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  1. Yeah that’s just the audition process. You can bet your ass they’ll make the first look a big deal, with an official press release and what not.
  2. Make it, I’ll go join I imagine we’ll get a teaser trailer in November attacked to The Nutcracker or Ralph, but then again there’s also Mary Poppins in December so I don’t know which one
  3. The trailer will destroy the internet! on a serious note, I don’t know if it could top the opening for Infinity War but if it doesn’t, I can’t see it decreasing more than $10M. Similar to The Force Awakens>The Last Jedi OW drop, a lot of speculation came out of Infinity War and it’s ending, not just from fans but the general public as well, so much that it’s definitely going to drive people to theaters to see the outcome. However if they also literally market it as “the epic conclusion, “it ends here,” “the finale to the worldwide phenomenon,” etc it can potentially once again top the opening record.
  4. I really don’t get this unnecessary hate that the MCU is getting Looks like people want to go back to the days of Singer Men and TASM
  5. I hope you’re not serious The MCU is the second coming of Christ
  6. It’s not just that - this May movie is a Disney event, as big if not bigger than Beauty and the Beast. And yet, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella got teaser trailers 9-12 months before release and had much more info at this point in post production than Aladdin (which according to some members here, might get reshoots and is having some difficulties). Ditto for Lion King, especially since that should be the biggest movie of 2019.

    Long Live The King: Godzilla KOTM over Aladdin DOM and WW

    People are setting themselves up for disappointment..
  8. When can we see the eventual MCU reboot? I'm thinking 2024 or 2025 after some characters get introduced via other films (e.g., Storm in Black Panther 2 and/or 3 like some of you have said)
  9. I know that we just had a trailer today but I wonder what they have in mind for future trailers. If this follows any other of Warner Bros' movies that had a trailer a 9-12 month ahead of release (any Nolan movie, Man of Steel, BvS, etc), then there should be 2 more trailers; one towards the end of the year and another one sometime early in 2019, February through April most likely. This wasn't a teaser though but a full blown trailer, one that you would expect to see if the movie was 6 months away. My point is that if they aren't careful enough, they're bound to reveal the plot of the movie and all the fights before it even comes out. I may be exaggerating but I'm betting on Rodan and/or Mothra being fully revealed in the next trailer, and Ghidorah in the last trailer. The movie will have a lot of merch and toys, so Ghidorah will have to be revealed before the movie comes out.
  10. https://www.cosmicbooknews.com/godzilla-2-test-screening https://www.cosmicbooknews.com/godzilla-king-monsters-said-be-really-great That's the thing that confuses me, the test screenings were really positive, I have no idea where the bad reports came from
  11. The poster has a very pleasant blue-ish palette, a very colorful ocean environment as well. Which reminds me, this could've come out in the summer and produced better legs than Christmas, especially with all the competition it has now.

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