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  1. From what I've seen, the vast majority of Venom's stories are not "R Rated"/Mature, so why the movie need to be?
  2. I do not see this movie making success outside of domestic/ UK market, in Brazil The hype for this film is much lower than any other live action remake from Disney (minus Pooh movie Lol) in China this movie will probably be a flop..
  3. The Conjuring Universe movies box office.. 1 The Conjuring 2 WB (NL) $320.4 $102.5 32% $217.9 68% 2016 2 The Conjuring WB (NL) $319.5 $137.4 43% $182.1 57% 2013 3 Annabelle: Creation WB (NL) $306.5 $102.1 33.3% $204.4 66.7% 2017 4 The Nun WB (NL) $292.6 $100.9 34.5% $191.7 65.5% 2018 5 Annabelle WB (NL) $257.0 $84.3 32.8% $172.8 67.2% 2014 TOTAL: $1,496.0 $527.1 35.2% $968.9 The Nun will be the largest box office worldwide in the Conjuring universe, I really didn't expect that.
  4. According to filme B, The Nun broke some records,.. -Biggest opening weekend of all time for a terror movie in Brazil, made R$25.6m(Local currency) to an audience of 1.6 million people, and surpassed even the premiere of IT, which led 1.2 million of people to theaters in 2017 (It was the record holder). -Biggest opening weekend for a film released in September. -The biggest opening for a Warner Bros. Pictures movie in Brazil in 2018, and the fourth biggest opening of all time for a Warner Bros film in Brazil.
  5. Phenomenal opening in Brazil, looks like was a bigger opening weekend than "IT" even with the exchange rates being worse now.
  6. Lucasmessi12

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Very likely (expecting someone who knows better), but next weekend ml6 should have a much better drop than AM2 had on his second weekend, I think.
  7. He said $50m +... not $55m +, still breakout and the biggest opening of the Conjuring universe movies, crazy!
  8. Perhaps views in the Venom trailers were huge only outside US, but small in North America?

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