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  1. I dont tend to kaugh at peoples clubs in the off chance they magically succeed and i end up looking silly later down the line. That being said i feel confident in mocking this club for the next few week because the chance is non-existent. Out.
  2. TF1 had the best WOM of 2007 and it was rotten. Its 18% RT sequel also ended up having a bigger jump than what we are seeing with GOTG2. Reviews definitely didnt hurt the franchise
  3. Well if i want to make a valid comparisson to preidict this movies outcome i will, im 27, i dont need mods telling me what acceptable and whats not on a movie dicsussion forum just because a few posters had an argument over their favourite cape wearing clowns ?
  4. This thread is a joke. Why cant MCU be mentioned? Or zack Snyder? Its a fucking Wonder woman thread, a comic book movie so bringing up Snyder and the MCU is entirely relevent. Theres not enough content to speak about if we limit our discussions, its natural to compare the 2 franchises
  5. Nah. It would have sucked lets face it
  6. I used to think that too until spiderman made under 200m (or there abouts)
  7. I refuse to believe its better than Lego batman after watching it last night, that movie was perfect. Wsd basicically s feature length movie insprired by hishe
  8. Nolan movies make the top 20 before the movies even released lol. When every single one of his movies are ranked higher than the likes of titanic it makes me question the accuracy of IMDB rating system in relation to the general public. Simply put mate, if you think the GA preferred TDKR to avengers you are simply wrong. TDK yes, not the TDKR, it shouldnt even need saying And this is coming from someone who prefers TDKR
  9. Last i checked avengers was on the 90's and sold far more tickets with better WOM, BO legs and cinema score so is the winner really TDKR? I dont think so And anyone who uses a nolans movie's IMDB score as a point of refference clearky doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about
  10. Not it doesn't. Well not on RT anyways. And lets face it, it was made very clear that the public preferred Avengers to TDKR
  11. Thing is, saying it Dc's best since dark knight is basically saying its better than BVS, SS and MOS, its not a big benchmark to pass

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