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  1. If I wasn't so bummed about it going under this would be absolutely hilarious.
  2. It was what I said though, intro'd him using Tony Stark and and Civil War, then did a standalone. They'll have to take it one step at a time. Also, you're rebooting one character, which allows you to concentrate on the roll out and create buzz. It'll be much harder to do that with several characters at once. They'll have to bring it along slowly, maybe 2 or 3 with some current MCU movies and then bring them together. Maybe 3 or 4 years.
  3. There is no good way to reboot the X-Men once it gets to Disney. It will be the third reboot, with different actors, in 20 years. That's one of the problems already, people never really got over Stewart, Mckellen and the rest in those roles. That's one reason DOFP was a big success at the box office, in addition to being a better movie, they were in it. How are the going to replace Jackman? They are going to have to do this character by character, maybe a couple at a time, starting with some that have been underutilized. Then after establishing some new actors in the roles they can release a standalone movie. I guess they could hire the same actors, but that seems highly unlikely.
  4. Thanks. That will happen when you lose about 90% of your theaters, Han Solo had a huge theater drop too.
  5. Did they pull Red Sparrow this weekend? It was #10 on Wednesday and is gone from the list you just posted.
  6. This sounds a lot like what happened during the Red Sparrow opening weekend. They are doing another "experiment" to prove to the studios what kind of impact they can have on the market by blocking people in one area from seeing a specific movie with their MoviePass on opening night. It's done randomly and some people never see it.
  7. I had a problem about 3 weeks ago, so I used the app to text customer support. They got back to me yesterday!
  8. Word I heard was Russian censors didn't like the subject matter and they pushed it off.
  9. The problem is they thought the GP would buy more of them, and half of them wouldn't even see a movie a month. Instead, they wound up with movie nuts like us buying them all and it broke the model. They needed a partnership with someone who could give them access to millions of users, like Amazon. They just didn't have a plan, they were winging it. Bad idea.
  10. I had the same experience, much more enjoyable the second time. There are a lot of subtleties you pick up on the second time around, especially in Jlaw's acting.
  11. It did ok on the international side, and that's without China and Russia. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $46,724,835 31.8% + Foreign: $100,001,424 68.2% = Worldwide: $146,726,259
  12. This is always what I thought the plan was, get a couple million users hooked, then start to increase the price incrementally. This will impact the monthly users first of course because they aren't locked in, but anyone on expiring subscriptions will get the increase as soon as their time is up. Very few people quit Netflix when they started to raise their prices, and I'll wager that tons won't quit this either. The only question is when does it reach a point where you're making money. They could just restrict the number of movies for the base price, then offer more expensive plans for the really die hards. But actually it would be better to just hike the price on existing users.
  13. Well, not RS, and it's not done with it's run overseas Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $46,515,233 32.6% + Foreign: $96,244,205 67.4% = Worldwide: $142,759,438
  14. That's horror movies for you. "Let's get into the running car!" "No, let's hide behind those chain saws!", "Good idea!". I saw the baby plot hole after the preview showing her in the tub going into labor. I'm glad you've confirmed that it wasn't just me who thought that was unworkable. I'm not really a fan of gimmicky movies anyway, the silence being the gimmick in this case. I also assume that all you hear the entire movie is munching popcorn, and idiots whispering to each other, which is annoying enough in movies with dialog. Then the theaters in many multiplex's suffer from bleed through sound, so if you're next to an action movie your screwed. I think I'm going to pass, anyway I wouldn't want to have to get up and dump somebodies popcorn on their head. I think I'll go see Isle of Dogs.
  15. Looking forward to seeing this one eventually. Loved SLV, and I even loved The Informant! His stuff is always so unique and interesting.
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