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  1. It's just one of the Lunar New Year posters that Disney has started doing for their upcoming releases for the year. They did them for about a dozen different movies this year.
  2. Yeah I agree. If you're going to plant your flag on a point of creative contention which makes the most sense; Ahsoka Tano, after a period of tutelage under Anakin Skywalker, goes on to become a formidable warrior or Darth Maul, after being cut in half in the in the cinema classic The Phantom Menace gets some new legs via force voodoo and proceeds to wreck all comers? I know where I'd land and it's not on Campea Island.
  3. He's given Filoni flack for overpromoting Ahsoka in the two series she's appeared in for a while now. Anyone who has read the Ahsoka Tano novel (which Filoni didn't write but I'm sure was consulted on) already has an idea as to Maul's fate during the Siege of Mandalore.
  4. Yeah I know it's just an IMDB entry I'm just saying the phrasing can be interpreted different ways, whether it's a legit synop or not.
  5. "Research on the Time Stone" could be an effort by Strange to find a way to reform it or infuse something else with it's power. Since Wanda's abilities came from an Infinity Stone that would be a good pretext for involving her in his research.
  6. I know Derrickson made it known that Nightmare was a villain he wanted to play around with but is there anything indicating he's going to be the big bad beyond that? (I haven't followed the rumors on this one very closely, just caught a few set pics from WandaVision). Maybe one of the creative differences he backed out over was Marvel trying to tie Wanda back to the entity from her comic book origin; ie. Chthon.
  7. There's the obvious mashup of the two characters' names. Also the premise of the show is apparently based on Wanda creating a pocket reality where she and Vision live an idyllic American middle class life that mirrors classic television shows from the late 50's/early 60's. Maybe she watches old re-runs as a means of escape, I dunno.
  8. My point was not that they weren't involved with current situation but rather that the Story Group isn't a bunch of men, whatever anyone thinks their role is or isn't. I think the fact that Rian Johnson worked so closely with them is relevant, though I think many probably overestimate the extent that it is. And Pablo Hidalgo has been regularly deleting his twitter account history and/or going dark for years. Well before TLJ caused a turf battle on the platform. I know because I've often tried to go look for old tweets of his where he provided this or that piece of information about the Star Wars canon only to find out it got flushed in the most recent purge. As I said, he's a holdover from when Lucas owned the studio. He was there for all the negative reactions the PT caused with some. Given how some of the more vicious parts of those criticisms affected some of the actors (and to a lesser extent Lucas himself) I get why he doesn't give some people a lot of latitude when they're operating in the same vein now.
  9. I don't think you can count the Story Group amongst the "men run amuck". The core of that group, when Kathleen Kennedy first put it together, were 4 women. After it was grown beyond that it was headed by Kiri Hart for most of Kennedy's tenure so far (Hart left Lucasfilm at the beginning of this year). The public face of the SG is Pablo Hidalgo but he's essentially just a Star Wars lore historian and author of the visual dictionaries (and a few short stories). Both he and Leland Chee are holdovers from when Lucas still owned the studio. On the whole it's a pretty diverse group.
  10. I don't think she hates KK. She's sung her praises often enough in the past. And she liked TLJ. But GR knows that, in the sandbox she makes her living in, there's more juice in pandering to the Star Wars malcontents, so that's what she does.
  11. The problem is what adjustments can they make to increase it's appeal in emerging markets that won't alienate a sizeable chunk of the fanbsase in it's traditional footprint that is resistant to sweeping changes in the franchise. I think The Old Republic is probably the best approach to that. A lot of fans are begging for it and it would provide a good opportunity for some broader changes to the visual palette and a narrative dynamic other than "the beleaguered underdog vs the oppressive super power".
  12. I'd agree that it is, yes. But it's also operating in a relatively empty space left in the wake of one of the more iconic comic books runs. It's a musing on what could have happened afterwards (and a damn good one at that). The MCU is still running on a mishmash formula built on existing source material because there's just so much of it left untapped.
  13. She's courting the Snyder Cut hopefuls. Once you realize she's one of those people who is so deep into Twitter that it skews all of her viewpoints many of her takes and "information" start to ... well, make more sense at least. It trended so she'll see how many subs she can mine from that particular pocket of disaffected fans.
  14. I hope you're taking notes shivampa. This is how you alt with style.
  15. And their "source" is Jay Washington. The same guy that claimed to be in the know on Silver Surfer showing up in Infinity War.
  16. Seems like this came up during the bidding war between Disney and Comcast over Fox as well. The movie rights may not be directly transferable but that generally doesn't apply if company that holds them itself is purchased and not simply dissolved. Unless there's a specific provision in the agreement when Sony acquired the rights in the first place stipulates that (which I doubt anyone at Forbes has seen).
  17. Yeah I think this is probably one of the sticking points. Feige likely wants to maintain full creative control of the character, including any others he would end up playing with like Venom. He'd have to produce those movies as well. Sony would likely be fine with that but they want more than one movie every other year. And that's where it probably becomes a problem for Disney. They see Marvel as a finite creative asset that they have the highest confidence in, and they've already loaded them up with in-house projects. An increase in farm out work essentially means they'd have to sell off some spots in their slate. The 50-50 offer is what they're asking for those slots. It's probably too high (Sony is justified to see it that way) but it's going to take more than a mere doubling of their current 5% for it to be worth it from Disney's perspective as well.
  18. They like using Pablo for the Story Group figure when they cook up these behind the scenes drama porn pieces because he's the only member of the group most of them are aware of. That and he's every bit as stone jawed on social media as Rian Johnson is when dealing with the more absurd breed of irate fans so he's almost as hated as Johnson and KK are by those sorts.
  19. Movie's production budget gets financed through debt, Studio A acquires Studio B, picking up those existing debt obligations in the process.
  20. Older fandoms have a higher troll potential as well. The longer people are invested into a franchise, the greater the sense of ownership and the feeling that they're owed something a certain percentage of those fans tend to develop. Star Wars having been around so long is part of the reason it has such an army of malcontents that follow it. Many of the Marvel characters have been around even longer via the comics, but a high percentage of MCU fans were introduced to them thru the movies and don't read much if any of the source material.
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