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  1. IW $472M as of May 8
  2. I wonder what kind of box office boost would there be, if Dwayne Johnson were to star in JW Fallen Kingdom
  3. Vikander obviously has talents and the "pretty girl" look. I just think her talent best used in more creatively challenging roles. Starring in a Tomb Raider movie is like asking Audrey Hepburn to be the Atomic Blonde. Get her a lot of media coverage though, probably a career strategy.
  4. With the exception of SW, which other Space Opera movies or franchise actually succeed on the same level in US or Europe? Don't think so. It's difficult to do good crowd-pleasing scifi. Look at all that talent behind Pacific Rim, Alien sequels, Hellboy & Blade Runner 2049 and the latter can't even break past $300M WW.
  5. Wednesday (7/12) #s - JL - $1.12m

    LJ is gonna bury JL? Do you see that symmetry?
  6. Take it easy, my friend. Looking at yuan number maybe the way to go here considering the potentially volatile ER. But seriously, ER is not that volatile. And if you are talking about apple-to-apple adjusted figures, ticket price or domestic inflation are also factors you had not mentioned.
  7. JL: with that kind of number and one more competition-free weekend, the movie definitely do more than USD$105M? and Coco is a nice hit for Pixar after all....
  8. Less than the WW of the 3rd Thor movie? Less than the 5th Pirates of Caribbean movie? Less than the 8th Fast & Furious movie?

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