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  1. EW: Emila Clarke on Game of Thrones Ending I feel so terrible for Emila. This is a really hard read. I love how this interview confirms that everyone making the show knew they were fucking up, but did it anyway out of some faux edgelord: Naah, you took the lazy way out by not properly building that storyline. And I also find this post-modern "shocking the audience is more important than telling a fulling story" talk nonsense. They can preach to the high heavens that they properly set up Dany's hell turn, but they didn't. And they can preach about "living in the greys and being messy" but none of that matters if you didn't earn it. Otherwise it's just cruelty for show. And I have zero interest in that. Also, D&D are cowards: What. Ever.
  2. And, I will admit, this could have been a compelling storyline. But listening to Tyrion trying to explain to Jon why we need to go kill Dany was just rage, rage, rage, rage, rage. It wasn't just Dany. That shot of Tyrion crying over Jamie and Cersei's bodies. Oh, what the FUCK ever. How are you still assassinating Jamie's character after he's dead. And Tyrion, who might cry over his brother's death, but both of them? Nah. Where was my cursing and calling Jamie an idiot? And I still can't get over THAT is the last shot of Cersei we see in the series. It feel so beneath her. A Villainess of her Caliber Deserves Better. AND, omg, I couldn't even be excited about Brienne filling in Jamie's story in the book. Brienne is about to become the first women to lead the Kingsguard and, just like Dany, we're making her end about a man? Jamie and her relationship were a huge part of both of their growth of the series, but she deserved some autonomy in the finale. They didn't even acknowledge her new title at the Council Table!!! Her only line was some OS remark!!! SUCH disrespect!!!
  3. I'm talking about reading them versus watching them. Like, you wouldn't think "Russians kill man's dog; man kills Russians" would be so compelling by just the description. I'm honestly so tired, and kind of numb. That was some straight up Misogynistic Male Garbage -- even with Sansa's Ending. Which will be used as a scapegoat for actual criticism and discussion, just as some yahoos saying D&D "should die" on twitter co-opted the constructive criticism of last week's episode. Dany was never wrong. She was not wrong to attack her rapists and oppressors or to burn the Slavers. She was not wrong to want to tear down that cruel world and rebuild it. Buuuut Then she gets to Westros and goes full "bitches be crazy" over some bells -- because accordingly to D&D her male council is all dead, so she doesn't have people telling her to quell her worst / violent instincts -- and suddenly she's The Mad Queen. And suddenly Dany's Death is all about JON. And how bad JON feels when he has to "kill the women he loves." She was so fucking happy looking at that throne. And then seconds later, one of the main characters on this series, one of the women you've been rooting for from the beginning, gets stabbed in the chest in the most uncreative and lazy way possible. No last words. No focus on her. Just dead, and it's all about Jon crying. I was so mad I was almost in tears. And the fact Drogon didn't just eat Jon is BULLSHIT. Cause that's what that dragon would have done if not for some plot armor.
  4. Reading the Spoilers Weeks Ago: Fuck This Shit. Watching The Episode:
  5. More like straight up beat it up and took its money in a back alley.
  6. I don’t need or want them to remake the season I want enough people to sign that it gets enough attention that Bob Iger tells Kathy to either fire those two or keep them on a short leash. GOT is dead. It is about protecting Star Wars now.
  7. You can’t post Marvel Studios and WB in the same sentence without getting accused of trolling. Hence, there was no point IMO. 🍵🍵
  8. AEG has Ass. Glorious, Glorious Ass And Ryan Reynolds being quirky and snarky. We were all fooled. Anyway, omg boys. I went to my parents murder mystery dinner only to come back and find out everyone has lost their damn mind. 😂😂😂
  9. I think it could be played either way -- as they planned together or Winston betrayed him. I would believe both. For me, I just love the world building they've done in the past two movies. It's a crazy mix of realism and heightened camp. I would totally read a comic series based on these characters or watch a spin-off. I also think John Wick is an excellent example for Hollywood that mid-tier budgets /work/, and that if they are obsessed with "cinematic universes", don't overcomplicate it. The Hotel/High Table connects the movies. Everything else is whatever that director wants to make it. I can't wait to go again. I haven't been this HYPED for a fight choreography (from a Hollywood film) in AGES.
  10. Re End Game’s legs: Boys: Once more, with feeling, from the top: It is three hours long It made 357M Opening Weekend It is three hours long It has made circa 750M in 22 Days It is THREE HOURS LONG it is not December THREE HOURS LONG While the run time did not hinder its opening weekend capabilities, it will no longer be able to maintain optimal showing times going forward. That will will obviously affect its legs during June until it gets a small FFH bump.
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