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  1. Yes and no. D23 they are only A PART of the live action panel which is usually like 1:30 to 2 hours long. They normally only get like 15 minutes. So, yeah, it is Disney’s Con, and it does give them another press cycle, on the other hand there is no time be TRULY EPIC. Moreover, to get even more inside baseball than I already am — sorry if this isn’t box office related — D23 is normally a very tradition DISNEY Con. The people that normally go there are old school disney fans that don’t like the new subsidiaries at the Con. D23 sells badges at premiums with better seats. So the old rich folks that can afford the $1000+ tickets get the front, and they are NOT there for Marvel. There is a reason the biggest POP from the crowd two years ago was Mary Poppins Returns. If you want the “I can’t hear cause the room is so loud from the crying and cheers over Kevin Feige saying the word “Skrulls” for a future hype package, you need to do that at Hall H. Until D23 gives Marvel (and Star Wars) their own panels ... or Marvel does their version of Celebrations. Lolol. That was a half joke. I meant it more in I find it LOL that in the same sentence they killed akira they announced thor 4
  2. All right. OG6? Pipe dream. I COULD see Kevin fronting that bill, AND there is an extra half an hour. But Pipe Dream. Mackie is a “lock”. They already confirmed him for the Russo Event on that mothereffing IMDB boat. So there will be Disney+ talk. ScarJo is a “95-10 range, depending on what the West Coast Numbers say”. She and Renner were the only ones to not send in a video for the Russos panel. It is also the one movie with footage. So she and the director will be here. Black Panther 2, Shang-Chi, Dr. Strange 2 have all been announced and in pre-production. More than likely will be discussed. GOTG Vol 3 is back on, but I don’t know if they will give updates on that. It might pull headlines from: CHLOE ZHAO CONFIRMED. ETERNALS ANNOUNCEMENTS EMINENT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING OUT THE CAST. And o think it is too early for an Ant-Man 3 and Captain Marvel 2 announcement. That is probably next year. ETA: With Taika’s people probably leaking Thor 4 after the Akita FUBAR, people think the and Hems will be here. I actually think Hiddles makes more sense due to him getting his own Disney+ series. Two birds, one stone.
  3. Oh. No. I totally agree with that. I am SHOCKED that wasn’t a MAIN promo for Infinity War.
  4. I have mixed feelings in this. It would certainly be great for everyone not at Comic Con. As an attendee? Naaaah. The amount of work needed to get into Hall H deserves to be rewarded. This is why within the Con the WB panel was always eye-roll inducing. I just spent three days participating in a complicated team work and extreme urban camping exercise for you to release the damn thing two minutes later? I could have stayed in bed. I could have gone to Ballroom 20. Not cool. You would also loose some of the punch-drunk pandemonium of the crowd. No one has slept in 20 hours. People are basically running on adrenaline and $10 nachos by the time Marvel rolls up. People do all of that FOR the exclusive footage.
  5. No OH. PLEASE LET HIM. I will report his ass with a D wristband SOOO FAST ETA: You CAN NOT live stream events at SDCC. You can record the panel talk for later. But not footage or ANYTHING on the screen unless given permission. Do people? Yeah. Of course. People are dicks. This is One of the biggest issues SDCC and the studios have. They do not want their footage out there. This is why the WB IMMEDIATELY releases footage/trailers after their panel, and probably one of the reasons they pulled out this year. So if Conrad is live streaming eff him
  6. LMFAO. security is having us VERIFY we are in groups. This is taking forever. @Gavin Feng 5:30PM - 7PM PST
  7. Recovering from Saturday Hall H Line PTSD (Seriously, Worst. Line. Management. I Have seen in 10 Years. But we're really close boys, and it's not even Saturday!
  8. I have been in line for seven hours without good cell phone service for Kevin and we still have probably another three hours. 😂😂😂😂 This is the worst line management in years.
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