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  1. I hope not. I wanna see this film already and it’s had its first official trailer already. Hopefully it’s another Warner Bros movie ahead of schedule just like Space Jam 2 and The Suicide Squad.
  2. If it gets raves as good as the first one and if they give Boseman an emotional send off, it’s possible that DOM could be surpassed as well
  3. If done correctly, this film could be bigger than the predecessor in every way (opening, domestic and worldwide total, etc)
  4. I’m watching Black Panther right now and it feels so sad and hard to watch it after what happened 😔😔😔
  5. God bless his family during this time the fact that he kept his cancer under the rug is also shocking
  6. Wow that’s another good alternative, pass the mantle to Shuri Still it’s not gonna feel the same without him 😕
  7. Either they A) recast the character with another actor (Yahya Mabdul Mateen II ?) but I understand if they don’t want to take that route or B)) revive Killmonger
  8. On YouTube the trailer already had more views than the WW84 and TSS trailers
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