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  1. 1M Euros OD in Spain...pretty impressive, best pandemic OD yet and far better OD than Dune or Bond.
  2. Anything over 40m OW is good for HK, even with high frontloadness a 2x overall multiplier is nearly guaranteed. A total between 80m and 100m DOM looks great to me given the heavy drops this horror smashing hits trend to have. My guess if 21m OD holds is 46m OW and 105m DOM.
  3. Amazing for NTTD! Can someone put where were the Craig's Bond films after the second weekend? And how much in dollars would be 80m pounds? Thanks!
  4. 60m OW and 180m DOM would be a solid result for Bond. I know Spectre did not hit 3x multiplier but it fell close enough to think NNTD has a good shot of doing it after a lower OW.
  5. Bond movies are usually very backloaded in line with the Mission : Impossible franchise. I still think this hits 70m OW unless previews are painful.
  6. So looking around 34m OD... great! 75m OW would be guaranteed, with a shot of matching first Venom 80m
  7. Sexy opening for Bond, glad to see people returning to theaters.
  8. Fantastic weekend drop that keep 700 WW within reach, looks like Japan first 10 days have been pretty good
  9. 28m weekend or so for Free Guy, looks good to me. Hope it can crawl to 100m DOM
  10. Are there official budgets for Cruella and F9?
  11. My god, boxofficemojo is so fucked up it's not even funny
  12. Seems OK hold to me, 22% from Tuesday, even a muted Tuesday, doesnt look catastrophic. Weekend will tell us more for sure
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