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  1. I don't understand how you can call it disrespectful or even say it differently. His queer life of parting hard and having unprotected gay sex lead to his disease, it's pointing out a commonly known fact about the guy and it takes absolutely nothing away from him. There's not really a way of sugar coating it
  2. The movie is called Bohemien rhapsody, not the queer life of Freddie mercury. Nothing will ever please you people. People came for the band and the music, choosing not to make his queer life which led to aids the centre of the movie was a good choice as it's clearly not a tone people want to see and the numbers support this. Queens music touched on so many people lives, there's nothing wrong with making that the main focus of the film, if you don't like it then fair enough but calling it homophobic just doesn't make your opinion credible
  3. No-one cares about your opinion. The majority love this movie and see nothing homophobic with it but hey there's always a few snowflakes who want to throw their toys out the cot because a biopic about one of the most famous bands of all time didn't focus on the gays too much. <Mod Edit>
  4. I think the problem you and alot of others who actually agree with you nonsense is you're too young to get why people appreciated this movie. In the UK everyone seems to have loved this and somehow I doubt their choice was made because they wanted to stick it to 'libtards' or critics.
  5. I don't get the BR win hate. First of all was Brian singer ever actually convicted of anything? Because as of now it's a bit much to assume he's a predator. Secondly everyone seems to love this movie, thousands of people worked on this movie and it deserves all the praise it's getting so why all the hate? It's certainly better than last year's Shape of Water
  6. I would have just stayed away from the ocean after the first movie
  7. All you need to know about these numbers is Mary Poppins isn't grossing 400m
  8. Just because he doesn't quite get how the numbers work it doesn't mean he can't show interest. Would have thought members here would welcome newcomers, not be rude and push them away
  9. Godfather adjusted is bigger than Transformers so don't know what you're trying to say there. Mad Max was about as liked by the GA as Kingman.
  10. This is Spider-Man we are Talking about here, he should be outgrossing the likes of the despised emoji movie I didn't say competition had no effect, I said it didn't have much of an effect. The biggest effect was the movie itself, you can talk about how competition held this and that back slightly but at the end of the day films people want to see tend to trump their competition, this wasn't one of those films because people simply didn't want to see it
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