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Jay Beezy

The Layover (2017) Alexandra Daddario/Kate Upton Comedy Directed by William H. Macy

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Just now, filmlover said:

This looks like something that might've been passed off as an innocuous Kate Hudson vehicle about 10 years ago but just comes across as insulting (two chicks fighting over a guy? Really?!) in 2017.

You just reminded me that it has been 8 years since Bride Wars. That was a horribly misguided movie as well.

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2 hours ago, grim22 said:


That didn't make The Other Woman any better


Once again I really disagree with you on a movie. The Other Woman was actually pretty awesome and it had terrific legs as well. So maybe you didn't like it but there are plenty of people out there who thought it was quite good.

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