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  1. I doubt it, interstellar WOM is certainly far superior to Tenet, Interstellar was much better received by the public, Tenet is much more divisive.
  2. Tenet and WW84 postponed, Tenet will now debut on October 15th and WW84 t on November 5th.
  3. Funny to see that Ragnarok had so many views but his BO is not so big at all, the trailer views are bigger than Force Awakens but TFA is 2.5x bigger at BO (Not to mention that other films that do not even appear in this top 20 trailer views in 24 hours, but have a bigger BO like Aquaman, Joker. Aladdin, Jurassic world), so trailer views can often not be a good indication of how "exactly" big a movie can be. IT also has an exaggerated number of views that did not reflect at BO, but this can be understood because it is a horror/R rated/$35m budget movie (IT is the biggest movie of genre and far ahead of others horror films).
  4. The Batman is a ahead of Joker imo, The Batman teaser numbers on twitter are already bigger than both Joker trailers, and we can't forget that many people saw the teaser of The Batman live on the official DC Fandome website (that we don't really know how many views had,) and this may have reduced number of views a little on youtube, facebook and etc. Also Batman had almost 1m mentions on twitter, and this is the biggest number I have ever seen for a solo superhero on twitter, the reactions on social media are very big.
  5. The most recent Batman movies before Nolan trilogy. They are not dark at all ...
  6. The Buzz generated by the trailer for this movie is (at least) on the same level as the Joker imo ((it's bigger than I expected, they filmed only 25% of the film and they didn't have much to show), pretty good.
  7. I don't know who will be the 1st global film in 2021, but I'm sure Batman will be the biggest 2021 film in the Western world (Europe, north America, latin America), all he needs is to have a decent BO in Asia to be 1st global in 2021. It is no coincidence that Joker with an R-rated drama movie with no big action scenes managed to make $1.08 bi WW without China (bigger than the recent Spider-Man films that had help from being released during infinity war/endgame saga), both Joker and Batman are very, very popular characters nowadays, and the response to the Batman teaser is being big and positive (and it without the help of being in the hype train of other big films, like Far from home got when it launched trailer in the middle of infinity war / endgame movies).
  8. The Rock hinted that this JSA team is not the full JSA team yet, I think she will be in the film (also because some insiders said that she will be in it, and they got it right when they said that Hawkman, Dr Fate, Cyclone and Atom Smasher were in the movie)
  9. Yeah, I was expecting some cast announcement for this movie (the only one I was expecting in this DC Fandome) because it’s the next DC movie to start filming, I still think that they will announce the cast of this film in a max of 2 months (if corona doesn't start to get worse again).
  10. I wasn't giving a sh#t about this movie, now it has become one of my most anticipated next year, Gunn seems to have done a great job.
  11. The Batman will easily beat Spider in Latin America and Europe, and very, very likely to beat in North America too, Spider only has a chance (and likely to beat Batman) in some Asian countries like China, India and South Korea.
  12. Joker is R rated and had several controversies, from what I realized the controversies were in the USA only, overseas was more well received and the media did not try to ruin the film as it did in the USA.
  13. Glad that Cheetah was well received by people (all reactions I saw were good/great), that could have been another Cat, thankfully it was good.
  14. One of the most well received superhero teasers/trailers ever, this is making $200m + in the Dom opening weekend.
  15. Now the UK reports 786 more deaths in hospitals (remains UK biggest day of deaths, but less than 854 deaths reported earlier), Much confusion of informations today...
  16. From today. "The UK has suffered its worst single day for coronavirus related deaths with 854 people losing their lives to the disease. The death toll from coronavirus stands at least 6,224 after NHS England reported a further 758 deaths in English hospitals. They were in patients aged between 23 and 102, and 29 of them had no known underlying health condition. Scotland reported a further 74 deaths and Wales 19, with three people dying in Northern Ireland. The previous highest death toll was 708, which was reported on April 4."
  17. I didn't find the numbers today, but until yesterday, all deaths reported in the UK were deaths in hospitals.
  18. Well, in yesterday's numbers from France, the only country that is showing deaths in nursing homes in the last 5 days, deaths in hospitals are much higher, there were 608 deaths in hospitals and 225 in nursing homes yesterday (in 24 hours).
  19. No, these deaths were only in the last 24 hours, there were 854 deaths in the UK i (hospitals ), They must have included some deaths that didn't make it yesterday (which is why yesterday's numbers were "low").
  20. That's what it seems.
  21. From what I saw there were 605 deaths in hospitals and 228 in nursing homes in 24 hours (833 total). The 605 deaths in hospitals in 24 hours were the biggest to date in France, as far as I remember.
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