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  1. yeah but I also don't believe Venom is going to open as big as people think. I just go by my opinion and the opinions around me. I didn't think much of the trailer, it's seemed like your run off the mill MCU movie trailer which is a good thing but it doesn't look to me like itbwas that something special that really makes these marvel movies explode. If it starred a male would people still be predicting 400m? I doubt it
  2. I literally saw the quote on 'match of the day'. I'll take that as a more reliable source thank you why so salty?
  3. it's probably brought up as a joke to fuel the stigma. It works because it's not exactly a serious condition and it's common however you can't exactly go joking around about aids
  4. HPV is warts, herpes is different. even I have herpes lol But seriously what a random fucking question 😂
  5. I don't see where these 400m predictions are coming from. It's not like it was an amazing trailer, fans on here are really overreacting, it seems destined for 250-300m which would be great.
  6. That sounds very similar to the themes LOTR explored. I didn't think they were good because the general story didn't appeal to me but that's not what this is based on. I just didn't see how the filmmaking was the best of any blockbuster in its years, it was just very consistent. It takes something special for a big blockbuster to get a BP nod, you said it yourself that Gollum is the exception, being that exception is what it takes to get recognition. And I respectfully disagree about the CGI, you had franchises like POTC, SM2, even Transformers which looked technically better and it's no wonder when they have 3 actors requiring a big chunk of that budget.
  7. 😂 we are all random 'dudes' that no-one cares about. The majority of people probably thought JW deserved a nod too, or The Avengers, what's your point? Slumdog millionaire probably doesn't deserve one in your opinion but it clearly panders to the Academy. it's no shocker that it got in. Inception, LOTR and Avatar are the only big commercial blockbusters I can think of that have been nominated despite not pandering to the Academy and they all did something new, the latters more than the former. What did Harry Potter do that was new? Groundbreaking? There's obviously a pattern here and I'm just pointing it out.
  8. Cool then 2 years down the line you can say 'I told you so' if this gets more praise than spectre, I'm not counting on it though They are going for talented directors with no previous blockbuster making experience and its always hit and miss unless you are Marvel. I'm sick of seeing 'interesting choices', I think it's about time we had an exciting choice for James bond.
  9. They are franchise movies which deliver popcorn entertainment to the masses without much else underneath. if you want I'll compare it to Avengers 1 which broke new ground by having a team up movie with previously used characters. DH2 broke ground and received praise because it was the end of an 8 movie saga without any hiccups and it marked the celebration of their franchise, no wonder critics showed praise but it doesn't change the fact that the franchise in no way was ever truly good enough for rewards like that, no matter how many critics thought it was a good Harry Potter movie. it's not like LOTR which actually had great acting, brilliant film making, alot going on underneath the surface and actually became massively influential movies still today. you see a high Critical number on rotten tomatoes or metacritic and base your reasoning off that. Are we going to say Fallout is worthy of a BP nod now? or skyfall? Casino royale? If they aren't enough to snatch a nod then Harry Potter 8 certainly isn't. Also in filmmaking alone Harry Potter has never been on par with it's competition which always shocked me given their budgets so it's no wonder they failed to get technical awards too. Gollum>Dobby despite being made on a lower budget.
  10. it's like asking for an analysis as to why transformers don't get BP Oscar nominations, it simply doesn't need an explanation. There are so many worthy blockbusters out there and you mention Harry Potter and expect to be taken seriously? lol how about you give us all a reason why they should have had a BP nod and ill explain why you are wrong
  11. lol Harry potter? are you taking the piss? some blockbusters do deserve recognition but Harry potter movies just aren't very good

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