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  1. Dont know what people expected for this....that look very solid openings all across. Shouldnt have problem grossing over 200m OS, maybe 250m if China joins.
  2. With 18m 3rd weekend, Glass drops from here takes Bad Boys to 190m or so. So far its holding better so...there's a very good chance it catches the 200m milestone.
  3. If 70-75m 4-day really happen...with the strong WOM and weak competition ahead, this thing could challenge 200m. That's Bond/Mission Impossible territory and ahead of the last Fast & Furious or John Wick movies.
  4. Bad Boys 3 midnights over John Wick 3 or Hobbs & Shaw midnights is fucking impressive if you ask me.
  5. 275-300m DOM is a fantastic result for Jumanji 2. Also 700+ WW is a good retention from the monstruous first entry.
  6. 160m finish would be quite good for the spin off, legs have been decent enough too. Any word on China?
  7. Good Sat all around, Spidey looking at 93-94m OW and 185m 6-day. I think it will fight for 400m DOM or GOTG2 territory at worst. Toy Story 4 with another great drop, 35m 3rd weekend on going for 400m+ DOM. Surprisingly strong hold for Annabelle, around 70m finish. This property has better multipliers than the average horror flick.
  8. Very good drop overall for Toy Story 4, pretty strong IM over the weekend. This must lock 400m with a solid chance to catch Cap Marvel's 426m. Aladdin's legs are being the story of the summer besides Endgame OW craziness. 350m finish? After Dumbo's meltdown last March, very few people saw this kind of numbers for Aladdin DOM and WW.
  9. In other news, Rocketman chances for 100m DOM looks really good with this drop. And look at that Aladdin and JW3 holds....latter is developing great late legs, guess the E3 show stuff is helping it too.
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