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  1. Saw it. It's the same old shit, despite what friends who saw preview screenings hyped it up to be. It imitates everything that's already been seen in countless horror movies this decade. There was a serious crowd though, most of which were comprised of teenagers who will find anything scary. If you've seen most of the films in The Conjuring series, you don't need to see this one. It's does nothing to stand out. Very tired and flat in atmosphere.
  2. Saw it. There were 11 teenagers in the room aside from me. By the time the film was finished, only me and two (TWO) people, a young couple, were still in the theater. We already knew it, but this film is going to have toxic word of mouth. Now, the real question is: Can this outgross The Mothman Prophecies's worldwide cume? I doubt it.
  3. If this grosses more than $20 million on OW, I will be surprised. More like $14 million.
  4. I thought it was releasing on August 24th. Wow. This movie's as good as dead. Think it'll end up on a streaming service like Amazon Prime? Edit: Nvm, there are people who ponder the same question at this point.
  5. I keep forgetting that this movie is a thing. That's not a good sign with a little over a month before release.
  6. Toho is talking about making more Godzilla films after 2020, so I suspect Godzilla vs. Kong will be the final installment in Legendary's MonsterVerse.
  7. I thought Jurassic World was good, plain fun, but I thought this was a pretty weak follow up. I don't know how they screwed the pooch with this. I just don't.
  8. I was expecting a very traditional musical, but I don't think this will be very traditional. Interesting...
  9. Exclusive: ‘DEADPOOL 2’s’ Julian Dennison Joins ‘GODZILLA VS KONG’ http://thathashtagshow.com/2018/06/exclusive-deadpool-2-julian-dennison-joins-godzilla-vs-kong/ It's happening. Oh my god, it's happening. I also really like this pick.
  10. Calling under Power Rangers DOM. This will probably still beat Power Rangers WW. Which is fucking hilarious.
  11. I'm more interested in this one than I was for the live-action remake a couple of years ago. Yeah, the creature effects could use some polishing, but I was a fan of Kipling's stories long before I saw the Disney animated film. I have a softer spot for those stories, which is why I hope this excels.
  12. Not to mention, it's being distributed by Toho Video Division and not the main company. Their video division deals with smaller releases all the time anyway, so it was never going to have "amazing" numbers to begin with.
  13. I think this will surprise people. I didn't think Rampage would be a breakout surprise like people predicted, but this? It has the potential to turn a lot of heads, and I think that will work in its favor.
  14. I would say that it probably should be. Budgets for the Predator series have always been relatively tame. But this is also because the series has had moderate successes and isn't known for pulling blockbuster numbers.
  15. I just now noticed that it was moved to September. Lol, this is going to tank hard.
  16. I'm not so sure about this one anymore, and I'm not hopping on the train because this guy directed Iron Man 3. It doesn't feel like a Predator film based on this first trailer. I could be misjudging it, but I have a feeling that I may be correct about this one.
  17. The synopsis for this film disappointed me very much. I can only imagine how I'm going to feel about the trailer for this.
  18. Saw it. I need to see the trailer, but I am happy. Let's just put it that way.
  19. Universal's making another movie based on DOOM. Couldn't just leave it alone, could they?
  20. For fuck sake. I bet what they have in the film won't look anything like the dark web in real life, either.
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