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  1. I feel like I can’t post my reactions cause they will be spoilers since they are 99% probably gonna be tied to Evans screen time. 😂😂😂😂
  2. “Moderator Voice” The Tracking Thread has been forecasting low previews and a solid FSS for weeks. We are also in the week before a Thanksgiving Break. With Thanksgiving being so late this year, most kids are still in school. So none of this is shocking. “Messy Bitch Voice” Ohh. Time for the meltdowns.
  3. I think my favorite part was how Disney was like "Elsa doesn't have a girlfriend" and then every time Honeymaren was on screen I was whispering: "Look it's her girlfriend."
  4. v Final Sales Comps Movie Sold % Est Frozen II Cinemagic 226 -- -- Toy Story 4 558 40.50% 4.86M The Lion King 561 40.28% 9.27M Average: 7.06M Lincoln Square 493 -- -- Toy Story 4 1273 38.72% 4.64M The Lion King 2483 19.85% 4.57M Average: 4.60M Movie Sold % Est A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Cinemagic 64 -- -- Rocketman 57 112.28% 1.96M OUATIH 237 27.00% 1.56M Average: 1.76M Lincoln Square 266 -- -- Rocketman 470 56.60% 0.990M OUATIH 1232 21.59% 1.25M Last Christmas 169 157.39% 0.905M Average: 1.05M Movie Sold % Est 21 Bridges Empire 25 192 -- -- Midway 243 79.01% 0.731M Doctor Sleep 454 42.29% 0.634M Terminator 564 34.04% 0.817M Gemini Man 601 31.95% 0.551M Average: 0.683M Me @ the Frozen Comps: Me Knowing Saturday Is Coming: Me Worrying Saturday Won't Deliver: Me Not Caring Cause Thanksgiving Is Right Around The Corner And I SAW IT AND IT WAS THE BEST OMG: Anyway, I don't have perfect comps for Neighborhood, but the comps are consistent which is nice. I feel like 1.25M would be a good start. If 21 Bridges makes 1M that'd be lovely. It's comping out just shy of it. I think the theater count could be holding it back. And big thanks to @Thanos Legion for getting my late show numbers while I was in the theater crying over Elsa.
  5. @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @Keanu @JJ-8 @PanaMovie @Sheikh @Thanos Legion @ZeeSoh Predictions Due In Less Than Three Hours! Let's go, Lesbians:
  6. I love how I am at my theater enough they just told me how many tickets they sold tonight 😂😂😂
  7. I love how I was totally going to ask for self reasons for you to not drop your numbers until after my Survivors said in their picks, but then I realized it's not Friday yet.
  8. Thank you! I totally forget this started at six and needed this, LOL
  9. Why does age matter? It is an animated musical with two female leads. I like: - animated movies - musicals - female leads ETA: Also weren’t you like SUUUPER hyped “it a gonna be the biggest movie of the year” for Incredibles last year? So were you wrong to be excited for that?
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