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  1. It would be the first truly bad hold, 57% down from last week.
  2. Well Joker is R-rated, in theory it shouldn’t make difference.
  3. Nothing beats David Ehrlich who writers new "think piece" why he hates this movie every second day. I swear it's some sort of schizophrenia, some people who claim to hate this movie spend more time and energy talking and writing about it than people who loved it.
  4. Yeah sure bet, they were so sure that they didn't even fully financed by themselves its gigantic 55 mln budget.
  5. What kind of absurd criticism is this "cash grab" thing? Every movie is a cash grab, especially studio movie. And this article presents exactly zero substantive arguments why this movie is supposedly not an art. It just claims it.
  6. Have you seen movie or just quoting hit pieces just for fun?
  7. I always liked movies that you can look at or interprete in many diffrent ways. I saw many various takes with vastly diffrent things people took from this movie.
  8. Have you seen the film? Deadpool is R-rated action comedy, it is the exactly opposite type R-rated movie to Joker. And where you have seen that "a lot of critcism"? I can show opposite examples.
  9. Most opinions I saw agree with that statement, but exactly in the opposite way.
  10. Tomatometer doesn’t mater at this point IMO, this movie has won Golden Lion in Venice, it is already critically aclamied, "certified fresh" is nice badge but it’s kind of equivalent of smily face from teacher to 10 years old kid on assignment. Trailers and buzz after Venice are enough.
  11. That’s very cynical way to look at it. Assuming the lowest possible intentions from somone. He also talked about his parents and sisters, people thanks to whom he has become an actor.
  12. Wow, I think I've never heard him speak about River before, at least willingly in public.
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