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  1. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT We're starting at 10PM!!!
  2. I finished Russell T Davies' It's A Sin at 5AM this morning. Watched whole thing in one setting. It was monumental. He did an amazing job with the time he had (it was suppose to be eight episodes, but they cut it down to five episodes). Created a full portrait of the joy and sorrow of the 1980's gay culture, and it just absolutely gutted me. We lost so much because of the AIDS epidemic and the failures of society to response. If you don't know anything about the era, I hiiiiiiighly recommend it.
  3. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT I will always love you, BOT. Room is open!
  4. Of course I did, Wendy Woman was terrible. it wasn't going on the list.
  5. For the record, I only submitted: 1. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga 2. Soul 3. Let Them All Talk 4. The Prom Since nothing else I watched this year remotely counted, and Nomadland (WHICH IS THE BEST FILM) was DQ'd.
  6. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT Time to learn how to whistle. Room is open. we're gonna start at 2PM
  7. We're going to start Paris Blues sometime between 9 and 9;30PM I'm going to open the room @ 9.
  8. I literally just sent in a list so I could put #25 @ # 1. TOO LOW.
  9. Tonight we are honoring Christopher Plummer with Beginners:
  10. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT
  11. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT Room is alive.
  12. FEBRUARY SCHEDULE When thinking of the schedule for this month, I really wanted to focus on romantic comedies and romances, because I had told @Plain Old Tele after watching The Man Who Would Be King "no more boy movies." LOL. SOUNDER February 4, 2021 / 9:30PM EST In memoriam of Cicely Tyson, who passed away last week at the age of 96, we're going to watch her Academy Award nominated performance in Sounder from 1972. Tyson stars as Rebecca, a young mother carrying for her family and their farm while her husband is serving a prison sentence for stealing food. Her performance is quintessential "the quiet storm" and it's a masterclass. In an interview on the Turner Classic Movies cable channel, she recalled that she had been asked to test for a smaller role in the film and said she wanted to play the mother, Rebecca. She was told, “You’re too young, you’re too pretty, you’re too sexy, you’re too this, you’re too that, and I said, `I am an actress.’” THE LAST PICTURE SHOW February 6, 2021 / 2:00PM EST In memoriam of Cloris Leachman, who passed away last week at the age of 94, we're going to watch her Academy Award winning performance in The Last Picture Show. Us younger folks might remember her best as the crazy old broad on Dancing With the Stars, but she was actually a really great actress. The Last Picture Show is directed and written by Peter Bogdanovich. "In 1951, a group of high schoolers come of age in a bleak, isolated, atrophied North Texas town that is slowly dying, both culturally and economically." MOONSTRUCK February 10, 2021 / Wednesday 9:30PM EST SNAP. OUT. OF. IT. Here's the T. Over the last month I have rewatched all 12 seasons of RuPauls's Drag Race, plus 4 Seasons of All-Stars (LOL, NOT rewatching Season Three. I can't go through that TRAUMA again.) So, it's time for Cher! And Nic Cage! THE BODYGUARD February 13, 2021 / Saturday 2PM EST Our second "Music Icon Turns Actress" of the week is Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard. It's kind of hard to stress how iconic this experience is. It's a pure Whitney Vehicle at the height of her Power. Kevin Coster is blessed to be in her presence. PARIS BLUES February 17, 2021 / Wednesday 9:30PM EST There were a bunch of options for a romance with Sidney Poitier. I thought about Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, A Patch of Blue, or A Warm December. But I settled on Paris Blues which is set in Paris in the 1960's, and follows two American expatriate jazz musicians working in the city, and dating two American tourists. It also stars Diahann Caroll, Paul Newman, and Joanne Woodward. Paul and Joanne are married IRL, so it's kind of a two-for. TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT February 20, 2021 / Saturday 2PM EST A month of classic romances and no Bogie and Bacall. Never. This Howard Hawks film is Bacall's screen debut and the film she met Bogie on. BRIEF ENCOUNTER February 24, 2021 / Wednesday 9:30PM EST Often talked about as one the best romance films of all time, this entry by David Lean (who that? Wonder if he did anything after this?), follows a woman tempted to cheat on her husband. Based on a Noel Coward play. CARMEN JONES February 27, 2021 / Saturday 2:00PM EST A perfect segue to March, will be modeled after TCM's 31 Days of Oscar, Carman Jones stars Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen. For this role, she is the first African-American woman to be nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role,
  13. MODERATION: Since we have like 3500 MCU threads, I’m just gonna post this here in hopes that everyone sees it, so that I don’t have to post it like 3500 times individually and spam all the threads: When you’re talking about the MCU, please make sure that you’re talking specifically about that title in that thread. I.e; Dr Strange Thread is for Dr Strange. And if you want to reference any other property, especially if it isn’t out yet, please use the spoiler tags. I know that this is specifically a little difficult with Doctor Strange, where the Internet is convinced everyone under the sun is going to show up at some point. But just try and be mindful that people do tend to avoid spoilers, and we don’t want to accidentally Spoil anyone. Not everyone stays up-to-date on all the casting announcements. Thanks!
  14. The fact that I don’t get tagged in this shit, it’s just downright offensive. It’s rude. 😘
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