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  1. Probably regular shows and IMAX shows.
  2. Cause it is the best Phase One movie; and the -quick calucation- third or four best thing they’ve done 😉. Except for that Howling Commandos montage (Which should have been a long sequence with scenes) it’s pretty much perfect.
  3. The HYPE IS REAL. I'm so glad that in introducing its first female leading superhero, Marvel decided to tailor this to EXACTLY what women want: Feminism, Female Friendship, Space Fights, 90s Music, and Cats.
  4. I couldn't handle the film, despite really respecting its high concept, because I thought the kids and parents were so stupid. I was just angry at them instead of sympathetic. This also was my #3. Glad it's so high.
  5. I was just coming in to post this. Do it exclusive to the the theater for OW and the put it on YouTube Monday morning. Shitty cell phone copies will help get people to the theater on OW and then dropping the official version on Sunday or Monday after release will help CM's post OW legs + help the CM hype feed into the Endgame hype.
  6. I had it at #13, and probably would've gone higher but I assumed the demographic here wasn't in its favor. I'm really glad it's on the list at all. Re: Infinity War I had it at #1, because after the snafu of Black Panther's BOFFY Best Picture Nominee (still WTFing), I assumed the forum had thrown its weight behind AIW. Black Panther, my actual #1, was #2. I remember when @Panda did the Top 100, he said he thought the MCU didn't have as many films on the list because there was no consensus on which one is the best. ( *cough* Winter Soldier and Black Panther are the best *cough* ) So I figured with the BOFFY Snub, AIW was the pick. 🤷‍♀️ So I am intrigued to see where Black Panther lands.
  7. This is hilarious to me because it didn’t make my Top 25.
  8. captainwondyful

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    New York Times: What Will Win Best Picture? 20 Oscar Votes Spill Their Secrets Highlights are: Resistance to vote for Disney (Black Panther) and Netflix (Roma) All 20 Voted for Malek but none for Bohemian Rhapsody as Top Choice One older gentleman voted for Green Book because "sick of being told what to think" Only one voted for Vice, and that's because they were friends with the producers. Believe Blackkklansman will stand up the best historically, but none loved it. Loved the Favourite but didn't think it would win. Dislike of Lady Gaga killed A Star Is Born buzz From the article, I get the impression Green Book, Blackkklansman, Roma, and Black Panther are the only films resonating with the voters. My gut is saying they're going to go with Green Book, because, it's the Academy. That said, I wouldn't be at all shocked if Black Panther gets this based on preferential voting. It feels like there's no clear frontrunner, which means voting will go to a second or third round. Black Panther snags enough of those placements and that's enough to get them over the top. (I also confess I don't know how the Academy tallies its votes. I'm only going off of who we do Rank Choice Voting in Maine, where you need 50% of the votes to win.)
  9. Totally agree. 5 Years Later and, 1. Let It Go has 1.68 BILLION views on YouTube. 2. Sold-out musical on Broadway, which relit the fandom's flame. 3. Elsa and Anna featured heavily in Wreck-It-Ralph, and were talked about for like a year leading up to WIR's release. * If Disney was smart they'd put this in front of Captain Marvel.
  10. captainwondyful

    Miracles do Exist: Frozen II over The Lion King DOM

    I like this, but can’t see it. Now, if you wanna talk Frozen 2 WW > Ep 9 WW, we can totally chat.
  11. Omgomgomg. I don’t even like the first one and I am gagging.
  12. This reminds me of when I was in like second grade. I hate snakes, and was so disturbed/afraid of Jafar at the end of the movie, that the teacher had me color in the other around while the class watched the movie. 😂😂 Oh God. Now I’m thinking, are they going to do that in this one? Ew. That CGI is gonna be more nightmare fuel.
  13. captainwondyful

    Baby Mine: Dumbo > Aladdin DOM

    In after the "Blue Genie Atrocity". This has Disney Memorial Curse written all over it.
  14. That trailer makes me feel the way the Bohemian Rhapsody trailers did. It looks like a dumpster fire, but OH MY GOD THE MUSIC. When it hits those Friend Like Me notes, I just diiiie. I effing love Alan Menken. Still, this looks, as my friend said, "like a 1990s Wonderful World of Disney production."

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