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300: Rise of an Empire | Starts March 5

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Domestic:  $78,311,000  33.1%Foreign:  $158,000,000  66.9% = Worldwide:  $236,311,000



"Brazil continues to be a bright spot for the film, staying in first place with a $3.5 million weekend from 776 screens to reach a $10.9 million market total. Russia added $3 million from 1,399 screens to finish in second and reach a $14.6 million total. Mexico took first place with a $2.9 million hold from 1,540 screens, bringing its total to $10.5 million.

300: Rise of an Empire finished in second place in Germany with a $2.8 million weekend from 624 screens, reaching a $9.1 million local cume. South korea also added $2.8 million from the weekend, bringing its own total up to $10.6 million. France contributed $2.6 million from 453 screens to reach a $10.7 million cume. The United Kingdom added $2.2 million from 795 screens to reach a $9 million total."

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Argentina: 447205 admissions in 11 days. Number one for second weekend


Chile: 60361 admissions in 4 days. It opened on Top last Thursday.


Peru: second weekend leading the box office. 315149 admissions in 11 days.


Bolivia: 30427 admissions in 11 days. This weekend it was up 13% and won its again


Uruguay: again on the hot spot. 12950 admissions in 11 days. 


Paraguay: 9428 admissions in 10 days. This weekend the opening of Need for Speed puts 300 on the second spot. Paraguay is the only country in the region where the release day is a Friday. Its the smallest market in the Mercosur area. 

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Top Markets after 3 weekends:


Country / 300:RoaE / 300 / Difference


Russia / $16.6 M / $9.5 M / +$7.1 M

Brazil / $14.5 M / $8.0 M / +$6.5 M

France / $13.6 M / $10.6 M / +$3 M

Mexico / $13.4 M / $8 M / +$5.4 M

South Korea / $12.1 M / $15.9 M / -$3.8 M

Germany / $11.6 M / $11.4 M / -$0.2 M

UK / $11.4 M / $22.8 M / -$11.4 M

Spain / $ 7.7 M / $16.3 M / -$8.6 M

Italy / $7.5 M / $12.1 M / -$4.6 M

Australia / $6.6 M / $9.9 M / -$3.3 M

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I have to say, ROAE may be the most shocking BO performance of the first 3 months. I don't think anyone expected it to do as well as it has been doing. Most estimates were a low 20s opening, and maybe 120-150M WW end, especially after it was delayed to March from last August. Looks like it will end around 360-370, and if China release happens (i.e. if WB decides to appeal), then 420ish finish.


Even at 360-370, that is 3 times the budget and a pretty good return on investment. WB and Zack Snyder are probably laughing to the bank.

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Nah, its not getting 120 dom, more like 110-115. I agree on the 230-240 OS. Overall, around 350 WW. Surprising solid-good run. This is the G.I.Joe: Retaliation of this year. Nobody seemed to give a shit about it a month before the release but ended with a very good total.

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