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  1. I binge watched the 12 MCU movies I own on Blu-Ray over the last week. As a result, I don't think I'd change this rating, other than to move The Dark World into the middle of the gap between Age of Ultron and IM3. The Dark world was a bit better than I had remembered it.
  2. Obviously everyone has their own opinions, but it floors me that IM3 isn't in the bottom two of everyone's list!
  3. Something went very right with SS and PoA. CoS was decent, but somehow it drags a bit... it's overly long, but admittedly follows the source material fairly well. Heck, the first three films do well enough by the books (which I realize isn't the be-all, end-all of filmmaking, but it matters to me with a series this well crafted). I enjoy the rest of the films well enough, but GoF set the trend of being influenced by the flashier parts of the books at the expense of (in my opinion) the things that really make the series interesting. Almost everything that makes Voldemort an interesting villain is glossed over or omitted from movies 4-8. Key elements of his "rebirth", the subtleties of the prophecy, and the import of the horcruxes all point toward the things that make the final confrontation as meaningful as it is in the book.... and these items are dumbed down in the movies. I have to remind myself that the movie universe is different than that of the books; when I am successful with this, the movies are more enjoyable. So, if I keep that in mind, I'd rank them: PoA - this is a whodunit, done right. SS - great intro to a world of magic. DH1 - growing on me. Wonderful beginning. Can drag a bit, but that's kind of the point; there's a desperation to the monotony of what the characters are experiencing. HBP - now they've figured out how to act! Relationships done well; overall story suffers, though. GoF - lots of fun. Great action moments. Acting is sometimes distracting. DH2 - great build, weird execution of the ending. Very hard to not compare it to the book here. OotP - great moments, but there are some acting issues (growing pains of transitioning from kid acting to a more polished craft) that detract. CoS - too long. Drags. FWIW, HBP and PoA are my favorite books. OotP is sort of my least favorite, but some of that is dealing with it being the moodiest of the lot.
  4. It surely plays a factor in any successful movie. ...but ultimately my struggle with the success of Titanic and Avatar stem from my view that they are good, but not fantastic films... this is all just my opinion, as Baumer rightly pointed out. Fair enough.
  5. Titanic and Avatar were decent movies. But really not great in the same sense that the first two Terminator movies were. Some will confuse extremely well-played marketing with good movie making. Think of all the other things that many, many people chose to consume. These two films are the Wal-Mart of cinema. Exactly what the masses call for, but not exactly the best the experience can be.
  6. Just watched GotG again. Better repeat value than any other MCU flick to me. 1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Winter Soldier 3. Ant-Man <---Originally I'd have ranked this below AoU, but it's grown on me. 4. Age of Ultron 5. The Dark World 6. IM3
  7. I realize there is only room for so much in any given phase, but I really feel like they're missing an opportunity by not pushing for RDJ to do one more Iron Man, facing off against the real Mandarin. Maybe I'm just still bitter about the basically useless, and frustratingly successful, Iron Man 3. If I had my way, IM4 would happen in 2017. Of course, that would make 2017 very Marvel-crowded.
  8. It's not terrible with the Kanye song, but the remix with the AC game music is better. I've played a few of the games, but not enough to beat one. Looks decent enough to me. But man... does seem like a hell of an ambitious release date...
  9. I'd argue that the things that most define something like Deadpool are hard R. Not so with Assassin's Creed. AC's best features are its storytelling and character complexity, and there is comparatively little gore when compared to other games like Mortal Combat.
  10. Yep - if you liked the first one, I think you'll like this one. I did! Our theater was only about 75% full, 6:45 Friday.
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