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  1. A brave step from Neeson to share this horrible time that happended a few decedas ago. He now deeply regrets how he reacted back than, out of pure rage and blind hate, and that's a good thing. He came clean with the clear messege that this bahaviour was absolutely wrong, and now, looking back, he is horrified about this. As for the movie: Really looking forward to it, the trailer looks pretty good.
  2. Really like the Mules box office run.
  3. What would be considered a good monday number for Halloween?
  4. Halloween numbers are just fantastic. You always have to keep in mind it does not have any IMAX or 3D benefit.
  5. After cruising into China on Friday with the biggest opening day for the franchise, Mission: Impossible – Fallout jumped to a three-day launch of $77.3M. That’s a new Middle Kingdom record for the series, and for star Tom Cruise. It’s also 84% higher than Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which itself was a record-setter in 2015. Overall, M:I6 had an $89.1M weekend in 65 markets to lift the offshore cume to $442.7M which is 26% above Rogue Nation for the same group of markets. The holdover drop versus last session was 38%. With a global cume of $649M, Fallout is looking at a final above $750M. Also new this session were Italy and Greece. In the former, Fallout topped Rogue Nation by 4% with $2.7M. The latter was 20% above at $397K. Notable holdover markets include Japan ($38.7M cume), the UK ($29.9M), France ($24.7M), Germany ($13.7M) and Australia ($13.1M). https://deadline.com/2018/09/mission-impossible-fallout-ant-man-and-the-wasp-meg-crazy-rich-asians-china-global-international-box-office-1202456091/ “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” topped the international box office, thanks to a massive $77.3 million opening in China. In total, it generated $89.1 million in 65 international markets this weekend, bringing its overseas tally to $442.7 million. It crossed $200 million in North America for a global total of $649 million. That ranks as the biggest Middle Kingdom opening for both a “Mission: Impossible” installment and a Cruise movie. The sixth iteration also launched in Italy with $2.7 million in 696 locations, and in Greece with $397,000 in 99 venues. Top holdovers include France ($1.3 million in 47 locations), Japan ($1.3 million on 367 screens), and Germany ($919,000 in 476 venues). https://variety.com/2018/film/box-office/box-office-mission-impossible-fallout-tops-international-box-office-china-1202924794/
  6. Thursday: €272,228 Friday: €323,686 Saturday: €652,649 Total after 4 days: €1,602,558 ($1,862,411)
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