back GvK.
  2. I doubt that’s gonna happen, they just want to release it on November 20th and are waiting on GvK to move back
  3. When’s the earliest for theaters to open again? AMC wants to reopen in June but it seems like this pandemic could go for longer
  4. Would’ve been fine in December but I’m guessing studios are seeing that summer 2021 will be vacant after all the currently slated movies for that year have shut down production
  5. It would’ve been a great month for Ghostbusters and Morbius as well
  6. The final season of GOT destroyed the franchise, you can’t even rewatch knowing how underwhelming it ends. It’s gonna be quite a while until that stigma leaves .
  7. They can push back an entire year to December 2021 if post production on Avatar 2 needs more work
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