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  1. You can add in Millie Bobby Brown. She considers her unlikable off-camera in spite of her performances in front of it.
  2. If you think that was an attempt to get her off the hook you're completely misreading it. She overstates how connected she is in an attempt to pass her whole schtick off as fulfilling some sort of journalistic responsibility to spearhead an intervention from behind a webcam instead of being yet another one of her plays for clicks and subs. And yeah, a pretty shitty thing to do.
  3. The casting sheet makes it sound like the Eternal usually known as Sprite (immortal child, eventually gave rise to legends/stories such as Peter Pan, powers were centered around illusions).
  4. She said she followed up with someone who had read the script. Those "sources" she cited when she mentioned test screenings were other people on social media who had tweeted about liking what they saw in the test screening.
  5. Is that pic on a monitor a spider with a skull for an abdomen?
  6. Is that a hood folded down at the top of his back? If so I gotta think Taskmaster.
  7. Is that spider webs strung across the letters? I certainly don't see them carrying that over into the final logo.
  8. Of course it didn't. You're talking about integrating two slates that, up until a few months ago, were planned by competing studios. Some adjustments are more overtly necessary than others and there's not much sense in hem hawing around on those, particularly when it grants a longer production window for those films. But what could be considered "dumping" a troubled acquired project doesn't necessitate immediately shifting a release date forward. They can just as easily do that by limiting NM's planned reshoots, which have yet to happen, to pickups and letting it land on it's current date or push it a couple of weeks if they conclude a little more room between it and Mulan would be beneficial to the later.
  9. Not saying they will end up doing either of those things, but the deal for Fox has been closed less than 3 months. It's not as if Disney's release slate has been thin during that time frame. And their acquisition of Comcast's stake in Hulu hasn't even happened yet (and won't for an estimated 5 years).
  10. At this point would any of us be surprised if, knowing media were snapping pics of the shoot, they had her do the scene with an iPhone with the intention of removing the logo and whatnot in post, just to send the fan speculation off on a wild goose chase?
  11. Cons are fan service events. They're not well suited as a promotional spotlight because so much news and trailers are dropping over the course of a few days that everything ends up fighting for attention in the social media and news cycles that immediately follow. If giving your fanbase a thrill is what you need, then they're good for that but little else.
  12. It does seem like he just throws a lot of stuff at the wall an occasionally something hits the mark. The mods for the Marvel Spoilers reddit won't even allow his stuff to be posted over there anymore (or Daniel Richtman's for that matter).
  13. Aside from the shorter bangs it's most similar to her hair style in the AoE flashback sequence. The length seems closer to that as well.
  14. It was never a big problem relative to the entire landscape, it's just that they always chose high profile targets. Which is what prompted RT to make some adjustments. Creating a perception of the audience score being unreliable up on high where everyone was watching has a spillover effect on how the integrity of the score is viewed for every movie.
  15. He might win 1 out of sheer persistence but he'd have to show some actual range to get more than that, and he has precious little.
  16. Fans buying "empty seats". I"m pretty sure every ticket ever bought is for one of those. Fans of specific franchises going to see it's movies over and over again an absurd number of times, driving up it's box office in the process, is hardly new either. Likewise campaigns intent on helping Movie X outperform Movie Y. I'm pretty sure there was a rather well known example of that earlier this year.
  17. No love for The Micronauts. Though they're a jumbled mess of rights issues. Most were based on the toys (which Marvel no longer has any rights at all to), some were original characters (which Marvel has full and clear rights to, so they could show up in the MCU), and a few are original characters that had alter egos based on toys (so Marvel has rights to them apart from their alter egos).
  18. No it doesn't. The fact that he managed to pull down suspensions and threadbans all along the way across at least 3 different alt accounts doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the potential for future good behavior either. Poisoning the well and vigorously stirring the pot afterwards is harmful enough to peaceful discourse all on it own without ever finding the need to target specific users.
  19. Well it's not his wedding that would have been the terminal event. It's the follow-ups where things got sticky.
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