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  1. What are the chances for Terminator Dark Fate having a good hold after the great first week?
  2. Seen Dark Fate two times now, I really like it a lot. Not only the third best Terminator movie yet, but also a great action movie with some emotional scenes and a good sense of humor. Arnold with a fantastic performance, loved the way they went with his charakter. Hamilton with a pretty solid comeback, she still has it. But the real star is Mackenzie Davis - what a great performance! She is everything you want her to be, and more. Perfect casting here. Terminator dark Fate is a gift to the fans, a film that can stand on its own. It's a worthy sequel to Terminator:
  3. Great to hear that Dark Fate will have a good first weekend in the US. Everything above $40 million is a good number, north of $45 million would be great for this franchise.
  4. Looks like the studio spends some money for promotion: https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/terminator-dark-fate-again-tops-studios-tv-ad-spending-1203386704/?yptr=yahoo
  5. Go see it. It is no Terminator or Terminator 3, but who expected this? It still is a great action film with Arnold nd Linda in great form.
  6. I can confirm that Arnold is in pretty good shape in Dark Fate. Loved the movie, especially Arnold who steals the show.
  7. Dark Fate started in some european countries this weekend. France predictions are 450,000 moviegoers first week. Germany is predicted to have 175,000 ticket sales first weekend. No information about the UK numbers yet.
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