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  1. Yeah a lot of those dislikes are from people who will go to see it if for no other reason than so they can rage with specificity on social media afterwards.
  2. They did pretty much the same thing with Joaquin Phoenix in his Joker make-up; put it out there about a year before the movie comes out.
  3. If he didn't get a date that means he did what everyone else was doing; he guessed. Maybe he had a little something extra to inform that guess but it was still a guess. He landed on Tuesday by overlooking the Oscar announcements. I don't think it's really any more complex than that.
  4. Bingo. It would have been foolish to drop a trailer for really any movie today, especially one that can probably use a little extra oomph in the buzz department, for those that aren't already jazzed about seeing it. They wouldn't want it trying to wade through the predictable back and forth on social media over the Oscar nominations. Pick a day you think will be quieter on that front and hope the news cycle doesn't serve up a curve ball.
  5. Yeah it clearly has problems. No one needs friends on the lot to see that. It's in plain sight.
  6. The "source" for the Screen Rant article is the same Scott Bechtel tweet that was posted in this thread a few days ago. The one that started "heard a whisper through the grapevine". How many degrees of separation from the production of the movie does that vine start, only he can say and he isn't. For all we know he read it on the SHH forum. But he has responded to all of the hoopla since then. https://twitter.com/ZOMBIEHIGHX23/status/1087179330269179905
  7. Wasn't there a rumor regarding the trailer recently that is at odds with a particular part of this?
  8. I won't be surprised if it goes the Hulu route but ... the source for this is a guy who co-hosts some podcast I've never heard of before. I'll remain skeptical for now.
  9. He says he's not leaving to work at another studio but to devote time to things that have stacked up on the sidelines.
  10. Yeah Solo simply ended up being the first Star Wars movie of the Disney era that landed on the calendar where originally intended. December only happened in the first place for TFA because that was the compromise Iger made with Abrams when he tried to get it pushed out a full year. The next two got shuffled as a result. Disney had wanted it in the summer from the get.
  11. I think GDT was insisting on a budget of something like $120M or he wouldn't be interested in making it.
  12. Sure, the prequels created a new generation of fans. That's why there was a bitter, loud divide in the fanbase (just as there is now, and just as loud). For the new fans they created the PT was their Star Wars and many were angry with the old guard for diminishing their enjoyment of them with the unending criticisms. ROTS was the least disliked for many of those older fans but the criticisms of it didn't change or drop off all that much. Certainly not enough to make Lucas feel any differently about making more movies (that answer from him about making more came just a couple of years before he sold to Disney). The Sequel Trilogy has created a new generation of fans to. It might be hard to gauge just how many at this point. I don't think toy sales can be used as an accurate measuring stick because kids today have so much more to choose from to spend their free time on. Certainly more than we did during the OT period and even when the PT was coming out. I had a ton of SW toys growing up but I have no doubt that if I had access to today's gaming systems or tablets I wouldn't have owned many basic action figures or vehicles, even with the modest upgrades they've had since then.
  13. You realize the PT gave rise to the "George Lucas raped my childhood!!" reactions right? The heated opinions on the PT have softened since the Disney revival because, at the time, most people thought that the prequels were going to be the franchise's send off and there would be no more movies to follow. That and the fires have had over a decade to die down. But make no mistake, a large swath of the fans weren't very accepting of them back when they came out just because they were Lucas' creation. Just ask Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, or Ahmed Best how accepting they were. When asked about making more Star Wars movies (before he decided to sell the company) Lucas himself responded why would he make more when people just end up telling you how much of a terrible person you are for having made them. No offense to your uncle but on this, the dude is just wrong.
  14. They have Mulan slated for 2020 and it's already in production. They don't seem to be in any hurry with TLM, yet.
  15. If you missed him in the international trailer you may need to have your eyes and ears checked.
  16. It probably does but as soon as you add a viewer participation component you're creating what some will view as a platform. What you'd end up with is the prestige normally associated with an Academy Award crossed with the shenanigans of the RT audience score.
  17. Not that they could ever lure him back, but giving GotG 3 to Edgar Wright and watching the Gunn fans and Wright stans go at it would be at least an amusing post-A4 distraction.
  18. MoviePass: See a movie a day for only $9.95 per month /attend 2 movies in a month MoviePass: You're abusing the system !!!
  19. It supposedly still works for buying MI tickets for Landmark theaters.
  20. I've always thought that George was willing to take a bit of a bath on TCW in the interest of getting his animation team up to the point he wanted them to be at in the event that he was able to put Strange Magic into production. Didn't end up helping the later none too much either way.
  21. Truly horrible news. After seeing Kevin Smith, who is not much younger than Schnepp, cheat death not too long ago, I hope some of the same good fortune can find it's way to Jon. The guy is way too young for this.
  22. People always seemed to like all of those Deathpool gags on the Twitter. We should give that a shot.
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