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  1. Yeah I love Margot, but there is no denying that.
  2. Joker was never gonna win on prefferential ballot.
  3. Let the certain media and fake woke twitter continue its hate campaign against Joker, it will only help the movie, people don't want to be told what to do, like with Green Book last year.
  4. I can't belive that people are that dumb to belive this nonsense from reddit, humanity never fails to impress me in taht aspect.
  5. By the way some people are acting around this movie as a second coming of satan I guess meltdowns would be historically epic lol.
  6. Imagine being that delusional and full of yourself to think that your personal opinions are some kind of undeniable facts.
  7. Of course it's entirley subjective as art is in general. The point in having such concept as awards is that the group of people, in case of Oscars Academy members, decide which films and diffrent related with it things were best in given year. In their opinion. That’s all.
  8. You know it's just your opinion and not some kind of enlightened truth, right? You know that is all entirely subjective? Something which is a flaw in your eyes can completely be fine or even a plus in eyes of diffrent person. Same with what movie is better or worse than the other or which one deserves awards recognition or not. We will soon know what opinion Academy members have about all of this. That's what matters in the subject of this discussion topic.
  9. I would "objectively argue" (what a oxymoron in the context of discussion subject) that it's easily in top 10.
  10. Prequels are easily better than those pesky sequels, y'all thinking otherwise are trippin. In 5 years nobody will remember this trilogy or any new characters from it, it's that dull and plain.
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