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  1. Good Time | A24 | August 11

    incredible film. going to be hard to beat this as my favorite of the year. Robert is great again, maybe an award this time. Entire cast, score, direction knocked out of the park. Go see this.
  2. Doesn't predict often enough, but when it does occur, it's always impressive.
  3. Geostorm over 45M OW

    name is terrible which will hurt it. out
  4. is this supposed to be seen in 3d? still unsure which to see
  5. Daddy's Home 2 UNDER 100M club!

    Isn't Mel in this? Out
  6. First hour of this is quite good, i was very impressed by the nice balance of tone, humor, and suspense. The plane sequence was great. As usual Tom is lovable and fits the part nicely. Russell Crowe was a disappointment and everything after his appearance fell into the category of a film with too many rewrites and lack of a single directorial vision.
  7. Was surprised by this film i expected something more modern. The casting was pretty good, Charlie was very strong. First half is a little bit muddied in pacing and writing but picks up and finishes nicely. I found this film to be very similar to Reds (1981).
  8. Good year for film
  9. Found this movie to be quite good. I enjoyed Macbeth (directors film before this). The set pieces were great, lighting and mood was great. last 25 minutes felt like it was cut up to reduce duration or was rushed in editing to get the movie out for release. Pleasantly surprised at lack of modern rap/rock music in the film. I feel as though the film received bad reception from the fans of the games due to being too creative and too much like a real film where as the people who are not from the video game crowd were dismissive due to the stigma of 'video game movie'. All the scenes in Spain were wonderful, especially the great set piece of the execution scene. I have never played an Assassin's Creed game.
  10. ah damn i missed this. i only browse the Box Office Discussion. guess i need to broaden my horizons
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread

    seeing this at tff

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