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tribefan695's Top 25 Films That Are Only Loved By Mindless Sheep (And tribefan695 Is No Mindless Sheep)

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My list is going to be kind of random. It'll lean to the more recent, but also includes some old films that I only recall viewing once.






My opinion of this 80s Albert Brooks comedy is probably colored by the fact that I watched it in the context of a college course discussion on why the road life works for some but not for others, but while this does have very funny moments, I can't get over how the plot complications were all due to Hagerty's character fucking everything up by gambling. The movie doesn't make her answer to it in any satisfactory way, instead implying that Brooks' supposed recklessness in quitting his job is somehow to blame for their misfortunes. There's a real sexist undercurrent to the apparent message that you have to expect your wife will somehow screw things up if you try to do something risky together.

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For me this movie just plain suffers when compared to other performances by both the main lead and the director (Nicholson in The Shining, Forman with Amadeus). I guess you had to see it when it first came out for the creepiness to really resonate, but I just spent most of this movie waiting for something truly interesting to happen, and I don't find Nurse Ratched to be a particularly memorable villain either. 

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