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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 16 - Web of Lies

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Sorry this episode is so short....I've been super busy all week. :(




Spaghetti: Four contestants - and friends - have become tense with one another as the race to win the grand prize draws closer and close to an end. *The four finalists are eating breakfast together in a square formation*

Eevin: So....we're not gonna get crazy competitive with each other, are we?

WrathOfHan: Chasmmi's gone. How much crazier can things get?

Wrath: I still want to say that I'm really proud of all of you, and I can't wait to see how this competition turns out.

Arlborn: Three of us win prizes anyway, please let it be me!!!!

WrathOfHan: Not without a fight, bud.

Arlborn: Very well, Eevin's the best mate anyone can have. And he's all mine.

WrathOfHan: Well just imagine having your dad as a top secret agent eradicating evil.

Wrath: Father and son vs. the two love birds. I like it.


CONFESSIONAL - Arlborn and Eevin: Those two guys mean business. We have to stay together and make it to the final two. Of course, it being a two on two game, we need to make sure one of us secures immunity, and the other doesn't die on second immunity.

CONFESSIONAL - Wrath and WrathOfHan: We got this in the bag. I've been getting stronger and stronger each week, and while it'll be sad to have to boot Arlborn and Eevin, we've got big plans. Whoever of us wins, Wrath's plan get's further and further ahead. He stopped Chasmmi, and now he's on his way to save the world.


*The four are gathered on four different squares. Arlborn on yellow, Wrath on red, WrathOfHan on blue, and Eevin on Green*

Spaghetti: Now that you're all on your mats, this challenge will consist of --

*Before he finishes, the mats disappear, and each goes down an underground slide. Arlborn screams of excitement, Wrath is neutral, Eevin is terrified, and WrathOfHan is just shocked. They all land safely on a mat, but in a different room of an underground casino.*

Eevin: What??! Where are we?

Spaghetti: *through a walkie talkie* Welcome to the pit. Our underground casino conveniently located under Survivor Island.

Eevin: We've been under a casino this whole time?!?!

Spaghetti: Casino AND Entertainment Complex. How else do you think we pay for the prizes? Anyways, the four of you each have different challenges to get back up to the pavilion.


ARLBORN must win against these robots in a game of blackjack.

EEVIN must find the machine (there are hundreds) with the triple-sevens.

WRATH must bet accurately on the wrestling matches

WRATHOFHAN must travel this ridiculous obstacle course


Wrath: That doesn't sound so bad.

Arlborn: Are.

Eevin: You.

WrathOfHan: Fucking.

Arlborn/Eevin/WrathOfHan: Kidding me?!

Spaghetti: It's the final four. It's only getting harder from here. Good luck.


*Arlborn loses the first few rounds against the robots, including a robotic Stanley Tucci. He keeps banging his head in frustration, praying to god for a chance to win.*


*WrathOfHan runs through the course, complete with balance beams, slalom polls, and giant ball pits and slides. He admits to himself how much fun he is having.*


*Eevin looks through the machines and struggles to find a 777. He eventually begins to slow down out of exhaustion.*


*Wrath places his bets fairly expertly, viewing numbers and imaginary videos inside his mind of potential wrestling candidates. He wins, and recieves a plate of clues. He advances to the elevator, which takes him up to the pavilion back on the island.*


Spaghetti: Wrath has completed the challenge. You all have little time left.

WrathOfHan: You gotta be kidding me! Throw me a bone here, dad!


*WrathOfHan manages to get to the end of the course, unexpectedly, but he is ecstatic. He sees the elevator up.*


*Arlborn finally wins, causing the robots to explode. He walks away in a giant pool of smoke, feeling immense swagger.*


*Eevin collapses, failing to find a 777. He looks up in awe when he does finally find one.*


Spaghetti: Boom! Everyone is all set! Let's see how the competitors stacked up with one another.




@WrathOfHan: 87.22%

@Wrath - 81.35%

@Arlborn - 80.47%

@Eevin - 79.36%


WrathOfHan: No way! I owned that obstacle course!

Spaghetti: And with that, you also own a spot in the final three.

Wrath: But.....huh. That's my boy.

Spaghetti: As a reward for winning this week's challenge, you receive additionally a call home to one of your loved ones.

WrathOfHan: Sweet, I'm gonna call my mom!



Spaghetti: As for the rest of you, second immunity matters big time this week. This is your last weekend of it, actually, so make it count. And see you all next time on.....BOT Survivor.




WrathOfHan: Mom! I made it to the final three!!! I've been guaranteed a prize at this point!

Mamma Han: Oh my gosh, I am so proud of you!

WrathOfHan: I've been making so many amazing friends this competition, and I feel so much better as a result.

