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  1. exactly this. it's looking at a 20% drop on OW compare that to Hobbit 2 which saw a 14% OW drop despite an improvement in quality and it doesn't seem out of the ordinary. Both were spin offs from an older beloved franchise and both lack the curiosity factor of this first movie
  2. I'm not a Depp fan but I'll defend him. I'm a fan of justice. I don't believe he's box office Poisen but I believe he makes poisonous box office decisions. He's a bit like Ryan Reynolds and I always disagreed that he was box office Poisen. Just like any actor, if you put them in a film people want to see and it's actually good, it will do well
  3. you're assuming a few online posters disagreeing with his casting is partly a reason, you are wrong. I'd say less than 1% of general public avoided this film because of Johnny Depp. most people don't even know about his controversial relationship with Heard and those that do tend to agree he's most likely innocent. this movie was destined to drop, the poor reviews and lack of hype just made it a given. replace Johnny Depp with anyone else and you still get the same result it's seeing a similar drop to hobbit 2 and Hobbit 2 was actually well received. it was always going to drop
  4. he's quite right though. Solo's underperformance was down to lackluster marketing (it felt like they didn't care) and the idea of recasting SW's most beloved character. no-one wanted a Solo movie even before TLJ opened. it didn't have the hook Rogue one had
  5. I wouldn't say Daisy had charm, she was the weakest of the trio, she was wooden
  6. exactly. take Depp out and the numbers wouldn't change
  7. honestly the GA really couldn't care about Depp. blaming him for a drop after poor reviews and far less hype is just counter productive.
  8. also look at the hobbit. it saw an increase in quality with the first sequel but it still dropped. the curiosity of being a new Harry potter spin off will have definitely worn down a tad
  9. but that's an anomaly. it's light hearted and funny, films like that tend to be more critic proof. this however looks darker and more serious and if they get bad reviews it tends to be not so good for the WOM
  10. Maybe. as I said I just stumbled across them comments and was surprised so relayed it. every other comment from now on may infact be positive but it all seem to come from people who were fans of the original version of it. I guess the British can be stubborn when it comes to America remaking their shows, look at the office
  11. also after seeing what they did with Spider-Man in Infinity War I have a hard time seeing that decrease. I imagine it being a much bigger spectacle than the last one
  12. why are you disregarding it? is it because you don't want to believe that people who have actually seen it wasn't so fond of it? I'm sure people liked it too, I was just relaying the info I saw, I didn't expect all this denial. I tend to look on Facebook comments for all movies and they tend to fall in line with the performance of the movie, for example Infinity War had nothing but positive reaction, Venom was mostly filled with people saying it was fun and now this. the fact they all complained about the same thing made it seem more valid to me but if you guys want to ignore it then go for it
  13. why isn't there? I was reading through about 100 comments and I'd say 90% were negative. these are from your average day to day posters and not people involved in the movie industry. that's a pretty big sample, I don't think I'd have it in me to read more opinions
  14. So UK WOM isn't as important? despite both countries having very similar taste (UK obviously having slightly better taste 😜)

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