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  1. Perhaps views in the Venom trailers were huge only outside US, but small in North America?
  2. BO Long Range Forecast for Suicide Squad are a bit accurate. OW= $98,000,000 Total= $275,000,000 https://pro.boxoffice.com/long-range-forecast-suicide-squad-founder-nine-lives/ But yeah, I find these numbers for Venom too low, less than $90m total?
  3. Look at this opening weekend.... Look at those legs... I think these numbers are toooo low and far from reality, but BO are good in long range tracking.
  4. Just to finish... I don't remember seeing stats of the number of views from trailers of WB/DC films...neither BVS, Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman, so I don't think I'll see something about Aquaman too.
  5. Was it WB that showed these stats/numbers? I don't think so. And also do not think that number of trailers views in 24 hours are a parameter to measure the success that a movie can make, "IT " had 197m of views in the first 24 hours, the force awakens had 112m, and we knew who made more at BO. Aquaman trailer views comparison would be better with others (solo) superhero movies, and especially with other WB/DC movies.
  6. WB never shows this data, and since these views (from BP) is counting all the platforms that exist, it's hard for us to know.
  7. One of the biggest surprises of this SDCC, reaction was much bigger and better than I imagined, people are loving this trailer (me too), now I will increase my prediction of BO domestic from $220m to $310m.
  8. Great trailer, and from what I saw trailer that was shown only to the public at SDCC was even better, I think that in something like 2 months WB will release this trailer online, it must be awesome!
  9. By the end of last weekend was in R$89m, R$100m will be easy, I think it will ends with R$120m legs looks good. https://www.omelete.com.br/bilheteria-brasil/12-julho-2018
  10. Tomorrow I'll see something like 100 positive comments/likes on offical WB youtube channel vs 1 negative/deslike, I have no doubt that the trailer will be epic
  11. Everyone seems to have become very similar to the look of comics, this looks so good that looks unreal , I cant wait for the trailer on Saturday.

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