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  1. Before this weekend, I saw Venom doing $100M in China no problem, but this one doing more than $200M boggles the mind. Does the movie appeal to video game crowd who turned up for that Warcraft movie?
  2. To me, he is already a movie star in BRONSON (see above). I always thought: what if Warner Bros had cast him as the Joker instead of Heath? Unfortunately, after he is given these major roles (Bane, Mad Max), he never really achieves that giddy acting high as he did in BRONSON.
  3. Hopefully it is "Transformers Begin" rather than "Transformers Forever"
  4. IW $472M as of May 8
  5. I wonder what kind of box office boost would there be, if Dwayne Johnson were to star in JW Fallen Kingdom
  6. With the exception of SW, which other Space Opera movies or franchise actually succeed on the same level in US or Europe? Don't think so. It's difficult to do good crowd-pleasing scifi. Look at all that talent behind Pacific Rim, Alien sequels, Hellboy & Blade Runner 2049 and the latter can't even break past $300M WW.

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