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5.2 "The Eye of the Storm"

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Season 5, Game 2


Deadline: Friday, October 18 at 5:00 P.M. Eastern (4:00 P.M. Central)


Easy week here. Predict the following!


1. Predict Carrie's opening weekend gross


2. Predict Escape Plan's opening weekend gross


3. Predict Captain Phillip's second weekend gross


4. Predict Gravity's third weekend gross


5. Predict Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball's fourth weekend gross



All answers must be PMed in your group PM.

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5.2 "The Eye of the Storm"


Things are about to get hectic. There's no better way to put it than:


All hell is about to break loose.


First up. No one is safe. Last season's winner was just eliminated in the very first week of the game. The star team going in is crumbling already, and no one player can be safe from the storm that will come this and especially next week. I promise there will be a lot of bloodshed and some unexpected twists and casualties that may befall in the next two weeks. This is where Season 5 is going to deviate very much from the norm. This week will just be a taste of what lies in wait next week.


So first, let's look at the results this week, before I can explain the misfortunes and fortunes that are coming.


Alfred's Alliance

Alfred: 83.90% +5 (+1 80%+, +1 highest Question 5, +3 Venture 1 winner)

Tower: 78.07%

AVG: 80.99% +5


Chasmmi's Circle

Chasmmi: 84.75% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 80%+)

Filmovie: 83.57% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 80%+)

Films: 76.91% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 81.74% +5


ChD's Covenant

ChD: 85.67% +2 (+1 80%+, +1 highest Question 3)

Blankments: 81.79% +1 (+1 80%+)

#Alpha: 0.00% (score dropped)* Penalty: -2% overall -1 (-1 1st strike)

AVG: 81.73% +2


The Equation Sensation

Goffe: 84.78% +2 (+1 80%+, +1 won Challenge 1)

Jim Shorts: 76.32%

AVG: 80.55% +2


Jay's Followers

Jay Salahi: 0.00% (score counted) Full Penalty -1 (-1 1st strike)

Gingy/Dracula: 75.43% +1 (+1 highest Question 1)

AVG: 37.72%


The Shadowgods

Acsc1312: 80.30% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+)

XenoZodiac: 82.30% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+)

Gizmo: 88.90% +6 (+2 2nd individual, +2 2nd team, +2 85%+)

Olive: 83.50% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+)

AVG: 83.75% +15


Tawasal's Gathering

Tawasal: 92.70% +11 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +3 90%+)

Fmpro: 84.87% +4 (+3 1st team, +1 80%+)

Grim22: 87.19% +6 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +2 85%+)

AVG: 88.25% +21



*Alpha's score is dropped and a -2% penalty is added because the Team Captain (ChD) did answer questions that week. Alpha didn't show up and will receive a strike, but as he is not Team Captain, his absence will not affect the team.


**Jay's score does affect his whole team because he is the Team Captain. By not showing up, he receives a strike AND his score is added in to the team's score as an overall penalty.

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5.2 "The Eye of the Storm" (cont)


"Tawasal's Gathering" is safe actually. Tawasal, Grim22, and Fmpro receive immunity from The Challenges this weekend. This means that "Tawasal's Gathering" will not have to partake in the next part of the game...that is, the next game itself. Grim22 and Fmpro anyways are completely exempt from the next game. Tawasal however will be going in as the representative in the Ventures, which will be an exciting process this week. The events of this week tie so closely into 5.3 that they're almost inseparable. As it is already late in the week due to some delays, most of what will be occurring between the two episodes will actually take place in 5.3, a culmination of total awesomeness. This week's game really sets the stage for that though, and let me explain.


The weekend game will be very different than ever before. Not everyone will participate...BECAUSE THIS WEEKEND, THE GAME IS THE VENTURES! That means only one person from each team will be competing this weekend in the main contest, and that one person will be the Team Captains. As a team process, however, the Team Captains can call on the help of their teammates to help them in the predictions. 


"The Equation Sensation", however, currently lacks a Team Captain as Numbers has been eliminated. It does have two "Chairs" - Goffe and Jim Shorts. They will decide who will serve as Team Captain in this Ventures, and only one of them will submit answers. 


I should warn you that this Venture will set the stage for a very competitive, high stakes competition that will unfold throughout next week.

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I mean like, I could take Alphas spot. But whatever.

Well you're on Jay's team because he picked you. Now usually Jay is a consistently active player, so I do not understand his recent absence, but maybe he'll show up. If he doesn't, it's on him, not on you, and then you'll have the chance to switch partners.

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