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  1. They should do another test screening. They have a plenty of time to make the film even better. It’s not like they can risk getting spoilers out since the plot has been leaked since July.
  2. This is doing $500M tops. Dumbo isn’t as popular as Aladdin or the Lion King
  3. Fantastic Beasts: The Rise of Voldemort Fantastic Beasts: The Wizarding War
  4. Harry Potter just got its Star Wars: the Last Jedi I thought it was an ok movie but I can’t wait for the meltdowns
  5. I don’t wanna think the possibility that it could suck. I have a slight feeling that’s the case, hence the lack of marketing and late embargo (unless Warner Bros. used that money for Fantastic Beasts).
  6. I think the property is too big that it should warrant a budget of $150M+
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. Hell that should’ve been this film. Ash/Red and the classic adventure. But apparently Detective Pikachu is a better idea. LOL

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