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  1. Ad Astra - Downton Abbey - Rambo Only Rambo's doing Thursdays at Cinemagic, so let's start there: v Comps Final Day Movie Sold % Est Southern Maine Cinemagic Rambo 37 -- -- John Wick 3 186 0.199 1.17M Hobbs & Shaw 146 0.253 1.47M OUATIH 237 0.156 .905M 1.18M Looking good. Looking like the rest of the comps, so why don't we go to Lincoln Square. I did say it was selling amazing. But did you notice the asterisk. Cause... As for the rest of LS13: v Comps Final Day Movie Sold % Est Lincoln Square 13 Ad Astra 743 -- Est Godzilla 1102 0.674 4.23M Dark Phoenix 1383 0.537 2.68M MIB3 653 1.153 3.57M ITC2 1174 0.632 6.64M 4.28M D Abbey 409 -- Est Rocketman 470 0.87 1.52M Yesterday 334 1.22 1.53M OUATIH 1232 0.33 1.92M 1.65M So Ad Astra's coming in hot due to the IMAX screen. I actually think 2.68M is its max range. I think 1.65M works for Downton Abbey, but would not be shocked if it got into the 2s. Note: even though my local Cinemagic didn't do Thursdays basically the entire weekend is paaaacked. Friday's a 147/448 (32%), Saturday's 79/448 (17.6%), and Sunday's 37/448 (8.25%) for a total of 19.5% of presales for the weekend. That's A LOT for Cinemagic. And I call the color PINK for the chart. Gotta keep those gender norms in tack. 😘
  2. I love that shit. Tell me what color everyone wants to be and I will get that going.
  3. That I do. That way I can hand craft my rainbow colors. Also, the Rambo sales are amazing* at LS13 tonight. Will posts full Comps around 12PM EST
  4. What’s up JCS? or is is Shivampa pretending to be JCS 🤔🤔
  5. It was fun! I already told chas I could help out with the Winter Games, too. Sorry I dropped the ball the last month. My work went into hyper gear.
  6. Just submitted my list. My Top 25 ended up as: Cabaret Alien Network M*A*S*H The Stepford Wives Young Frankenstein All The President's Men The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fiddler On The Roof Halloween Kramer vs Kramer Chinatown All That Jazz Apocalypse Now! Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Carrie The Aristocats 1776! Blazing Slades Star Wars Superman Sounder The Godfather The Godfather II Nashville
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