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  1. Baywatch has a great cast but the bloody luridness, the gratuitous extreme nudity and the extreme gross out jokes are not there in the original TV series. Audience just tuned out. But Jumanji looks to be the typical big family movie GA is expecting during the Holidays
  2. These are not locked IMO
  3. Is this the one with the siege warfare plot?
  4. I like the cast and this one has that light Lethal Weapon feel. If only they cut the profanities and the gore, it could get a wider audience.
  5. Yea, I was too surprised by the camerawork in this movie. This guy could do much bigger albeit more mainstream stuff. Or maybe he just had an excellent 2nd unit ....
  6. Wed Numbers: AC - 740K Dunkirk - 505K WW - 180K

    Dunkirk will earn close to $180M this Labor Day weekend and will hit $190M in a month or 2. If Warner decides for an Oscar push, it could play on for months longer and war movie is easier to sell than a historical drama or some quirky indie darling. But you are right: historical data speaks volume.
  7. Wed Numbers: AC - 740K Dunkirk - 505K WW - 180K

    Dunkirk will hit $200M with Oscar push. You heard it here first
  8. It is not that hard to imagine. People are so ready to use this "Avenger Effect" or that "MCEU Effect" but nobody seems to use that "BvS Effect" or that "MoS Effect"
  9. Despicable 3 just hit $200M, should be up on that list
  10. Not so bullish on this one. Not saying it will be a bad movie but it looks to be too cerebral for GA. Prometheus opened big because of the promise of Xenomorphs. When GA realised Prometheus is about something else, they dumped it. $100M is closer to what 2049 can do.
  11. War of the Planet of The Apes | July 14,2017

    I think the word "War" is a major deterrent for moviegoers, even for fans of the first 2. Rise is about escape and Dawn is about struggle. War implies active participation in aggressive behaviour. Nobody likes a warring ape clan, Dawn is against that idea. And War against humans, even though it is "bad" humans, make for a rather dark & depressing story for GA and casual fans looking for fun & lighter fares.

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