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  1. Let's make a bet? Do you delete your account if Shazam reaches $388m? I delete mine if it does not reach , what do you think Thanos boy?
  2. No, WW difference will not be $150m, more likely to be around $120m. And Ant man has bigger budget, likely higher marketing costs, and BO total more dependent on China.
  3. No, Divergent made $288m WW, Shazam will make at least $100m more than that.
  4. Age of ultron made R$146m in 2015, that R$187m from BOM is wrong. https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/os-filmes-mais-vistos-e-de-maior-renda-no-brasil-em-2015/
  5. Dumbo is making very good numbers in most of Europe and Mexico, in all others places is a disaster, this is strange.
  6. Infinity war (which is the biggest OW in Brazil) made R$65m in the opening weekend, Captain Marvel will finish his run around R$148m.,
  7. It will happen mostly in front loaded markets, in countries with good legs will be rare (in Brazil for example, it is impossible).
  8. You've been a bit aggressive, but it's true, these guys keep talking about EG opening day/OW for weeks, everyone knows EG will open big, legs that will be a "problem" if worse than IW.
  9. South Korea is the worst market for DC movies, so I already expected bad numbers for Shazam here (Aquaman was an exception).
  10. The big difference will be in China only, OS-China Shazam and Ant man will be very similar, So a comparison between Ant man and Shazam OS-China markets is fair. I was expecting better numbers, mainly because of China, I was hoping that Shazam could make something between $120m- $ 130m here. , but this movie will do enough to have a sequel, Shazam also has a good reception from critics and audience WW (except in China and Korea), and this is also important for this film to receive green light and have a sequel.
  11. One of the worst possible release dates ever, I have no idea what Lionsgate was thinking when they decided to put that movie on that date.
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