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The Fox Thread

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I've noticed Fox keeps their budgets pretty decent and they don't go crazy with their marketing. They seem to run a tight ship. I had no idea they grossed that much money with the films they've been releasing. But Ice Age 4 must account for most of that.

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Deadline Reporting that Tom Rothman is out at Fox.http://www.deadline.com/2012/09/tom-rothman-departing-fox-filmed-entertainment/#utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitterBREAKING… EXCLUSIVE… 2ND UPDATE: We’ve learned that longtime Fox Filmed Entertainment Co-Chairman Tom Rothman is exiting the studio at the end of the year. Rothman’s departure breaks up the longest major studio mogul pairing in recent history, and film studio business will be “consolidated” under Jim Gianopulos who will serve as the sole Chairman/CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment. The studio shakeup also affects TV operations, which will be “realigned”: the very successful duo of Twentieth TV heads Dana Walden and Gary Newman will now operate a stand alone unit under News Corp and report directly to News Corp No. 2 Chase Carey.Reagrding Rothman, “it was an amicable parting of ways. Tom wants to do something different. He had an amazing run and is a huge part of our success over the past two decades,” a Fox insider tells us. “Jim is a great leader. We’re in amazing hands.”

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"Today’s shocker follows yet another lackluster summer performance for Twentieth Century Fox live action films, capping several years of missteps and misfires, and Hollywood rumors were running rampant that Rothman would be fired. Especially embarrassing for Rothman was this summer’s huge worldwide success of Ted, a Media Rights Capital movie project from Twentieth TV star Seth MacFarlane that Rothman turned down and which went on to make a fortune for Universal Pictures. Another big loser for the studio this summer was the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer from Tim Burton and Timor Bekmambetov based on the Seth Grahame-Smith mashup novel. "

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