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  1. Avoid the spoilers, it's out in 2 weeks. Everyone who's seen it says you can't half-ass the movie, the visuals for Aronofsky movies are critical. I know some people in certain countries may not get to see it at all, so it may be in certain circumstances the only good option.
  2. I get the feeling she gives zero fucks about all of that after 4 nominations and a win. Many actresses go for 30 years before winning an oscar, e.g., Julianne Moore, she did it at 22. She's just doing projects that she finds interesting, and this one sounds really different.
  3. Been following that. Looks like it has potential to be really good. Only question now is if it's good.
  4. Atomic Blonde under 60m DOM club

    Agreed, Dark Tower doesn't look appealing at all, to any demographic. Out. I think it'll clear $60M, but not much more.
  5. All we have is bits and pieces. The basic description is a couples tranquil existence is interrupted by uninvited guests. That could be just about anything, but here's what we know: Bardem and Lawrence are a couple, and it appears Pfeiffer and Harris might be a couple, possibly JLaw's parents, but we really don't know for sure. This is based on some descriptions by someone who shot a scene with them. There's a really bizarre scene that may involve rape, or some sort of violence, involving Bardem and Lawrence. The scene has been described by various extras and others involved in the shoot. There was a shot of bugs on a table at one point, and we know there are some digital effects because Aronofsky was lamenting he has to shoot with digital cameras to accommodate the EFX and didn't like it much. Beyond that, we've got nothing.
  6. Never say never, they were talking about Deadpool, and WW, for years, and they both finally happened.
  7. I have never understood the hair, even in the RR days it made no sense. The only thing I can assume is they tested longer, more normal, hair and it didn't work. Possibly too cartoony?
  8. I gotta be a good JLaw fan and speak up on her behalf. It's not her take on the character, it's production teams take on the character. She has stated in the past she keeps trying to take the character much darker, (she's seen the first 3 movies), and they keep doing what they are doing. I don't particularly care for what they've done with Mystique either, but the fault for Mystique lies with the production team, not the actress.
  9. That's what a lot of us thought. But she did say if Fassbender and McAvoy came back, and the money was right, she'd do it. Her part in XMA was terribly written though, so I hope they come up with something better this time around.
  10. http://www.indiewire.com/gallery/best-2010s-movie-posters-so-far-‎/#!1/aint-them-bodies-saints-2013/ List of best movie posters of the decade. mother! made the list, #37.

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