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  1. The problem with such a stand is that a good chunk of that toxic fandom is actively wanting the franchise to collapse. A large percentage of established name directors opting out of ever directing one of the movies is an incremental step towards that goal. But there would be a sweet tinge of irony to Rian Johnson ending up directing the majority of them for the foreseeable future due to a lack of takers.
  2. Daredevil and Elektra ... with Affleck and Garner tying the knot for reals a couple of years afterwards.
  3. Of course you can like McGregor as Obi-Wan and still have an otherwise low regard for the prequels. The Disney era movies have leaned pretty heavily on OT era nostalgia though. TFA did it to such an extent that there were some people who looked at that as a not so subtle repudiation of the particular part of the franchise they happen to like the most. And I didn't say anything about having to have a jedi as the main character in a SW movie. I just think that maybe (spitballing here) that the GA sees Star Wars in very narrow terms. It scratches a particular itch with them. And once you take away enough of the elements that indicate that's what a movie will be doing (flashing around a lightsaber is one of those) then you better be replacing all of that with something compelling. Solo didn't, at least not in it's marketing (so yeah it was half of the problem). Rogue One still had enough of that old secret sauce showing up in the marketing; conflict between good guys and bad guys playing out on an epic scale, WW2 styled combat in space, Vader, and all of it bound together in sweeping orchestral pieces. I think the core fans see the franchise as a bit more than that particular mix but I don't think LFL has succeeded in cultivating that same regard with the general audience yet.
  4. Yeah of all the various spin-off ideas that have been floated out there, Obi-Wan is the one that has probably garnered the most fan support outside of Rogue One. I'm not wanting to see them go that way myself but of the ones that are known to be in development it's probably the smartest play. When the disaffected camp of fans was starting to take shape a few years ago some of the earliest adopters were the prequelists who believe that the new blood at Lucasfilm harbors a certain disdain for those movies. Bringing McGregor back would reach out to that group. And the character is a jedi so they can use lightsaber combat in the marketing. I think that part of the problem they had with marketing Solo to the general audience was that it was stripped of too many of the franchise's traditional hallmarks that the GA identifies with it, undercutting it's surface appeal.
  5. Probably. Disney will want to float a reminder out there for Fox shareholders voting on their offer in about a month that they have one of the most prolifically successful franchises in their stable and not just a Star Wars property in the midst of a stumble.
  6. It was a web show. Well show might be a little generous. Most of the vids were like 5ish minutes long.
  7. And BP tickets went on sale further away from the opening date than Solo's did. More than 2 weeks further away from it as I remember. Solo outselling it in the first 24 hours isn't outlandish, even with the poor performance opening weekend.
  8. I wouldn't go that far. He said he initially thought it might open to about $100M but he started buying into the tracking and the Fandago presales stories after they made the rounds. He's trying to say now he never thought it would do that well but he certainly didn't call bullocks on those tracking numbers at the time. Just listen to his Star Wars Talk vid from May 6 (which is still up for now).
  9. Ron Howard was saying a couple of days ago he was having serious discussions with LFL about a Willow sequel. Maybe they can put all three franchises on a rotation.
  10. There was a lack of enthusiasm bordering very close to disinterest among many of the fans. Nothing close to unanimous but it was certainly common to hear people voice it ever since this thing was announced. If a big chunk of your core fans aren't jazzed for a movie on a conceptual level, then it's not unreasonable to assume that the a big chunk of the GA will react similarly. The marketing for it didn't seem like it was crafted with an awareness of that.
  11. Someone who seems to skate by with the least amount of blame attached out of that whole situation is Lawrence Kasdan. The indications are there that his being very territorial over the script, which was his writing swan song and his son's first truly major writing credit, played a big part in those two getting the boot.
  12. Hmmm, yeah ... that ain't happenin'. Even if you want to discount the vast majority of hit films she has under her belt as producer as simply a by-product of her long association with Spielberg and her husband Frank Marshall, the successes at Lucasfilm under her tenure alone has her in a position to eat an outright flop and hold on to her job with ease.
  13. Turns out this is one of those survived development hell projects. The Jim Henson Company originally announced they were developing this in ... 2008.
  14. I had been interested in this when they announced it but after seeing that trailer ... yeah, it's a pass. I'm down with toilet humor but it needs to be just a little clever to take in well over an hour of it and almost none of that was. They seem to be leaning way too hard to on "They're puppets! Sayin' and doin' dirty shit, HA!". That can be a start but it would wear thin quick.
  15. Yeah he was an Eternal that carried the Deviant gene, which was why his physical appearance who so different from the other members of his race.
  16. It might be new for the Sony movies (I think they only ever gave Marvel a production nod in the openings before) but the Fox movies have all been "in association with Marvel ________ " as far as I recall. Pairing it with the logo is the only real new thing here.
  17. He was just being cryptic. It's the Snyder Cut up on that cross, the script dangling above it's head, pierced by a nail for each hour of run time.
  18. They might want to re-examine their hiring practices with Simons as well. At least with a particular Simon.
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