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  1. TDK is considered the greatest CBM of all time and I doubt that's changing anytime soon. For once critics and audiences share that opinionu
  2. MI3's opening scene inflicted more emotion than the entire chrome tinted engineers from Mad Max
  3. Bollocks, go back and search if you want mate. Fact of the matter is Fury Road wasnt even the best revieved action movie of the beginning of 2015, kingsman says hi
  4. I blame my phone and the constant ads slowing it down. I'll edit my quote for any confusion
  5. It was considered the greatest action movie of all time by fanboys and critics. Most people will disagree, so my point still stands, it's literally the definition of overrated by the minority. It's gross even disappointed people, I remember everyone here calling 200m a lock It barely made a profit despite glowing reviews yet people still can't see that it it wasn't as well recieved as you all thought it was 😂 clueless
  6. Best action movie since fury road won't inspire much confidence considering most people found fury road to be massively overrated
  7. Jessie

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    Captain hindsight here Maybe ant man being absent from IW limited it's boost Captain hindsight over and out
  8. Jessie

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    England v Croatia probably had something to do with the drop
  9. If we win tonight it's not getting challenged 😂
  10. Jessie

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    But it's not good enough? I get it had an important political message if you call holding a grudge against colonizers still till this day important but that doesn't mean it deserves a BD spot, or BP for that matter
  11. They need to learn to take it on the chin
  12. Ah yeah, been shown up and rather than coming up with a constructive a counterpoint you resort to name calling 😂. Luke is no where near as popular as online super fans think, deal with it
  13. Back in The day kids loved jar jar. All this hate comes from hard-core fans which are a small percentage of the GA. Harrison Ford was always the bigger draw
  14. TfA made 2b with Ford and 10 seconds of luke TLJ made 1.3b with lots of luke. Clearly luke hasn't helped Your turn
  15. Really? No-one really cares for luke

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