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  1. Night of the Living Dead (1968) The Shining Halloween (1978) Alien Psycho Get Out Carrie (1976) Misery The Exorcist The Stepford Wives (1975) Silence of the Lambs The Sixth Sense Scream The Omen (1976) Let The Right One In The Fly The Bride of Frankenstein Frankenstein House of Haunted Hill (1959) The Others Shaun of the Dead Jaws The Birds Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) The Evil Dead 28 Days Later The Cabin in The Woods A Nightmare on Elm Street Ringu The Ring Dracula (1931) Bram Stroker’s Dracula (1992) Poltergeist An American Werewolf in London The Rocky Horror Picture Show A Quiet Place I Know What You Did Last Summer Deliverance Audition The Mist (2007, Black and White Version) The Thing Nosferatu The Haunting (1963) What We Do In The Shadows Train to Busan What Lies Beneath The Blair Witch Project Dawn of the Dead The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (974) The Love Witch Rosemary’s Baby
  2. captainwondyful

    Battle of the Blockbusters -Late 2018 Edition - ELITE EIGHT

    Raiders of the Lost Ark v. The Exorcist The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King v. The Godfather Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back v. Jaws  Star Wars: A New Hope v. Titanic
  3. captainwondyful

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    And after a very stressful morning, tickets to Comic Con 2019 are SECURE.
  4. The only thing I have to say is the music is still very pretty.
  5. captainwondyful

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    It is gonna be however many they need to make sure Black Panther is on the list (so I suspect 10).
  6. captainwondyful

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Have you watched Barbie’s Dream House or any of the new media they are doing lately? It is /awesome/.
  7. captainwondyful

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Exclusive Footage of Lea Michelle currently:
  8. captainwondyful

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 10 - Bad Times at Survivor City

    Deadlines? I just want to make sure I have them right.
  9. captainwondyful

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Meanwhile, in non Baseball News, Ryan Murphy might be the devil, but he's MY Gay Devil and God does he DELIVER.
  10. It was SUCH a good song. All of the songs were. I'm hyper-focusing on 'Always Remember Us This Way' cause it's gonna be the Shipper Angst Anthem for the next two decades. That's going on every FST.
  11. The trailer definitely works in the sense it is manipulating my interests and hype because it’s Queen. Their music is the definition of hype. But the I remember who directed it and find the will to resist.
  12. Thanks Han for The Best. Even if The Dark Knight is The Worst.
  13. captainwondyful

    A Star is Born (2018)

    I remember Bradley Cooper on Alias, so like, I am both so proud and so SHOOKTH.
  14. HOLY SHIT BRADLEY COOPER DID THAT. ASIB is gonna make SO MUCH MONEY between the crazy ass old people legs and the Oscar Release once it wins ALL THE AWARDS.

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