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  1. You must be a Trump supporter I suppose Maybe some didn’t like the idea to add a Mexican angle, even though The Terminator and T2 briefly took place in Mexico and even had Mexican characters lol (this franchise in general had fans in Latin America) But to blame this flop on casting Mexicans is straight up ignorant
  2. Whats with all this Mexican racism ? There’s nothing bad with deciding to add a Latinx angle, especially since we’re very underrepresented compared to other minorities. The Disney Star Wars trilogy wasn’t ruined because of gender equality and feminism.
  3. They make a good point but a major blockbuster withholding its trailer 3 months from release is unheard of.
  4. Is an R-rating a requirement for this? I haven’t read the book in awhile so I forgot the adult content in this if there is any
  5. I remember the week after the red wedding happened, I dare say it helped, if not straight up kickstart the “reaction” video trend for not only tv shows but movie trailers as well. If you look up, a lot of YouTubers started doing reactions on movies and shows around 2013/2014.
  6. The Eternals is likely to make “disappointing” numbers; good money but not past a billion. Black Panther and Captain Marvel had the privilege of being connected and released within the vicinity of an Avengers movie. The Eternals won’t have that type of luxury. Also, there still are a handful of countries with strict LGBTQ laws.
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