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  1. I guess that’s why Sony was more likely to post a net profit because they couldn’t charge ads out to their own networks
  2. $65m 4-day with ticket promos means it could be closer to $70m for WOM comparison purposes.
  3. I don’t have access to my formula at the moment but there’s a chance they make less than $100M profit on this which just balances out Solo’s losses, nothing more.
  4. Sub-AOTC adjusted domestic and WW (it won’t hit #4 WW for 2019). They should have taken another year to crack the story.
  5. DP is around a $105M loss according to my calculations, slightly more than Solo. Possibly the 3rd X-Men movie to lose money after Last Stand and First Class (but those are within my formula's extremely wide margin of error so they could have made out even). Surprisingly, KOTM is reading positive on my end but within margin of error. I have Alita around -$40M.
  6. No, it works in this case. 2015-2017 it felt like the MCU had a ceiling again and TA was an anomaly. Homecoming and Ragnarok breathed some life back with their team-up strategy but BP is when things blew up again. This fed directly into IW which had a shocking ending driving anticipation for Endgame.
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