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  1. Lucasmessi12

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    I knew that those comps comparing presales of this movie with other horror movies did not mean anything, no way this movie was going to open with $100m OW, like some here were predicting, and these people said that BOP was being unrealistic and too conservative with $54m OW prediction.
  2. Very likely it will make more than R$150m, I would say between R$175m-R$200m, will depend on the exchange rates to know how much it will be in U$ Dollar.
  3. I would not take those comments that Shazam "screams America" here seriously, some of these people are just trolls or biased.
  4. I think you're confusing Aquaman with Captain Marvel (this one actually had a big boost because infinity war / endgame tie in). If Justice League ( lowest grossing DCEU movie) had an impact on Aquaman he would have very strong openings and average/weak legs, and this did not happen (but with Captain Marvel this happened, no doubt about it).
  5. True, Jurassic world tracking was $100m 2 weeks before debut, and opened with $208m. https://variety.com/2015/film/news/jurassic-world-box-office-1201504981/
  6. Hollywood thinks all brown people look the same (Anglo people are like this too).
  7. Lucasmessi12

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    I think it's very unlikely that Far from Home reach $1 bi (it's not strong enough Domestically), I think it's going to stay at $300m Dom, and I do not think it makes $700m OS, CM had a much bigger hype in its favor because of pre Endgame Boost , TS4 is much more likely to reach $1 bi (Nostalgia will be big). And Far From Home is Sony, not Disney.
  8. Dumbo probably does not reach $500m WW, I'm feeling it will be weak OS.
  9. Mediocre reviews and high score on Rotten tomatoes (weird for other franchises, but not for MCU movies, I'm sure if Alita was a MCU movie this could be at least 85% score on Rotten Tomtoes Lol). Must be a movie on the same level as Ant man movies (at best).
  10. Lucasmessi12

    Alita: Battle Angel

    $200M OS-China+$110m China= $310m OS. + $105m Domestic = $415m Worldwide.
  11. Because Black Panther had the best exchange rates of the year, (and Venom and Aquaman the worst, among all superhero movies of 2018), Difference in local currencies is even bigger.
  12. Yeah, but the exchange rates at that time were much, much, much better everywhere. this is a great advantage they had over the current films.
  13. As I expected Probably will end up on the R$140m. Aquaman also reached 8m admissions,

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