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  1. 142m OW and Doctor Strange 2 legs (x2.19), gives Thor 4 a 311m finish. With summer weekdays and little competition ahead, hard to see it fallig behind 300m DOM. I would say this OW bodes well for a 330-350 finish, ahead of Thor. Ragnarok.
  2. wow that's a muted jump for Minions 2, friday was inflated for some reason. Still, a 45-46m second weekend means a drop on par with the first film, and that is good news for the sequel which now it is locked for 300m DOM. All this facing a much bigger Thor4 OW instead of Ant-Man OW,
  3. You got the International Section where there's daily updates for near every country, including UK or Spain 😍
  4. Looking at 125m+ OW and 150m+ 4-Day. Cant see les than 3x multiplier from here, 400m should happen and who knows, maybe the summer crown.
  5. Well...looks that 400m will happen in the end, when was out of the question a few weeks ago. Not a good total in any way, but at least it managed to double the budget.
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