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  1. Of course IN. Fallout's marketing and buzz must be up there with Mad Max as the most hyped actioner of the last decade, since The Dark Knight at least. I'm counting with a Skyfall type run, changing the late Christmas legs for the sweet July weekdays. Skyfall adujsts to 100m-346m 105m OW- 325m DOM for Fallout. Every sign is there, this should be the franchise peak. I'm expecting a similar behavior OS to round over 1B WW.
  2. Skyscraper opening under JW sixth fucking weekend is kinda hilarious.
  3. picores

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Living up the expectations in Japan, strong opening there and 65m+ total probably happening. This last push along with the good holds its been making put 1.25B in very good shape.
  4. picores


    So...Fallen Kingdom actually has a chance to match JW1 $74m. Glad to see an old market like this embracing the franchise for 25 years now.
  5. Monday must have been somehow deflated, drops from Sunday were in fact above average for all movies for this time of the year. Market correcting itself i guess. A good Tuesday number for Ant-Man anyway, 200m DOM looks way less in danger than yesterday.
  6. Good holds for I2 and JW. On pace for 600m+ and 400m+ respectively Ant-Man 2 on pace for 81-83m OW.
  7. If JW2 truly makes 18m Friday, 61-63m second weekend and 400 DOM is probably happening
  8. The hype is there, the anticipation is WAY BIGGER than 3 years ago for Rogue Nation, which was very quiet as far as i remember. That one adjusts to 61/216m. Paramount will give this 200 more theaters (at least). Bigger stunts means bigger IMAX returns. Coming from a very well received fifth entry (near 3.6x multiplier on Summer '15). News about the early embargo are encouraging. 250m DOM for Fallout represents a mere 16% increase over RN adjusted. The way i see it, 250m is near done and 300m will be the chatter over here when the thing opens with 85m+ on late July.
  9. So JW2 opening on the level of GOTG2...not bad, not bad. Curious to see if it can match the 389m DOM of the Guardians sequel. Better weekdays but worse WOM (in theory) should balance the thing. Fuck it. I say 149/401m DOM. Never bet against the dinnos
  10. OD for JWFK in Argentina: -16% from the first. Actually a very good opening given the national team match on the WC. Edit: Too hate on this thread for the dinos. Sub 100m OW is a pipe dream with 12-13M midnights. 130m+ OW minimum.

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