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CJOHN's BEST OF 2016 TOP 10 REVEAL | OS Edition

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Just now, MrPink said:



God's Not Dead 2?


2 minutes ago, filmlover said:

Nine Lives and/or Meet the Blacks. HA! I knew it.

You guys need to stop spoiling my top 10 reveal :ph34r:

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Justin Lin did a guide on how to make a perfect blockbuster. It doesn't set up 400 sequels. It doesn't worry about events of past movies. Star Trek Beyond is only worried about telling his own story, and nothing else. And it does that in a fun, fast paced, thrill ride full of memorable moments such as the Sabotage scene. Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella are also great additions to the already terrific cast chosen by JJ Abrams in 2009.



What We Said:




It was fun. A very nice (and much needed - considering what seems to be going down in #4) breather from all the set-up and timeline hijinks of the first and the grandiose of Into Darkness. Missed JJ's visual flairs (and the lens flares) at first but glad Lin made it more of his own thing, in fact I was surprised how much he did make it more his own thing. It's a 50th anniversary celebration at its simplest - just a straight up 2hr big-screen original series story. Very much independent and its own thing.

Everyone was really great, the core trio (Pine, Quinto and Urban) especially - great of them to focus far more on the characters this time. Loved Boutella as Jaylah. Giacchino's score is aces as usual too.


Mr Pink


Justin Lin just made me cum for 2 straight hours. Sabotage is one of those "Holy shit this is so stupid but great" kind of scenes. 




Thought the movie was really fun! Full of great character stuff and lots of fun action. The cast's chemistry is great in these films, and I really enjoyed the interesting parings they have with them in this. Also, you could really see Lin's stamp on the film, but it still felt like the previous two films which was good. The ending was ridiculous, but done in the right way that I thought it was stupid fun. 




The 50th anniversary celebration film, Star Trek Beyond takes a more subtle approach of honoring Star Trek's illustrious past. Namely, it avoids the traps of its predecessor and gives something new. New aliens, a new villain, and even a completely original heroic character in Sofia Boutella's Jayla. It also returns to the old style in ways the reboot universe never had before. Finally, Karl Urban's Bones is one of the main three characters, and it is absolutely delightful. He steals the movie from the rest of the cast.



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