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  1. Titans is great, one of the best Superhero tv shows of all time, Young Justice has returned and is phenomenal, DC Universe tv shows are all great so far. And Swamp Thing probably will be the best comic book tv show this year, not even Watchmen will be on the same level.
  2. There are some leaked images (poor quality), trailer comes soon for sure. According to rumors trailer will be released on 19 January.
  3. Lucasmessi12


    Disney/Marvel fans in this thread.
  4. Lucasmessi12


  5. CM can beat Aquaman because it is connected with AV4 and is clearly benefiting from it, with no connection to AV4 or release date near AV4 (that will help CM hype) ,CM would not have chance. however, it is still a bit more unlikely (Just a guess).
  6. Lucasmessi12

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    3/4 is not a big difference when you're comparing with the biggest CBM of all time domestic, now compare it with Ant Man or Captain America-first avenger.
  7. Lucasmessi12

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Well, using the same calculation as a2k, Black Panther global theatrical returns is around $625m. Aquaman global theatrical returns will be 3/4 of the Black Panther, not bad, considering that more than half of Black Panther BO came from the domestic market ( biggest CBM all time domestic), i thought the difference would be bigger.
  8. According to Mojo, Black Panther had made R$97m at the end of the 4 week in Brazil, Aquaman R$110m in the same period. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/brazil/?yr=2018&wk=10&currency=local&p=.htm Mojo numbers are correct. https://www.cineclick.com.br/noticias/bilheteria-brasil-pantera-negra-lidera-pela-quarta-semana-seguida
  9. And will beat Black Panther (R$120.8m) and become the biggest solo superhero movie in Brazil, needs only R$10m for that and made $12.4m this weekend (and $15.4m last weekend , strong legs) I think Aquaman will end up around R$130m. Dragon ball super Brolly = 412k of tickets sold on OW, more than the entire run of DB Resurrection F.
  10. I think you're confusing with Mark Hughes (also from Forbes) who was the first to say that Aquaman has a chance to reach $1 bi (even before opening in NA).

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