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Annabelle OS Thread // Biggest horror movie all time in Brazil! // Breaking records WW!

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Screendaily: "Warner Bros Pictures International’s Annabelle has reached $98.7m and arrives this weekend in Mexico and Argentina, which should help the horror film cross $100m with plenty to spare."

In Argentina it is on pace to beat The Conjuring ' s $1.1m OW. That's a pretty good number taking in account that The Conjuring did almost $7m in that market

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Box Office Mojo @boxofficemojo


'Annabelle' opened to a massive $11.7 million in Mexico. New worldwide total: $206.2 million. http://bit.ly/1oLDYAU

2:44 PM - 26 Oct 2014



So it took another 28M OS this weekend. And it's Mexico opening was wayyy above the 4.3M of Conjuring. Just wow! 250M+ is pretty much a lock. 

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This is a record for a horror movie?

Annabelle crossed the $100 million overseas and $200 million global milestones over the weekend. The film led the overseas box office with a $26.5 million weekend haul from 62 territories, finishing its latest outing outside of North America with a $126.7 million cume. The film has grossed a total of $206.2 million worldwide. Mexico registered the biggest opening weekend of all time for a horror movie and the biggest 2D opening weekend of the year with an $11.7 million tally.




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I think it has been a success in almost all Latin America,  :D


incredible numbers in mexico. In argentina it will open over the conjuring also!

It also opened in Peru this weekend doing so much better than The Conjuring. And in Chile it's winning its fourth weekend with amazing numbers.

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"Nevertheless, it was a scary doll who had another good weekend overseas. Annabellegrossed an estimated $26.5M off the back of 5.8M admissions from over 6,900 screens in 62 territories. The international cume to date now stands at $126.7M for a worldwide cume of $206.2M. A record-breaking weekend in Mexico scared up the biggest opening ever for a horror film and the best 2D opening of 2014.

The Warner Bros release also scored the 3rd best opening for the year, behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Transformers: Age Of Extinction. It took 59% of the market share and beat all comps. In Argentina, it was notably the movie that unseated local hit Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales), moving in to the No. 1 slot with $1.2M and 213K admissions from 180 screens. Elsewhere in horror-hungry Latin America, Annabelle set a record for the biggest horror opening in Peru with $1.34M; that’s also Warner Bros’ 2nd biggest opening weekend of all time"

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