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  1. What can I say? In my defense it's not a whole paragraph, just a phrase or two. I just wanted to express myself, and this was the place to do it. I would never dare to be so outspoken in regular threads. Finally, what I mentioned was the very reason I'm here on this site. I'm here because I want to understand what motivates the reaction I've seen on other sites. I'm finding this study absolutely fascinating.
  2. I'm giving The Avengers the same grade as I gave The Dark Knight, a C.I was misled by the early viewers who were calling it as good as TDK or the best SH movie. That's no problem, I don't mind my expectations get shot a little, but the movie was merely all sizzle before I saw it, and also while seeing it. To be fair I certainly didn't get most of the jokes and callbacks. But all good movies are multi layered. This was not. The most rehashed scene was Black widow wriggling out of her Russian prison. Done many times in other films, and better. The way Loki trapped Thor by teleporting/illusions was the only part where The Avengers had intrigue. Reminded me of Speed, which was, I seem to recall, written by Joss Whedon.Mark Ruffalo was my favorite actor in The Avengers; he does steal scenes, not from RDJ or Hemsworth, but from the previous two incarnations of Bruce Banner. He was brilliant in Zodiac, prominent in Shutter Island, and unrecognisable in Eternal Sunshine...This movie has no surprises, except when it comes to disappointments like when the Chitauri get taken out in the end. I have to agree with whomever said XMFC was better. It simply was. Kevin Bacon was accused of being bland by some but his role was meatier than Hiddleston's.The biggest problem with the lack of surprises is that the fights in the climax have little ebb and flow. At no point in an action scene does good-bad-good stuff happen. There is no suspense. There's no weight, and therefore no momentum. This could easily have been rectified if the proper writers were hired as consultants. Hollywood cannot make intelligent action-ish popcorn movies. So C is the score. I think my grade matches the tone of my review. Some reviews here were likable to mine but (twice) B was given. Another anomaly in the indolent film watching of Hollywood's target audience.
  3. There are really some critics like that. There are also critics who may have panned a movie most liked, but they have solid reasons for doing so. Many times the audience won't get the point for such and such scene and will feel isolated from what a well read critic think.I reiterate though, there are critics who don't have a clue. They're the type who offend directors and actors because of lazy and vitriolic and incompetent reviews.
  4. I approached LOTR with great respect, but that was then(a decade ago). Now, if I re read them I would skip so many(more) passages. Last time I tried to have a look, I ended up skipping anything to do with Gollum. I do think that his mythology about the Valar is subpar to Norse and Greek Norse mythology, I mean the translated and abridged version reads like a parody. I'm referring to how the Norse gods multi task or solve their problem. Silmarillion's gods are the children of a genius of the 20th century. People now are more moral than in ancient Greece or asia minor.
  5. A+...I remember predicting a cat would walk into the room in a scene, because the Jap chick was naked, and cat in Japanese is neiko.
  6. My top sci-fi films : 1. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind 2. The Incredibles 3. Moon 4. Jurassic Park 5. Back To The Future 2 6. Star Wars 1 7. Robocop 8. Terminator 2 9. District 9 10. Back To The Future 3 + My most disliked sci-fi films : 1. Akira 2. Both X Files films 3. 2001 4. Time Machine 5. The Fifth Element 6. Tetsuo The Iron Man 7. Inception 8. Donnie Darko 9. Blade Runner 10. Matrix 3 MOVIES THAT I'VE BEEN TEMPTED/RECOMMENDED TO SEE IN THE PAST BUT WILL NOT, EVER : Videodrome, Metropolis, 12 Monkeys, ALL TARKOVSKY SCI-FI FILMS.
  7. Potter: Philosopher's Stone: C Chamber of Secrets: B Prisoner of Azkaban: C Goblet of Fire: D Order of the Phoenix: D Half-Blood Prince: B+ Deathly Hallows 1: A Deathly Hallows 2: C Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: B+ The Two Towers: E Return of the King: A (third highest rated movie on this list) Star Wars: A New Hope: A+ (highest rated film on this list) Empire Strikes Back: C Return of the Jedi: E The Phantom Menace: F Attack of the Clones: F Revenge of the Sith: B Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl: A+ (second highest rated movie) Dead Man's Chest: D At World's End: B+ On Stranger Tides: N/A Twilight: N/A Transformers: Transformers: C Revenge of the Fallen: D Dark of the Moon: N/A
  8. Anything human is more difficult than apes, especially apes that aren't orang utans.
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