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300: Rise of an Empire | Starts March 5

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"300: Rise Of An Empire invades 58 countries this weekend through Warner Bros Pictures International having already plundered a number one debut in France with Wednesday’s (5) $1.8m launch

The Gallic opening was strong enough to usurp Dany Boon’s local title Supercondriaque, no mean feat considering the French filmmaker’s wide appeal.

Rise of An Empire was due to open in Germany, Italy and Russia on Thursday and scored a number one $536,000 Australian debut on the same day on 470 screens.

In more Wednesday results, it arrived in French-Switzerland on $195,000 from 80 and Belgium on $36,000 from 21."

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Considering it seems to be out grossing in many markets the first one I think 250 million is the floor overseas. 


And everybody thought this one is going to stink big time. All in all, if domestic numbers fail to excite, the WW numbers will be uplifted by foreign markets. Warner's decision to move 300/2 out of the super-crowded Summer 2013 really paid off

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“300: Rise of an Empire” stormed the international box office Friday, adding $20.2 million to its plunder.

The film unspooled on over 14,400 screens in 58 markets, including the United Kingdom, Mexico and Russia. Since debuting on Wednesday, the sword and sandals sequel has grossed $32.8 million overseas. Domestically, it has also performed well, taking in $17.7 million from U.S. theaters on Friday.

May reach 85m+ OW, oversea.

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A more appropriate title would be hard to find as Warner Bros’ 300: Rise Of An Empire dominated global box office on an estimated $132.8m and pulled off an $87.8m international launch on 14,478 screens in 58 markets.


Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) executives reported the action sequel generated approximately 10% more than the 2006 original in comparable markets.

As usual IMAX was in the thick of it as 179 screens delivered $5.2m for a comfortable March record including a new best Saturday in an opening weekend in Brazil. The global IMAX haul reached $12m, the second highest March debut behind Alice In Wonderland’s $15m.

Returning to conventional screens, Russia led the way on $9.2m (Rbl 336m) on 1,441 screens for an easy number one that claimed 45% of the top five market share.

France generated $7.2m (€5.2m) on 454 including previews, while South Korea returned a $6.5m (KRW 6.95bn) number one from 720.

Rise Of An Empire arrived in Brazil on a table-topping $5.8m (R$13.6m) on 795 screens including previews for the biggest March debut and Warner Bros’ fourth biggest result for a 16-rated release.  

In another slew of number one debuts, the war film opened in Mexico on $5.5m  (Ps 73.1m) on 2,047 screens, Germany on $5.3m (€3.9m) on 582 screens for 44% share, the UK on $4.8m (£2.9m) from 955 screens and 44% share, Spain on $3.7m (€2.7m) from 611 for 54% and Italy on $3.4m (€2.5m) on 471 for 37% share.

Further pole positions saw India generate $3m (Rs 184.4m) on 894 screens for the studio’s third biggest debut and the fourth biggest Hollywood launch, while Australia delivered $2.8m (A$3.1m) from 467 for 51% share and UAE returned $1.4m from 61 for Warner Bros’ second biggest release and the biggest for an 18-rated film.

The film is scheduled to open in Japan on June 20.

As expected, 85m+ OW.


500m ww is not happening, 400m is. Probably around 120m dom + 300m os with good legs.


Every major market has opened. (Japan is not major for movies like this; China probably wont release)

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