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THE BFG | 127.9 M overseas ● 183.3 M worldwide

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At this rate it looks entirely possible that the UK run will be remarkably close to domestic. Headed for around £30m, which is $39m at the current ER; based on the market response to betting markets pricing in only a 10-15% chance of Brexit at one point right after the polls closed (I actually made a significant profit betting against this even though I was pre-Remain myself!), the ER in the event of no Brexit would likely have been GBP = 1.5USD or so, plus there'd have been less economic uncertainty affecting families and their discretionary expenditure. As such, it doesn't seem that unreasonable to think that the UK take may even have exceeded domestic in the event of a Remain vote here.


Of course, this film got a nine-figure budget to perform at that level in North America too...

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On 11/2/2016 at 4:50 AM, MrFanaticGuy34 said:

I don't know if you have seen this at BOM....but check this out:




BFG's OS gross is $187M.....and it's WW-gross is at $242M WW.


Either it must be true, or probably a fake typo??


They have corrected it.

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