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  1. OMG OMG OMG The Meg is a huge success, they say. If Fallout grosses 200m more...that makes it a huge success too, aint it? I heard Fallout is gonna top all Mission movies... is that true? Glad to see Mr. Cruise still kicking asses
  2. Kick-ass drop for Fallout!! 219m DOM (Rogue Nation adjusted) should happen and then some. 220-225m finish.
  3. 215m for Fallout is happening. Around RN adjusted (219m) imo. Late legs will be strong for it.
  4. CR still has a shot to make 100m DOM with this drop, i dont see it making though. Around 95m finish.
  5. Well, if The Meg hits 20m over the weekend i think its a drop solid enough. In the end, 120-130m DOM is more than twice what people expected a month ago. Plus its killing it OS with 300m+ on the low end
  6. The Equalizer 2 definitely over 100m DOM and the first movie. Didnt saw it coming after second weekend drop. Big win for Denzel.
  7. Another great weekend WW for Fallout. Dropping just -43% DOM despite the loss of premium screens against The Meg. Overseas still on route for well north of 500m. 235 DOM 570 OS 805 WW
  8. Great weekend drop for Fallout considering the loss of premium screens. Still aiming at 225m+ DOM
  9. With DOM and China doing at least 100m each one....400m WW looks doable for The Meg
  10. Starting to look like a 30m+ weekend for The Meg aint it?
  11. picores

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    After second weekend, RN legs would give Fallout a 232.9m DOM finish. Now Monday already bettering RN drop...looks like Fallout could achieve a 4x multipllier (245m) and 250m DOM is a real possibility. Awesome. Hard to see less than 235m DOM at this point.
  12. Expect good holds from here in France and Germany, im sure the unprecedented heatwave in Europe is affecting a bit the grosses. Anyway, its outgrossing ALL the M:I films in almost ALL markets, even if its by a moderate margin. Whoever disappointed on this should think it twice. Predictions at this point of only 500m (13m more than RN) must think China will decline or something. If not, i'd say there is definitely some Tom Cruise haters over here. After second weekend worldwide, Fallout has raised the projections to 750 WW on the very low end. Probably 800m+. Not a single M:I movie ever touched 700m WW. So YES, borderline trolling in some members "disappointed" because its not grossing 100m USD in SK or comparing Fallout with the Marvel universe (really..?).

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