Mamma Han: That's amazing sweetie! We're gonna have a big party for you when you return, even if you don't win. :)

WrathOfHan: And that's not even mentioning Wrath! He's back, mom, and he's been an awesome secret agent this whole time!!! He's saving the world, he took down Chasmmi, and now everything's gonna be okay! We're bringing him back together!

Mamma Han: WrathOfHan...I love how happy you are, but....

WrathOfHan: Oh yeah...I know it was hard to accept he left us, and I had a hard time forgiving him, but once you see him again, you'll be ecstatic.

Mamma Han: WrathOfHan....he didn't leave us. He died of cancer when you were really young......I don't know who this Wrath is, but he looks, acts, and sounds nothing like the man I loved.

WrathOfHan: What do you mean?

Mamma Han: Wrath is..... *The call bleeps out. Han hears screams.*

WrathOfHan: Mom?! Mom!!! What have you done to her?!

*WrathOfHan notices a tank of chemicals letting out steam. He soon passes out and drops the phone.*


Second Immunity:


Predict SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING's grosses for the following (DUE THURSDAY AT 11:59PM EST)

Thursday Previews

Friday (With Previews)







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Tribal Council: Week 16 =16>


Spaghetti: Tonight....we decide our final three. Remaining contestants....please cast your votes.


@Eevin, @Wrath, and @Arlborn vote.


Spaghetti: and.....wait, @WrathOfHan isn't here.

Wrath: Don't worry, he's feeling a little gassy, so he gave me his vote prior.

*Arlborn chuckes*

Wrath: What? That's what he said?


Spaghetti: Okay.....so let's count the votes.



Vote #1 is for...




Vote #2 is for....




Vote #3 is for....




And the contestant going home this week is, and Vote #4 is...


Wait a sec. Wrath got the last vote. Which means Eevin and Wrath are tied.


Now we must turn to Second Immunity predictions. That's right - hope you did well this week. 


After the scores were a brutally close 91.8% and 93.5%, the contestant going home this week is...



*Eevin looks nervously.*


*Wrath glares at Eevin.*


*Arlborn looks to Eevin longingly.*


*Eevin smiles.*


*Wrath becomes nervous*


*Still no sign of WrathOfHan*


*Spaghetti opens his mouth*




*Eevin and Arlborn hug*

Wrath: Very well, I know my time has come.

Spaghetti: You're not mad? At all? You came this far and lost?

Wrath: It was a good fight, and I did what I needed to.

Eevin: No hard feelings...it was fun to have you. And thanks for helping our team go far.

Wrath: I appreciate the work you all have done, and I know you have all been instrumental in our fight against Chasmmi. In fact, I have parting gifts for the two of you.

Arlborn: No way! This is awesome!!!

Eevin: Wait a minute....where's WrathOfHan.

Wrath: Rest assured, when I find him, he'll receive this gift as well, if not before. I just ask you open it as soon as I leave.

Eevin: We will. Goodbye friend!

Wrath: Goodbye to you as well. I just have one stop to make first.











*WrathOfHan wakes up within a small, cement room with a locked door. His mouth is taped shut. Suddenly, Wrath walks in. He rips the tape off fiercely.*

WrathOfHan: Ouch! What the hell man? Wait. No. That's not even what I'm pissed at you about! You lied to me! 

Wrath: Please. I had to do anything to get you on my side. For someone as smart as you, you're awfully naive and gullible. You were perfect.

WrathOfHan: What are you trying to do here?

Wrath: Han....you don't get it. This world, these players, they're selfish. They're cruel. You saw what Eevin really though of Arlborn, Ethan's deceptive ways, YourMother's desparate love, Chasmmi's ruthlesness. The last case is funny. It was a front, and he believes he can be pushy and edgy to make the world a better place so we'll all sit in a circle, sing John Lennon songs, all that jazz. It's never gonna happen. We intend to restore the world to a select few. Billions will die, but with the support and control of four Survivor finalists, easily the biggest show on the planet, we can go far. The world is diseased, and I have the cure. I didn't even have to win.

WrathOfHan: You...you're insane. I'll never join you.

Wrath: Oh, but I think you will. As we speak, Arlborn and Eevin will open their presents, mind control devices that will force them to collaborate with us. You will be a simpler case. Disobey any of my orders, and your mom dies.

WrathOfHan: You wouldn't. You're bluffing.

Wrath: Not in the slightest. Now go to bed. It's getting late. *He fires a dart into WrathOfHan's neck. He passes out.*


*WrathOfHan wakes up in his bed the next morning. He sees Arlborn and Eevin in the bunk on the other side. He sees two decides on their necks, each with a red W on it.*

WrathOfHan: Shit.


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