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  1. The only good thing I see is James Wan producing. Everyone else are either unknowns, c-list actors from TV, and then there’s Lewis Tan.
  2. That’s literally what I’m saying Its gonna surprise several people here when it fails to hit a billion. If Aladdin could only get past the $1B landmark and nothing more, despite being in the same league as Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King in the Renaissance, then I fail to see how Mulan could reach or surpass it. It doesn’t even have the musical aspect to it, nor Mushu, the lack of both won’t destroy its chances but it could lower it down.
  3. January is about to turn into another February/August for movies, little by little the days of being the dumping ground for Hollywood are coming to an end I can see certain blockbusters Bad Boys 4(ever) obviously and others thriving in this month for years to come
  4. Mulan will be a surprise in not hitting a billion
  5. Ok I wasn’t aware of that That raises the likelihood significantly
  6. Disney has unoccupied reserved spots in March and October for live action movies, maybe it’s the latter? Although TLM as an October release is weird
  7. Little Mermaid for November 2021? Is there a Disney animated film coming out for thanksgiving already? 3 films on one month is a lot for Disney
  8. That’s why I wanted Ezra Miller to be recast, not only because I didn’t like his Flash that much but also to cut ties with anything Zack Snyder related. But alas, as long as it’s standalone like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, and they make a great film out of him, then no problem. I’m hoping Superman is going The Batman route though. Snyder was damaging the brand.
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